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France, 2016 – see our you tube:

Uluru, 2016:

Japan, 2014

Victoria and I were guided to go to Japan to coincide with the Autumn Equinox, 23rd of Sept, 2014. We conducted ceremonies in Koyansan, Hiroshima, Hongu, and Hakone. Here is some photos of our journey…


Hawaii, 2012

Our Journey starts Easter 2013 where my wife Victoria is drawn to Hawaii to connect the Kimberly Ranges in Australia to the Lumerian heart land of Hawaii. Starting in Maui we are led to different areas to connect to this ancient land and tune into the Lumerian energy said to be once situated below these islands. On the Big Island we are drawn to the Volcano, and even along the way Pele shows her presence. Our journey completes with a Sacred ceremony near the heart shaped volcanic vent of Kilauea Iki, sister to the current active Volcano. Pele’s powerful presence still remains with us, as we carry her home in our Hearts! Mahalo / Thankyou Hawaii for sharing your ancient wisdom, knowledge and strength. Victoria and David Webby.

Singapore-Thailand-Bali, 2012

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Namaste Friends

We have just arrived home from Bali after a month of travel, work and play.  Feeling a bit weary and just relaxing for a couple of days and integrating our time away.

I spent about 12 days in Singapore before David joined me before heading to Phuket, Thailand.  Singapore was wonderful – as usual!  Much growth for me personally – I always find Singapore personally challenging but extremely inspirational as it always extends me beyond my comfort zone on one hand, while also finding a place of deep peace and a sense of higher purpose on the other.  I would like to thank Elaine, who owns ‘Reiki Centre’ in Singapore for holding such a lovely space for me to work from.

Whilst in Singapore this time I once again visited ‘Harmony’ Crystals and Gems – they are located in the Sunshine Plaza (near Middle Road) – if anyone wants to visit a beautiful energy please call in and see ‘Auntie & Uncle’ who are the owners.  They truly live and breathe the light of the crystalline energies that they exchange with their customers and you will be able to purchase some wonderful crystals!

Some other people I would like to mention are Jasmine Miller – a beautiful Healer/Psychic/Workshop and Meditation facilitator.  Jasmine holds very sacred weekly meditations on Tuesday nights at 8pm in Siglap – website:    Another amazing healer is Arthur Lim who works with very high vibrations.  You can email Arthur on:  Mike Tang – creates beautiful jewellery, a master at what he does and holds a very sacred energy in every piece he births – you can go to his page on: – or become friends with ‘Mike Tang’ from Singapore on Facebook and get his info.  He does personal orders and also owns a shop in Sunshine Plaza as well – contact him for the information.

When I was in Singapore David and I also had an amazing session with Alvin Tan Teck Heng, who does sound healing therapy with 18 Himilayan bowls – it was an awesome experience.  You can contact Alvin on:  +65 97569186.   Alvin has trained in both Nepal and with a Master in Taiwan.  I am hoping Alvin may visit Australia within the next few months and would encourage everyone to experience his session.  The sound of the bowls and Alvin’s sacred chants are a unique experience and take you into a very deep, altered space.   I have had personal sessions with each of the above and can guarantee each come from the highest integrity.

Last but certainly not least is my beautiful Spirit Sister Luck – who holds such a beautiful, supportive and loving space for me every time I visit – thank you so very, very much!

I thank once again, the people and Ancients of Singapore for being so welcoming to David and I on all levels.  May you always continue to be the flow of your hearts and the heart of your flow!

Our next step was Phuket, Thailand where we spent over a week in a beautiful Villa through the generosity of Kelly and Mark Brimblecombe.  This was truly a magic place to stay.  If you want an extra special holiday for yourself or with friends or a place for a retreat check out the site:  Here we facilitated a three-day Munay-Ki workshop.  It was a very sacred time and experience to share with those present.  In Singapore, I was asked to purchase ‘9 rose quartz crystals’ – these were given freely by Uncle and Auntie of ‘Harmony’.  We were asked to place them in very specific areas around the island of Phuket to help with the transition and balancing of this area and to assist in the downloading of ‘Creator Codes’.  During the three days of Munay-Ki the crystals were present and received the full impact of these sacred energies.  We then took them to the various parts of ocean/sites on the Island.  After placing six of the crystals we were told to finish.  Three were to be kept – one was placed in Bali by David, one went back to Singapore with Luck and one to Australia with me.

