I know it can be daunting trying to find the ‘right person’ to assist you through the energy shifts happening within your world right now.

Most of my clients are through referrals but if we are ‘meeting’ for the first time consciously, there are a few testimonials below that may help you in making a decision as to whether I am the right person to assist you at this moment in time.  My advice – “go with your gut instinct” and even though we may not end up connecting in our physical world, just by looking at this page and website you are already having amazing energy shifts in your consciousness!

May the light of the suns and moons bless you and may your heart always show you the path as the gentle spirit of love that you are – Victoria



Most Recent:

Thank you very much for a beautiful, insightful and loving treatment today Victoria. I feel like you rise above the ‘noise’. Claire, Singapore

The experience was amazing. I had one of the most beautiful meditational experiences ever. For the first time, I opened up to the importance of sound healing and understood the role it plays in healing. I am able to better appreciate the role of bird and water life in the healing of humanity. I am beginning to emphasise more on staying in the heart. Becoming more conscious. Hope it continues to be so. I am loving the work of Victoria and David Webby including the divine blueprint cards. Thanks for bringing such wonderful people into our lives. Prashanti, India

Effects are evident in the sense that being conscious of breath, love & heart is helping me in being aware if negative emotion and controlling it.  I am less stressed.  Today I was listening to sessions audio and there was same rush of energy.  I still remember the hug from Victoria.  Full of love  – Anshul, India

Personal Healing & Skype Sessions (Group Retreats below):

“Every session with Vicki is a new step in my life, it helps me to feel really at peace with myself and being connected, Vicki is really gifted and she is also always a good listener who will guide you in your journey, thank you so much for being part of my life! blessings”  Sarah, France

“In the last couple of years I have been extremely fortunate and in fact… blessed, to meet Victoria and David.
I have participated in workshops, meditations, blueprint activations and had personal sessions.
I really have been drawn to try everything, feeling that I was really  growing and learning , I was seeing and” living” the changes that were happening to me.
It has been incredibly exciting!
My heart just wanted more and more and with their knowledge, love ,generosity , truly amazing gifts and guidance, 
my life has been changed , trans formed ,enlightened,and expanded, beyond recognition.
I feel I am now living my best life…my best potential, I feel clear ,at peace, grateful and in joy.
I have learned so many wonderful and practical tools that I can now use to enhance my life and I then effect those in my life, everyday.
You are amazing and very special Earth Angels ,thank you for all that you do”

“Victoria’s sessions are hard to describe, I just tell people – you HAVE to try it!  Every time I have a session with Victoria I feel uplifted, lighter and much more at peace – this lasts for a long time and I always notice positive changes afterwards.”  Elaine Grundy, Owner & Proprietor – Reiki Centre, Singapore

“Victoria has been a treasured resource for me for over 4 years. I have recommended her to many of my friends and clients over the years and we are all thrilled with Victoria’s powerful healing work. She has even done face to face sessions with my young daughter with awesome results.

I have worked with countless healers for more than 30 years and Victoria is among the best.  I feel instant and lasting cellular shifts each and every time we have a session.  I have experienced her personal Skype sessions, face to face work, meditations, and CD’s.  I have done ALL of her work except the live workshops since we live in different countries.

I am always impressed with her superb sound healing work.  Her voice literally penetrates your being, unlocks and sets free any blocks from in the past, and liberates generations of issues in a single session.

As a crystal clear channel, she is always in touch with higher energies and planetary shifts that are taking place at any given moment. Her grid work is revolutionary and cutting edge.

Even though Victoria’s work is considered more spiritual in nature, she has given me so many down-to-earth practical, street-smart tools that I can use in my personal and professional like.  I highly would recommend her to anyone.” – Deborah Torres Patel, Voice & Communications Expert, Singapore  

“I have to say, I have had alot of healings, sessions etc. throughout my life and my session with Victoria was mind blowing. The message, the sound that came through, all so very deep and relevant. The immediate energetic shift that I experienced was so incredibly timely. Look forward to my next session to reveal even more of my world to me! THANK YOU!”   Marjean Holden, Producer – Eleven Dragons Entertainment – Los Angeles

“Victoria’s connection with the higher source is one of pure integrity. And her gift of healing and ability to guide are of supreme order. I cannot speak more highly of Victoria and truly value our friendship”.  Peter Nathan, Director – Melbourne, Australia

Victoria is one of the most powerful healers and activators I have ever had the honour to work with. Her sessions offer amazing insights, powerful vibrational shifts and repatterning for new frequencies to be integrated. I always feel in such a state of bliss when the session is complete.  I have experienced both personal and Skype sessions and it’s marvellous how Victoria’s sounds take on a different dimension when heard through Skype.

