Sound-Bowen Therapy Gathering

Sound & Bowen Group Gathering –

Tuesday 9th August – 10.30am

Come join us for a very unique experience that brings the Bowen technique together with sacred sound – voice tones, chants and the ‘Language of Light’

moon-goddess-flow artist Freydoon Rassouli

Coral and Victoria have been asked by their highest guidance to join their many experiences and skills together to assist people in ‘re-patterning their physical and cellular networks’.

“You will assist others to re-align their ‘eclectic and electric network’ and re-form their DNA to bring the pure alignment from the physical to the Cosmic vibration. 

Through Bowen the distorted signature (or pattern/s) will be awoken and recognised.  Through sound this distortion will be set free and immediately absorbed into pure light with gentle grace, thus igniting a higher more awakened and informed level of consciousness”.

This unique combination allows the transformation and integration of higher levels of sound and light codes to happen quickly and efficiently if the client is willing.  It will be a very deep and profound experience”. 

What is possible during this session?

Both Bowen and Sound move beyond the restraints that the mind can impose on all aspects of our life and can simply and efficiently set free patterns and restrictions. The potential is truly unlimited.

On a physical level this session could assist:

Back, neck, shoulder and knee pain.  Assist with internal organs and unhealthy blockages.  Assist with fatigue, depression, anxiety and confusion.  It can bring ‘lightness’, clarity and direction, balance all levels of the body and bring a more peaceful ‘state of being.  You will integrate the deeper aspects and connection of psychic centres, awareness and open to your higher potential’.

On a more metaphysical level this session could:

Awaken pure light and sound into the heart.  Open neuro-pathways in the brain, awaken and balance dormant cellular activity – in particular the pineal gland vibration and higher heart ‘remembrance’ – allowing high light-codes to enter your energy field and expand psychic information.  Prepare and align the nervous system and endocrine systems for higher frequencies, balance the ‘doorways’ from the physical to the higher metaphysical realms. “ It is like a ‘light pathway mapping system’ – like a network of old/used light switches being gracefully turned off and new/higher switches being turned on”.

In truth the messages for what can happen just keep coming.  Rather than just reading, come and journey with us and create for yourself an amazing and unique experience.

The Session  Is a group experience where each person lays on a massage table and just says “YES” to receiving.  The session is ‘conducted’ through the Original Blueprint (Higher Self) and the Higher Realms/Source of the collective of all present.  Coral and Victoria are then guided as to what is required for each person at that time.  It is both an individual and group experience in a beautiful, sacred and safe environment.

PLEASE BOOK – Places are based on first in first service so please book early to guarantee a place as space is limited.

The Time & Place —  10.30am to 12.30pm – at Harmony, Body & Mind – Emerald  Room.  14 Billabirra Street, Nerang (please park on tennis court).  

Please arrive 15 minutes before the session –  – thank you!

Love Investment of $70.00 greatly appreciated

Bookings Please book either by return email or calling mobiles:  Victoria – 0438165297 or Coral – 0402329425.  Website information below.

As the participant numbers are limited, if you book to come and cannot make it, please let us know ASAP so that someone else may have the opportunity of attending.  THANK YOU!

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)

Coral & Victoria


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