Peru & Bolivia – 2015 Spiritual Tour

Peru and Bolivia September 2015


Victoria and I are delighted to lead a group of like minded individuals for the trip of a lifetime, back to our beloved Andes mountains which we visited back in 2010.

The Tour starts in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley, for 7 days of visiting Sacred sites with our local Mystical Guide Fredy Conde. Then we head back to Pisac for a 5 day ‘Deepening’ with the Qero Shaman, experiencing ancient Initiation Rites gifted to us by the elders of the Andes. After a day off, our Amazing journey continues to Bolivia to experience energies of Lake Titicaca, the birth place of the Ancients. Words don’t express the enormity and sacredness of this journey on a personal and group consciousness. And it is our honour to lead and guide you along this journey, with the help of some amazing people.

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A message from David:  Our Spiritual Tour for 2015, was inspired by our own journey back in 2010. Finally we are returning to South America, to the amazing energies of the Andes Mountains, a home coming once again.

Inn 2010, Victoria attended a Munay Ki workshop in Australia. Three months later we were on the plane to Peru to complete the 2nd Initiation of the Munay-Ki Rites – ‘the Deepening’ in the Sacred Valley. In total we spent 7 weeks in both Peru and Bolivia, of which the ‘Deepening’ was just one of many amazing experiences.

Instead of just going ourselves, we have been guided to take a group with us and we are so grateful for this opportunity to do so. Below are a list of questions that might have crossed your mind. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know through email.


Why two different tours?

A couple of reasons – one is the time factor for some who have limited holiday time and the other was to create more diverse and exciting choices.

It is too difficult to say what part of any holiday was the best and again in this case I can say that both these tours offer an incredible journey that can’t be rated one better than the other.

Our experience was far more than the Deepening in Sacred Valley. Yes Peru was special, having spent some time in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, visiting Sacred sites, Machu Picchu, spending time in this amazing beautiful region, and then bussing across the border to Bolivia.

In Bolivia we got to experience a deep connection to the Ancient energies of the Inca creation myths. On Lake Titicaca we travelled to the Island of the Sun, to experience the Masculine energies. And then to the magical Feminine energies on the Island of the Moon. In 2015 Rosse Mary, our guide, will take us to the Temple of the Moon on this Island, plus to the Ancient temple of Tiwanaku.

Lake Titicaca is not the only amazing place that we will visit on this tour. Copacabana, the beautiful seaside town of Lake Titicaca is such a magic town to relax in. We will also have a chance to meditate at the Star Gate, Amaru Muru, near Puno. After experiencing the energies of Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku we finally journey across the magical landscape to the ancient city of La Paz.

There are no words that can explain how wonderful the energies are of both Peru and Bolivia. We have put together 2 tours for those who are challenged for time. For those willing to stay for Bolivia, you won’t be disappointed. We know because we have been there and had an amazing time. We met with Rosse Mary on our last trip, so it is with great joy that we will join her again to experience her expertise and great knowledge on the people, traditions and ceremonies that are uniquely from Bolivia.


So What are we offering on this Tour?

Since 2010, Victoria and I have transformed further in our Spiritual awakening. Victoria’s meditations and connections to the unseen world have developed profoundly. Her Spirit guides that transmit through her explore Middle Earth and Gaia energies, Star energies, all coming through pure Love and Divine essence.

Through her gatherings in India, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia, Victoria has been helping people connect to the “Breath of Love”. During your journey in Peru and Bolivia, using her Divine connection to source, Victoria will lead us on a quest of finding our inner truth, developing your relationship with our Divine Essence that is within us, assisted by the Ceremonies performed by our Mystical guides, and the energies of the Sacred Sites and Mountains.

So much will happen ‘in the moment’ – we are bringing our Crystal Singing bowls that will help accelerate and transform the energies of the meditations, which will take you to other dimensions. It will be a Sacred journey that will take you deeper into that knowing, the Sacred within.

You can read about our journey in 2010 on the website:


Which airports do we fly into and leave from?

It would be best to fly into Cusco via Lima, the capital of Peru. Then fly out of La Paz, Bolivia.

We are also organising a group booking for flights to get a discount. Please email us if you are interested.


What about the altitude?

We have stated in the brochure that it is better to arrive a few days earlier to acclimatise to the altitude.  We would recommend that straight after you arrive in Cusco, that you come to the Sacred Valley for acclimatise.

Pisac, Sacred Valley is 1,200 metres lower than Cusco, so it is much easier to get adjusted. Some people do get altitude sickness in the first couple of days or feel ‘heady’. If you are concerned it is best to arrive 2 days earlier and travel to Pisac to enjoy the area.

Accommodation at Paz y Luz (our hotel in Sacred Valley) will be the best option in this case. We will all meet here for the start of the Tour, so staying at Paz y Luz is not an issue. It is enfolded in the sacred mountains and is magical.

Please speak to your travel consultant about any aids that may assist you with the altitude. There are some simple medications you can get to help if you are concerned.

The greatest advice we received was from a lady that said “for the first couple of days walk as if you are 80” – this was very true. The key is to take it easy and relax and build up your fitness before you travel. We will discuss this further as the time draws nearer.

You will increase your tolerance to altitude over the two weeks in Peru so those going on to Bolivia shouldn’t have any concern. Those that are joining us for Bolivia only, it is highly recommended you come for at least 2-3 days to Peru or go to a higher altitude level to acclimatise as Bolivia is 4,000 metres. Once again, build your fitness before you travel. Bolivia is worth it – magic!


USD $1,000 Booking/deposit fee. Is it refundable if I have to cancel?

We understand things come up and we will assist you where we can. Booking fees are refundable at the discretion of the organisers –  excluding any bank/transfer fees. As all of the accommodation and Guides are charging a non-refundable deposit, which we will have to pay several months in advance, we will need to cover for these costs if you cancel your booking.

We realise financially this can be a large commitment for some. We can only say trust and allow, for the abundance will flow if you open your heart to the possibility. If a payment plan helps you achieve this goal we are only too willing to assist where we can after you have paid the deposit of USD $1,000. Email us to discuss this further. It is amazing what happens when you just say yes!

Paypal Payments – please see the link below for paypal payments.  Please note all paypal fees will be extra.

For all questions about deposits, monies, due dates, what is included and what is not included in costs please go to ‘REGISTRATION FORM’ below – there is a lot more information on this form.

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Any further questions?

Email us on and we will be happy to assist.

If you find anything confusing or we have not fully answered a question we would love to know so that we can make it easier for all.

Thank you so much and look forward to sharing our time together

David and Victoria