Kiri Brennan – Fractal Artist, Hypnotherapist – Melbourne, Australia

I had Victoria for some spiritual healing over a couple of skype sessions.  I felt extremely connected to her even though we were not face to face, it didnt matter.  Everything Victoria said to me in my session I found very helpful and she gave me great guidance and a sense of well being when our session was over. Over time my life has been so in control and at peace and for the first time in my life I’ve let go of guilt and depression and I honestly feel such a sense of happiness for the first time ever. 

I highly recommend Victoria for any type of spiritual healing and I’ve recommended her to a couple of friends who also had a great experience too. Best Wishes – Jacqui, Sydney Australia 

A friend of mine who had a session with  Victoria in Kuala Lumpur, urged me to go along and see her.  Unfortunately i missed her, as she had already left the city.   I contacted her through her website and was pleased to discover that we could do skype sessions.  I felt a bit silly the first time, but Victoria was soon tuning into my energy and calming me down with the sounds and languages of the Universe.  It was absolutely the most enchanting and wonderful experience,  full of magic and truly divine and yet at the same time, so real.  There were things Victoria said and did that I could not explain – things she picked up on and knew that she could not have known, words she spoke that were not of this realm.  I was already on the path of the Angels so a lot of what she said made complete sense and was a confirmation for me.  I felt so relaxed and elevated after the session, completely cleansed.  Now, I call her every couple of months or whenever my energy needs clearing or I need to be grounded…and I really look forward to our sessions.  The last session we had was really amazing… even my husband wants to have a skype session as he can see the difference in me after I have spoken to Victoria…and he is not really into ‘the spiritual stuff’.  I am looking forward to the day I get to meet this wonderful, magical lady, though for now, skype is perfect.  Thank you so much Victoria for giving so much of yourself and your energy and for sharing your amazing gift to help others.                                                                          Kerry Harrison-Singh – Malaysia 

Having a personal skype session with Victoria is as good as being in her healing room, the frequency of energy that is transmitted is amazing, going into every cell of your body.  I particularly love listening to the MP3 recording over and over as I feel my body takes it in at a deeper level each time. Gratefully, Susan – Brisbane, Australia

Victoria has strong earth energy that is reassuring and comforting. It is easy to let go of fears and anxiety when you’re in her presence because you know instinctively that she is trustworthy, and supports you emotionally and energetically to achieve your highest good.   Thank you.  Lyn, Singapore  
“I always enjoy my time with Victoria, whether it is a one to one session or workshop.   Having attended the blueprint workshop, Munay-Ki and had one to one sessions, I can say that   Victoria’s work is profound yet subtle.  My time with Vitoria has healed deep wounds with gentleness and grace and given much clarity when needed.  She is in service to the planet, travelling the world at her own cost to bring healing where needed.  I find Victoria to be one of the most loving, generous and authentic people that graces this planet”.  Kellly, Singapore
I have found Vicki to be not only one of the best healers I have used and I have used many over the past 15 years , I also find her to be one of the most generous with her time . She has helped me clear many issues in my life and is usually very accurate in her assessment of the situations I have found myself. 
I will continue to work with her for the rest of my days and so will all the friends I have introduced her to over 20 maybe more . 
God bless, Marie – Singapore
Victoria is a genuine, warm and earthy person. She’s passionate about helping people reach their full potential and is always available and without ego. I have a SKYPE session with her whenever I need a bit of help to turn a situation around for the better. She always has time and patience for you. I also enjoyed a recent workshop with her exploring blueprints, and play her soothing CDs and meditations regularly.  Ella, Singapore  
We have all been blessed to have someone on this earth with such strong connections to Mother Earth, Archangels and our Ancestors.  Victoria’s gift of connection and healing within all dimensions is astounding and accomplised through her unconditional love for all.  Kylie Flynn, Gold Coast Australia


