Workshops & Events

Events for Australia & International:

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Australia 2021:

Nothing planned as yet.

We run Munay-Ki Teachers events from time to time – join our Newsletter and stay updated.

International – 2020: No more tours planned for 2020

CAIRO, EGYPT EVENT – 22nd February, 2020 – please contact me on email:

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Skype Meditation Nights – New & Full Moon events:

– Join us for a truly beautiful experience of expansion during new moon, full moon or both monthly (unless otherwise advised).

We will be guided by the higher energies of the group to receive channeled Language of Light, sound and acceleration.  Crystal tones singing bowls or other instruments used during this one hour journey.  

Where possible we record the session and send the mp3 to participants.  The sessions are always ‘multi-dimensional’ which means they are not constricted by linear time and by re-listening you will continue to assist expansion and introspection.

The Skype Nights will be held either on a Monday OR Thursday evening, closest night to the moon cycle.  Time is 9pm Tasmania time (unless otherwise stated):

Skype Night/Meditation:

FEBRUARY – travelling

MARCH dates soon


Thursday 9th (full moon 7th)

Thursday 23rd (new moon)

SKYPE NIGHT Investment:  $20.00 AUD per night.   Please make payment below to reserve a place.  




Munay-Ki Teachers Certificate, Tasmania date to be advised- Click HERE for further information.


About Victoria

Victoria is a conscious channel of ‘living sound heart codes’.  She spontaneously ‘awoke’ in 2004 during a meditation and swiftly opened to her psychic potential.  In 2012 she became more deeply aware of her role as a ‘Blueprint Deliverer and Originator’, a conscious encoder that came here to assist Cosmic Earth and her own life force to remember the true state of ‘infinite love’.   She does this through the creating original divine blueprints of sound and light transmissions, holding personal sessions, group gatherings and tours, speaking – singing – toning the ‘Cosmic Language of Light and Sound’  through her voice and higher consciousness. Victoria, along with her husband David, travel the planet as group facilitators and  through direct and divine guidance communicate the Song Lines of the Earth “Star and Stone”  to bring the original blueprint and divine ‘infinite love’ codes into their final destination – the human family of the sacred heart.