Gathering – Divine Sound In Creation

We will gather over this weekend at the time of the powerful Equinox to co-create through sound.

“Music is the rhythm of the Cosmos

It ignites the light and life within all things”


Over this time together we will explore through sound our inner forces – that which is both shadow and light.  We will discover the deeper aspects that ‘come to play’ in our lives and how through sound and conscious presence within our sound, we can shift anything into a state of pure love and joy.  

WHERE: Solitude Retreat – 3376 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Natural Bridge QLD 4211
Phone:(07) 5533 6138.  If you wish to stay at Solitude during the retreat please call Victoria (see mobile below).
WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th March, 2016

TIME:  10am to 5pm Saturday; 10am to 4pm Sunday 

Daily attendance may be possible (Saturday only) – please contact Victoria

BOOKINGS:  Contact Victoria:  Text, telephone on 0438165297 OR email: (please – if I do not reply then this means I have not received your booking)

INVESTMENT:  **$333 for the weekend – this price includes a full nutritious lunch each day, morning and afternoon teas.  Two sound blueprints to take home, Two one-hour group sessions of Sound-Bowen and Sound-Reiki.  See more info below.  PLEASE SEE PAYMENT DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.


In deep Co-Creation we will:

. explore the higher ‘tones and sounds’ of your Sacred Temple – physical, etheric, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies;

.  integrate with your Higher Self through the frequencies of each of your senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste;

.  open to the sounds of your sixth sense;

.  two sound blueprints to take home;

.  deepen your heart awakening through awareness and connection with your multi-dimensional being through sound/Language of Light meditations and activations, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, Hang, Thai Khim and other instruments, Language of Light, Voice Tones, group participation.  Experience the interaction with nature, connect and awaken your core senses and explore your pure sound and rhythm.

We are also offering you a unique opportunity to experience two group healing sessions:

. **a Bowen/Sound Mastery group session on Saturday – Bowen Therapy & Sound healing;

. **a Reiki/Sound Mastery group session on Sunday – Reiki Therapy & Sound healing.  

WE ARE the shadow, WE ARE the light, WE ARE the Masters.  When we know these three aspects and merge them into ONE we REMEMBER our pure awakened state of L.O.V.E. (Light of Voice Eternal) and how on an individual, planetary, universal and cosmic level we affect everything around us.


“You will hear the sound and song of the ancient ‘Temples of Light’.  You will hear the keys of the ‘Inner Worlds of your Heart’.  You will simply spin your cells AWAKE”

We Are Love — We Are One


Questions or further information?  Contact Victoria:  0438165297 or email:

If you wish to stay overnight at Solitude please contact Marga on:   5533 6138

We look forward to sharing this moment with you – Victoria & David

For anyone wishing to travel from overseas, please contact us as we have a very special and expansive five-day ‘awakening programme’ for you (including participation in the weekend).  Minimum 6 participants for the five-day programme.

About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’. She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hue-man” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Come join us and ignite your sacred flame within.  This weekend will be deeply transforming for all – WE EXPLORE, WE OPEN, WE AWAKEN” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and plan to organise more of these events (France in October 2016) in the future, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

**We are blessed to have two very special women with us sharing their Mastery and healing skills to create two very special sessions over the weekend:

About Elaine
Elaine Victoria Yang_vivoElaine Victoria Yang is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, trained under The Reiki Centre Singapore. She has been a Reiki healer since 2011, was the principal healer at The Reiki Centre from 2011 – 2015 and taught Reiki to many people since 2012. Elaine had spent many years in the corporate world as a HR professional, before Reiki found her when she was dealing with stress and health issues and was seeking a way of healing and balance for herself.
Reiki has helped Elaine not only with her physical ailments, but has also shown her the way to more peace, awareness, and clarity in her life. She is now a Reiki Centre Singapore Affiliate Teacher, and teaches Reiki in both English and Mandarin. She also offers Reiki healing sessions for people as well as dogs and cats.

“I am really looking forward to co-creating a beautiful experience for all who attend.  The combination of ‘Reiki-Sound’ will open a doorway of deep transition for all”-Elaine

About Coral

coral2Coral Majoor is an accredited BOWEN practitioner from Australia who has been serving families and clients around the world and local community for over 30 years.

She is a Reiki Master, Re-birther, Teacher & Author (and co-author with Wayne Dyer, Marie Diamond (from the Secret) and others in the book “Wake Up Live the Life you Love”.

The Bowen Technique involves small moves that roll muscles to activate nerves underneath that kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. This is the Bowen Technique’s  true power as it awakens the body encouraging it to heal itself. Due to the gentle nature of these activations, the Bowen Technique is suitable for everyone of all ages. Bowen Therapy is a truly holistic approach to Alternative Medicine-Health, that continues to offer pain relief, well-being and balance the body.

Bank Deposit Details – You can pay in total or pay a deposit of $100 to secure your place (please notify me on deposit)

Bank Of Queensland

BSB:  124001

ACC:  21632009

NAME:  V. Webby

If you want to pay by paypal please email me: and I will send you a paypal invoice.


*for those that received an early brochure please note the change in investment – we are honoured to have two beautiful teachers for group sessions joining us