Meditations, CD’s,  Gatherings & Retreats:

“Having attended a blueprint activation meditation and a munay-ki rites information session with Victoria , I want to give her the highest endorsement for the way she holds sacred space & brings through such powerful uplifting energies. I love the way Victoria is not only confident/self-assured in what she does and something which is really important for me, that she does so without ego attachment. I had wonderful experiences in both sessions and highly recommend this gifted woman and her work to others.   Thanks Victoria for shining your heart light so magically”.  Lynn Guy, Queensland

“I attended a weekend with Victoria and found it to be a profound and amazing experience.  I found her to be a friendly, warm, genuine and superbly gifted healer and facilitator.  Victoria has extraordinary intuitive and channeling abilities and is generous and compassionate to all who seek her out. David is a warm, caring, generous man with wonderful musical talent, as well as a talent for making people feel at ease and special just as they are. He is also a great listener. (very important skill, especially rare for a bloke!!)”  Helen Braico, – NSW, Australia

“Whether it is the power of a group meditation, the nurturing of an individual session, or in communion with the Earth, Victoria does it with integrity, compassion and respect for all sentient beings and the land on which we dwell.  I have watched as Victoria has evolved over the years, always bringing newness to her work and being a channel for love and transformation and healing.  Her commitment to making a difference and guiding us onto a higher plane extends from the individual to the collective and out to the land.  I am honoured to have her in my life”   Diane Viola, Relationship & Family Coach, Gold Coast, Australia

“Vicki and David radiate such love and generosity of spirit that anyone who comes within their orbit cannot fail to reflect these loving qualities back.  The added bonus is that you start to reflect those same qualities onto your loved ones and abundance of love abounds”.  Jacquie, Gold Coast Australia

My divine soul responds to the call of a blueprint or meditation with such joy and anticipation.  Victoria’s rare gift of channelling so many celestial beings from other dimensions in soul language, equisitie singing and toning is a unique experience to be treasured.  Huge fan, Susan

I have found Victoria’s meditations to be very powerful experiences of God. I feel this energy in my heart as a powerful influx of unlimited love.  I also have some extremely beautiful healing cd’s which, in time of need, have immediately reinstated my connection to the divine within.  Robin Dow, Author – Gold Coast, Australia

I thoroughly enjoy Victoria’s group meditations. The energy is fantastic and I continue to learn more from each of Victoria’s meditations as I continue my spiritual journey.  Sincerely Peter Gilmore, Gold Coast, Australia

My experiences with Vicki have been positive and a great learning curve for my development as we encompassed different spiritual modalities while in her group.  I have always been impressed by her honesty, sincerity and open hearted generosity in healing and teaching.  I first met Vicki several years ago at a meditation class.  As the morning progressed I began to feel ill.  Fearing not being able to drive myself the distance to my home I asked help from the healers present.  Vicki stepped forward and offered he help.  In doing this she missed out on her lunch and interaction with others there.  That she placed my needs, a stranger, in front of her own will remain with me and is an example of her generosity of spirit and her dedication to helping others – 

Each workshop/meditation is presented with love, wisdom and joy.  Every person is part of the unfoldment as we are gently guided by Victoria and David’s divine commitment to serve spirit. Susan – Brisbane, Australia

If you have the opportunity to have a healing  or teaching session with Victoria Webby, give yourself a gift as she embodies the modalities she works with and in my experience this is essential for healing to work. Victoria has such a wonderful loving energy and it is a fully nurturing experience.    Colleen Clark – Theta Healer Master, Gold Coast, Australia

I have been to several of Victorias blueprint meditations and have found them to be an amazing experience. I would recommend them to anyone. Kim Brehmer, Gold Coast, Australia

I have seen many practitioners but none quite like the gifted and multi talented Vicki. I cannot thank you enough! Your sessions are always delightfully different and I always seem to get what I need and come away feeling uplifted and more deeply connected to myself. Whether it be in a group meditation with your channelled and guided words of inspiration, your exquisite sounds of healing that are a balm to my soul, your intuitive massages and caring touch or your Blueprint activations that give me some visual tools to take home so I can continue my spiritual growth,expansion and exploration. I love your work, I love you Victoria beautiful Goddess. Thank you… Karina Katz, Gold Coast – Australia

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