Our final destination was Bali.  I haven’t been to Bali for thirty years – wow, can’t really believe that!  We stayed in Ubud.  The Ancients and Angels were there to greet us and guide us through our journey.  We met up with many beautiful Souls, including our dear friend Nash who is still there.  He held an awesome night with the Angels and Ascended Masters – thanks Nash!  Anyone that has been to Bali will know of the sacred energies this island holds.  There are many that venture to Bali because of the high vibrations and are drawn by the mysticism of the place.  From what I observed, it enhances people’s energies to ‘quicken’ their connection back to self – many I think are quite unaware of the affect it has on them at the deepest levels.  Many come because they are ‘wounded’ from their past and it seems to help restore a balance within them.  As we all know there is nowhere to run to ‘find ourselves’ but Bali holds such a quiet and peaceful energy that helps you to look deeper within if you wish it.  The Balinese people themselves hold a very deep sense of connection that comes direct from their hearts.

The most memorable time for me was our visit to the TIRTA EMPUL ‘Holy Spring Water Temple’ about 1/2 hour from Ubud.  Here there are ‘fountains of very pure water’ that you are able to stand under by entering two very sacred pools within the temple grounds.  We were lucky enough to be there the day after the Easter full moon.  We had the energy flow of the Balinese people who went there to worship and energise the night before and it felt to me that we were all being ‘initiated’ by the Ancients for our own personal ‘re-birthing’ given the time of year.  We went to about 16 different fountains, each representing a different energy.  The water was freezing to say the least but we all braved the water temperature and felt so alive and clear for days after.  It was a really great experience shared with very dear friends.  David is creating a you-tube of that afternoon which I will send you the link to soon.

Our driver in Bali was MADE – he was such a great source of knowledge and patience – email:  We could not have done it without you Made – thank you!

Well, back on the Gold Coast we are now integrating this very special time away and are open to whatever comes now with open hearts.  It was a time of inspiration, reciprocity, joy and laughter.  We have many things in motion..more on that at a later date.

In gratitude

Victoria & David Webby

To see the youtube on the Sacred Water Temple in Bali:


Aotearoa – (New Zealand) the land where your heart meets your soul, 2010



I am one that loves to travel and have been on and off for thirty years. It has taken me that long to venture the three hour flight to the ‘land of the long white cloud’. I guess I could say it has taken me thirty years to prepare myself for the celebration of my own re-union.

Aotearoa (New Zealand) is a country that enfolds you, envelopes you in its love and gently assists you back to a deep connection that has been missing, a deep awakening where your heart and soul meet in the light of pure majesty and beauty of ‘heaven on earth’.

No one is more surprised than me at this statement!

I travelled for three months last year with my husband David in South America, being with the ‘Apus’ – the spirits of the great Andes Mountains and journeyed through Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, with our final destination the north island of Aotearoa.

In Peru, we spent time with the great medicine and holy people of that amazing continent. It is a place where you cannot come home ‘unscathed’ by the intensity of its climate, topography and people and without on some level, shifting at a very deep aspect of consciousness. With such ancient ties it would seem to me that there would be nothing to surpass such an experience.

After spending this time in South America I was sure I had had my fill of amazing synchronicity and surprises. That is until I ‘met’ Aotearoa. The minute I stepped off the plane the purity of the islands joined with my heart. The vibration of the great mother moved through me and I felt an instant connection to the everything that is. Such a purity of light and a gentle vibration, a grand gift of love.

We had arrived in the North Island. It was September, 2010. The weather was wild, windy and wet but it would seem everywhere we went on this journey the universe would create the space for us to do whatever was required of us with the co-operation of the elements.

The north island is the most populated of the two islands and its people are friendly and open. It seemed every corner we turned there was a scene more beautiful than the previous.

One such place is ‘The Bay of Islands’. So beautiful – where there is breathtaking scenery with many little pockets of beaches just waiting to be explored. We happened upon a beautiful beach area where we explored a small cave that I felt contained the energy of Merlin. Outside there were two sentinels (ancient stones) – one representing the divine feminine and one the divine masculine holding the energies, watching and waiting, receiving information from the great oceans.

Another area we visited was Waipoua Kauri Forest, west of the Bay of Islands The ancient Kauri trees hold their magnificence with such grace. They appear to call to their brothers, the giant redwoods from California, on the east side of Lake Rotorua. The magnificence of the energies of these great ancients, as they extended their arms to the universe, is a gentle reminder that we are but a small aspect of the grand plan of creation. David and I made a very powerful essence from the energies of the redwood and the natural spring waters from this area.

Another power place, Hahei Beach, the Coromandels, took my breath away. The mother is in her full glory here, magnificent, supreme and free.

The innocence of the land is unmistakable but Aotearoa, as with most places on the planet, has not gone unscathed by indigenous/white clashes throughout the country’s history. As a whole though, compared with many other countries in the world, the purity of the lands holds firm and the ancient traditions of its indigenous people remain strong.

I realised on our arrival home to Australia, that until that moment, I was not ready to ‘be with’ Aotearoa, until I had come to a place of maturity within myself, to fully embrace the light of this amazing country.

PERU BLOG:  Our trip to Peru & Bolivia in 2010



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