Singapore Journey – 10th to 22nd October, 2013


“The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that have shut down within you.  Light Language awakens sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, awakening the direct communication lines between your divine Heart and your Divine Soul”


I AM excited to be once again returning to Singapore.  Every time I visit I feel a very deep shift has occurred and know it will be the same again.  I love the evolvement that we as individual Souls and the collective are moving through, it is indeed an amazing time to be here.  As part of my journey, I will be holding 2 x one day gatherings on 12th and 19th October, as well as individual personal sessions throughout the period I am in Singapore.  I look forward to our journey together!

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One Day Gatherings – Saturday 12th and Saturday 19th October 10am to 4.30pm:

The days will be flexible as they are fully channeled.  What I can tell you at this stage is that we will be connecting with our Soul-Heart Blueprint – our original Blueprint connections that are now drawing us into the remembrance of our Cosmic Connection – our multi-dimensional ONE.

Here we will deepen our understandings of how we are now FREE TO BE – to BE the highest aspect of LOVE, the highest aspect of TRUTH and the highest aspect of WISDOM.  This must be done always through the heart – there is no other way.    “You truly are free from contracts and the designs and programming you once placed upon yourself – choose NOW to realise you are infinite, that the only thing that holds you back from your deepest realisation of an authentic, happy and joyous existence is YOU”  The Elohim

Each one-day gathering will be different – the days are channelled and filled with deep compassion and wisdom through channeled guidance,  the ‘Language of Light, Meditation, Toning, Sacred Sound, Chants and activations/accelerations throughout the day.  

Bookings are being taken now and numbers will definitely be limited.

Investment One Day Gatherings: $222 SG for one day  OR

If you book both days: $400 SG (saving of $44 SG) – please see paypal below

Venue Information:  The Reiki Centre – 42A Joo Chiat Place Singapore.  (The entrance is next to the Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant (look out for the bright red signage!) Above the Temptations Bakery).

Parking: Coupon parking along Joo Chiat Place, large public carpark at the corner of Tembling Road.  – See more at:



PERSONAL SESSIONS: – these sessions are 98% booked out so please email me before making a payment – thank you!

I feel the greatest gift for all in these sessions is the opportunity for deep change and expansion.  This can mean setting free old beliefs and habits or it can mean great frequency shifts to higher levels of awareness – or both!

All healing can only come from within, from a willing heart.  Sometimes it can be challenging for us to move through life on our own to see our highest path.  I am to you a doorway to your divine plan.  I connect you with your essence and help you hear your soul speak – I am a translator that listens to your Soul’s language and messages and brings them forth.   This can be transmitted through several energy mediums such as the Language of Light, sound tones, chants, energy exchange and high frequency encoding.  I see the codes around and within your bodies that your Soul is asking to change, to set free and to expand.  Through this you align to your original Blueprint – your essence.

A message from Archangel Metatron:

“The journey we take together is deep as Victoria is guided by your Higher Self and Cosmic guidance as a medium for profound change so that YOU may continue and expand your energies at this time.  You will find that when pure light comes, all that is not of this pure light shall leave for there is no place for it to be or go other than into the state of love.  The sounds that will be spoken, sung and written into your energy field will be profound.  The journey is yours, we are here to serve and assist you on your higher journey of love”.  Archangel Metatron

Personal Sessions available from Thursday, 10th October to Thursday, 17th October.

Investment Personal Sessions:  $170 SG –  please see paypal below

You will be contacted via email or text to schedule appointment – please leave your information with paypal payment or email me: – Thank you!

**Original Blueprint is our original essence or programme design of pure consciousness.  It is like the first spark of light that we are returning to – free of fear and vibrating with pure love.


VickiWebsite3For those that are not familiar with me, here is just some quick information:  I have been asked by my divine Guides and Guardians to be a Messenger, to assist people to awaken to their Truth through the realisation that all is Love, Joy and deep Wisdom within.  I have been asked – to sing, speak and express the Language of Light and assist others to hear their “Heart-Soul Song” – in other words to re-establish and re-awaken the memory of the connection between your Original Soul essence and your Original Heart essence – it is now of the greatest importance.  So here I am!

I travel the world where called to connect  with the codes and sacred geometries, with the Song Lines of Mother Earth and Father Sky.  I have travelled to places like New Zealand, Hawaii, Peru, Bolivia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Bali and my own country Australia assisting Mother Earth where and how she asks me to.  I have been involved in activating and re-connecting the light and sound grids between lakes and waterways across the world, awakening Lemurian Star Gate energies, walking with the Spirits of Ancient Tribes and being their Messenger through the Language of Light, American Indian Drum and chants, Indigenous Australian Aboriginal sounds and voice tones and the Medium for many of the ancient tribes of Mother Earth and Stars (Pleiadians, Sirius, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus and other galaxies).  

Many people will hear languages such as Maori, Kahuna, American Indian, Australian Aboriginal, Star dialects as well as the Whales, Faey/Faery and languages through the Pheonix Angel (birds).  I have been speaking and singing the Langue of Light for several years and have been in training for many lifetimes – this is the lifetime that it all comes together to be a conduit and assist in the huge shift that we are experiencing in 5th dimension and above.  There are no longer any limitations to what and who we can BE!  “Believe and so it shall BE”.

Our Original Divine Blueprint (our original God-spark) knows our truth, our connection to Source-Mother/Father.  I AM here on the planet NOW to assist those that are ready to realise their own divine connection and to help awaken their Soul Blueprint to return home – to return to their divine heart.  It is simple – just say YES!”



We are here to serve

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Singapore – October 2013

Please note:  10% of the day gatherings will be given to a Children’s organisation – I am told there is one in Thailand that requires attention!    In the past money that has been donated has gone to help families in Peru that were left with nothing after devastating floods.  A woman supporting four children on her own was able to have electricity and water installed due to the contributions.  We also supplied a whole village with shoes in the high mountains where freezing temperatures play havoc with health.  We are always very humbled by the kindness of others so willing to help – thank you!