Magdalene and the Goddess Flame

Weaving the Web of Love –

Southern France     6th – 14th October, 2019

Magdalene Wisdom

Introduction Page

Carcassonne, Minerve, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer,

St Maximin La Sainte Baume, Marseille,

Arles, Rennes-le-Chateau, Rennes les Bains, 

Sainte Baume Mountain and more

Come join us on a deep and transitional journey, one defined by the innate power and divine blessings of the Goddess.  

‘Together’ we link the energies of ancient and sacred lands of Australia and Gondwanaland, Sumeria, Ireland, Egypt, Israel and France


Through our I AM Presence, ancient Grandmothers gather us together to travel within our hearts from the secular sounds of Gondwanaland and assist us to remember our spiritual existence in our ‘songs before time’;


Ancient Goddess ‘Inana’ awakens the deepest doorways of our heart to remember our crystal keys of sound;




Goddess Isis will assist deep restoration and recalibration to sacred ‘bodies of light’ through encoded sounds of the Temples of Egypt, bringing deep reunion of the song lines and connections to the ancient Peoples of Australia;




Goddess’ Brigid and Diana weave cosmic fire and water across the planet to assist divine regeneration and bring ‘new teachings’ of ancient ways through the Nature and Animal Kingdoms;

All will be remembered through the sacred steps of Mary Magdalene, who opens our eyes to our own divine union in the Christ energy, to forge together through sacred elements our masculine and feminine, to stand in our own divine power and TO BE the union of ONE;

We visit the many places where she walked and resided as we undergo this deep transition of heart and open to advanced and ancient techniques and codes of LOVE.

“This is not a journey for just a single Soul, rather it is for the ALL.  You will be taken deep into a tremendous giving of self, you will be asked to bring your presence into each step, align with the deep knowledge imparted through heart and to walk a path of both death and re-birth.  Your inner vision will guide you, ask of you the deepest connection and assist in the remembrance and restoration of your sacred crystal bodies of sound and light.

The choice, as always, is yours”

I AM Mary Magdalene

Your Facilitator & Guides:

Victoria Webby is the organiser/facilitator for this spiritual tour:

Victoria was born in Sydney, Australia and lived for many years on the east coast of Queensland.  Victoria with her husband David moved to Tasmania a year ago after a strong calling from her Soul.  She has been a Co-Creator within the “Oneness”, the realms of divine Spirit for over 15 years.  She is a modern day ‘divine sound and blueprint alchemist’, has expansive experience in transmitting and translating in the ‘Language of Light’ through voice, sound and her art.  She is an Earth Keeper of the Munay-Ki Rites and guardian of Crystal Skulls.  With her husband David she has produced a sound MP3’s/CD, a multi-dimensional card deck and is at present creating more channeled sound and e-books of her blueprints, meditations and artworks.

Victoria has for many years received messages through channeling and lucid dreams that have seen her travel to many places in the world.  ” I don’t try to fix anything – there is nothing to fix!  I simply observe and reside on Gaia as a conscious medium and messenger as we move through yet another transition in this Starry system.  It is such a unique and amazing time TO BE here – we are so blessed!’  

Victoria has facilitated many gatherings across the globe and has travelled to ancient places like Kimberley Ranges, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Australia and internationally to Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Japan, India, China, Singapore, France, Ireland, United Kingdom and other places through the calling of Spirit.  She will travel with a group soon to Israel (November).  

October, 2019 will be her second group tour to France through the energies of the Magdalene.

I was blessed to spend sacred time on my own in the Crypt of Mary Magdalene.   It was as if the Universe and the essence of Mary Magdalene herself had planned it.  I felt the crypt fill with light as my heart opened so profoundly and her exquisite voice moved through me in sacred song and language.  It was in that moment I knew I would return to this very sacred place.  I recorded some sound and words in the Crypt – click here to listen

Message from Victoria:  “If you feel drawn to this journey with Veronique, myself and others then come!  Something inside is calling you to open your heart deeper and walk and sing your ancient sounds with the Goddess and Christ flame.  This group is so blessed to have such a divine union and remembrance through our Spirit, the journey is yours, ours and everyones – we are ONE within the WHOLE and within this WHOLE – we are LOVE.    I look forward to our time together in France” – Victoria

THROUGHOUT THE TOUR Victoria will assist wherever possible to guide and support you in your journey.   She will bring through divine channels and transformational messages each day, sacred encoding and transmissions through Language of Light, meditations and sound.  

“We will all come to understand our place in history a little deeper as we walk the ancient path of the Goddess and expand our knowledge, wisdom and crystalline sound and light through the I AM voice of Mary Magdalene and others along the way”.

Victoria’s Website – HERE

I am so happy to introduce Veronique Flayol, our French Guide and Magdalene Guardian:

Veronique is a lecturer and guide for the French Ministry of Culture.  More importantly Veronique understands and ‘lives’ the energy of Mary Magdalene and the sacred and special places we will be journeying to and holds a very amazing space and energy of love.  We ‘randomly’ found each other and met in St Maximin – for me it was love at first sight!  I know that myself and all in our group will learn much from her wisdom and connection to this beautiful area in France.

Message from Veronique:

“My name is Veronique Flayol. They call me Roni. Since my youngest age, I have a special devotion to Mary Magdalene.
I was born in St Maximin la Sainte Baume, the place where she is buried, at the foot of the Saint Baume mountain, where the grotto is where she spent the last years of her life.

My family, established in St Maximin at the 18th century, has always been involved in the respect and maintenance of the traditions.

I am proud of my Provençal roots and I’m deeply attached to our local traditions. Thanks to my father, who gave me the passion for it, I followed the way of my ancesters and created, with a group of friends, the Association Santo Madaleno (from the Provençal, our local language, means Saint Mary Magdalene), a few decades ago.

The purpose of our association is to defend and uphold the traditions and to organize the religious feasts of St Mary Magdalene in July.

Every morning, when I wake up, I realize how fortunate I am to live here, so close to her. I just have to open my shutters and I can see the St Baume mountain and the basilica while people have to cross the world to come here.

When I have to face difficulties, when I am in trouble, the Saint Baume grotto is my refuge, the simple fact of rising up through the relic forest calms me. After a moment of meditation and prayers, I feel better. Things are still the same, they haven’t changed, but I do see them in a different way.

The more I study and search for Mary Magdalene, the more I discover a splendid woman.   From this meeting were born these spiritual journeys and a long passion”


Veronique’s Website – HERE

“Come, remember your own songs from the moment before time,  from your spark of ‘Star and Stone’, anchoring your own diverse and unique voice as part of a collective to restore your place in the balance of ONE”

Mary Magdalene

You Tube of our past tour in 2016 & upcoming places we will be visiting in 2019:  go HERE



Information, Itinerary & Investment for October 2019:  go HERE


Some Comments from past adventures:

“Thanks for our time together. Such wonderful memories, really loved the time we had and the places we went!” Singapore

“I feel very privileged to have experienced France in 2016. To have a guide to explain the history of the peoples and areas was extremely enlightening. Victoria, our wonderful group leader, also guided us with channelled insights, ‘debriefing’ and mediations as we traversed our own personal journeys. My journey opened my eyes to wisdom and history that lay beyond the limitations of the teachings I was exposed to from childhood, and opened my mind to so much more” Australia

“I love you Victoria.  I am blessed to be on this journey with you and David” India