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2021 – 

We will be looking into new retreats soon.

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2019 –


No tours this year

2018 –

Jerusalem, Israel – 3-13th November – for more information contact me on:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com

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PAST JOURNEYS: 2016 – Southern France 16th September – 1st October

Awakening of Hearts – “We meet in every breath of the heart

In every moment of the Cosmos

We are Love – We are One”

Magdalene, Cathars, Templar Knights – ‘The Way of Love’ Grotte La Sainte Baume; Rennes le Chateau; Montsegur Castle; Narbonne; Saintes Maries de la Mer; Lourdes & more Further information on France Group Tour:  http://thecosmicdoorway.com/france-group-journey-awakening-of-hearts/


Victoria and David have travelled to many high-vibrational destinations in 2014, and ran a few gatherings.  Last April, 2014 we had  a 5 day retreat close to home – in the Numinbah Valley , Queensland – a place filled with ancient spirit, Star Beings and some of the most pure vibrations on the planet. We had several people from Singapore and locals who joined us for an amazing week, of Meditations/Activations, Painting, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo balance, Bowen and Sound sessions, Lomi Lomi massages, and sacred Bush Walks. Many had amazing transformations and went home and made huge changes in their lives. In August 2014 we also went to India and Japan for gatherings and activations. See Victoria’s blog on Japan via her blue temple newsletters. After an eventful year in 2014, 2015 is going to take off for more travel overseas; Firstly we are heading back to India for more gatherings in Mumbai and Dehli, plus a couple of other places. Following our successful journey in August/September in 2014, we have been invited to go back for more. Check this link to the India gatherings / workshops:

INDIA – GATHERINGS & PERSONAL SESSIONS: INDIA – The Thirteen Keys of Amenti – February-March, 2015 Please go to Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/igyrp5uyr2mnnnk/India-Oneness%20Code-Feb2015.pdf?dl=0

INDIA – Munay-Ki Teacher’s Certificate Three Day Workshop – February, 2015.   Please go to link: http://thecosmicdoorway.com/munay-ki-teachers-certificate-mumbai-india-2015/   Following India Victoria plans to visit Kuala Lumpur and then Singapore, before a family holiday in New Zealand, and to connect with the Inner Earth. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! In early September we are heading east to Peru and Bolivia, and maybe Easter Island


For those wishing to go to Peru and Bolivia and attend the “Deepening’ with the Qero Shaman, one has to complete a Munay-Ki Teachers workshop, or have received all of the nine Rites.

Please go to Link to view more information, and the brochure.

http://www.thecosmicdoorway.com/peru-bolivia-2015-spiritual-tour/ Check out the Video to see the amazing sites and places we visit on our journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuHwPvT3V1s We had such a deep and amazing experience in 2010, that we wanted to take like minded individuals over to share our experience in embracing the culture and energies of the magnificent mountains of the Andes and the deep and spiritual culture of the Peruvians, particularly from indigenous / native perspective.

Click here to read the Blog of our last Trip to Peru in 2010

At this stage we are in the process of guidance for the rest of 2016.  If interested in finding out where we will be heading in the future, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time to register an expression of interest for any of the tours we run. When we have sufficient numbers, we will make contact to see if that destination suits your schedule. Subscribe to my BLOG –  to be kept in the loop with future plans. We look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, David and Victoria. TWITTER: