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Message from Participants:  “What a BEAUTIFUL meditation!!!!! 💗💗💗 My heart felt so full and it was jumping! Wow…thank you Victoria!! So blessed”. 🌟💫🦋

“A truly loving experience with pearls of wisdom, knowledge and enrichment for the spirit pouring forth for us at this time”



Card for 04/12/20 from 

04/11/20 – Meditation “Beauty”(45.28mins)GO HERE





11/12/20 Part 1(11.14mins) – Robin Dow & Archangel Michael “Grace” – GO HERE

11/12/20 Part 2(36.34mins) – Meditation “Magnificent Me & the Sacred M’s” – GO HERE


06/11/20 – Part 1 with Slav – Language of Light Transmission (3.31mins) – GO HERE

06/11/20 – Part 2 with Victoria – Cosmic Womb (36.41mins) – GO HERE

09/11/20 – **The Ripple, river, sea & ocean – alignment/balance (31,37mins) – GO HERE

**Words from Meditation 09/11/20:  

“In truth where love exists there is no room for judgment. As you hear the thoughts and the words that judge another, understand the old world is falling apart and the many souls that are in fear are simply grasping at the old fragments that are falling for one final and greater learning for both the individual Soul and the collective force.
Opinions will fade, attachments will leave and what will be left is peace and love.  When you step into your own heart, your unique Soul vibration this will be the beacon of light that will guide you”

11/11/2020 GATEWAYS – Powerful alignments Part 1 (17.35mins) with Raven GO HERE

11/11/2020 GATEWAYS –  Part 2 (23.32mins) with Victoria – GO HERE

13/11/2020 – Eye of Horus/Isis/Lord Ashtar (29.10mins) – suns/moons, day/night – GO HERE


Note 13/11/20:  The photo left was taken which seems to have inspired the meditation for the eye of Horus.

As the codes were coming through Lord Ashtar stepped in to add another dynamic to the ‘downloads’.   “Where earth meets water and water meets fire, and fire meets air, and air sings my spirit free, in this NOW I choose TO BE”


16/11/20 – Breath-IAM-NOW (27mins) – GO HERE

27/11/20 – Meditation (38.38mins) – GO HERE

30/11/20 – Meditation- ONE MIND –  (40.55mins) – GO HERE


05/10/20 – Liberation (39.25mins) – GO HERE

09/10/20 – Sacred Speech (33.22mins) –  GO HERE

16/10/20 – Walking With your Soul/ All IS OK (34.45mins) – GO HERE

19/10/20 – Part 1 with Raven (10.34mins) – GO HERE

19/10/20 – Part 2 with Victoria – Lord Kuthumi(32.06mins)GO HERE

30/10/20 – Part 1 with Robin Dow – meditation with Maitreya (9.45mins)GO HERE

30/10/20 – Part 2 with Victoria – Stepping Stones of the NOW (23.03mins)GO HERE


04/09/2020 -Part 1: (41 mins) Archangels, Divine Mother & Dragons enter the energies of Melbourne, Victoria & continue through the Globe, in the tunnels/caves of the earth, freeing all judgmentGO HERE

04/09/2020 – Part 2:  (12 mins) Children in darkness/freeing Souls/Setting free fearGO HERE

07/09/2020 – Cosmic Earth(47.33mins) – freeing illusion of this lower earth and connecting into truth of cosmic earth vibrations & knowing divine truth/health/wellness – GO HERE

11/09/2020 – Part 1:  Divine Connection (11.11mins) – by RavenGO HERE

11/09/2020 – Part 2:  Soul Sound/Mother Creation (41.51mins) – Victoria – GO HERE

14/09/2020 – Part 1:  Channel by RobinDow (12.29mins)GO HERE

14/09/2020 – Part 2:  Meditation (27.07mins) – 3 flames/grace/nervous system – GO HERE

25/09/2020 – Ruby crystal/Mary Magdalene/Cosmic Rainbow Serpent (40.40mins) – GO HERE

28/09/2020 – Part 1 – Zeenat bringing language of light for preparation for October – GO HERE

28/09/2020 – Part 2 – Meditation (33.53mins) – ‘The IS that IS’ (Victoria) – GO HERE

AUGUST 2020:  

10/08/2020 – Inner Child – Part 1 (20mins) (Ineke Wagemakers) – GO HERE

10/08/2020 – Inner Child – Part 2 (15mins) (Victoria) – GOHERE

14/08/2020 – In 3 parts:  Part 1 (3.5mins) quick chat (rage/anger/timelines) – GO HERE

Part 2 – (6.52mins) Slav Language Light & Chat – GO HERE

Part 3 – (33.22mins) Meditation White Dragon/White Lion – GO HERE

17/08/2020 – (46mins) Sekhmet, Golden Pyramid & Flower of LifeGO HERE

21/08/2020 – (45mins) New Moon Leo – Sekhmet, Isis & HathorGO HERE

24/08/2020 – (34.34mins) Oils** – suppressed rage & upliftment – Chat & Download (please read disclaimer below before listening) – GO HERE        **See Disclaimer Below for meditation 24/08/2020

28/04/2020  – (40.25mins) Stepping through 6 doors of healing, knowledge and love and bringing 6 rainbow crystals together into the heart.  – GO HERE

31/08/2020 (46.26mins) – Truth of voice – Sanat KumaraGO HERE

JULY 2020

01/07/2020 – Hong Kong, changes in China, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Holy Amethyst & White Dragon – GO HERE

03/07/2020 – Bringing dreams into reality/upgrades  – GO HERE

06/07/2020 – Language Light – Ingrid Jager Verhagen (and words by Jarrad Hewett) & meditation on Connectedness with Victoria – GO HERE

08/07/2020 – Mahatma-Himalayas.  Codes of Metatron.  What if you realised your physical body enhances your experience?  – GO HERE

10/07/2020 – Part 1:  What if you only had this moment? Listening to the questions takes you into deep self-awareness/presence in connecting to your dreams and how to actualise in the NOW  – GO HERE

10/07/2020 – Part 2:  Take note/be present – GO HERE

13/07/2020 – God Realisation on Earth – GO HERE  ‘The greatest barrier of moving forward is to hold judgment of what is known as the past, for as sure as the light and the night come, to shed, to clear resistance of holding judgment is the greatest journey for the human.  If you hold the past or fear the future you will be held in a loop over and over again. If you free the judgment of the past, let go of the future and be the moment NOW, you will experience joy beyond belief’. 

17/07/2020 – I AM THE IS – three parts:

Part 1  – 44.44 mins – Meditation – GO HERE

Part 2 – 9.33 mins – Deeper integration of meditationGO HERE

Part 3 – 14.27 mins – Beginning at the White House, taking the IS around the planet, growing the seed and joining the world Lord Maitreya – GO HERE

20/07/2020 – New Moon Cancer – Mother Energy – healing & new beginnings – GO HERE

24/07/2020 – ‘I Love Me’ – Part 1 (Purvi Jayaaraaj) – GO HERE

24/07/2020 – ‘I Love Me’ – Part 2 (best to listen after Part 1) (Victoria) – GO HERE

27/07/2020 – Christ Light – Part 1 (Robin Dow) – GO HERE

27/07/2020 – Christ Light – Part 2 (Victoria) – GO HERE

31/07/2020 – Reading of writing by author Kenji Miyazawa (thanks Patti!)GO HERE

31/07/2020 – Meditation Heart of Kali/birthing Star of ‘true Earth’ Kali & feminine assist in clearing and balancing fear in every masculine on earth and every feminine on earth and birthing a new consciousness  GO HERE


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