Singapore Journey – 24th February – 6th March, 2014

The Breath Of L.O.V.E.

Group Gathering – 1st and 2nd March, 2014 


L.O.V.E .  —-   Light of Voice Eternal

In ancient times the light could be seen through your sacred vessel of the eye.  The light would appear as a beam, a strand of the divine that would pulse and emanate a sound from your sacred heart.  It would move as one breath, as one consciousness from the Source and partake of the deepest truth of all that is.  It was called “The Breath of Love”  Arch. Metatron


Join us for a very sacred weekend where we will bring the songs of our Heart and Soul together and pulse the ‘Breath of Love’.  We will open to our truth and come to know that everything that we are IS LOVE – the shadow, the light, the all.

“Dormant memories will awaken, words that were once spoken, heard (***the Language of Light), sacred sounds will pulse through our core and we will call in the Higher Soul energies to once again ignite the flame of love.  It is done”.

2014 – Merging of Universes;

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being – wisdom from the ‘Ancients of the Inner Earth’;

Learn of the vibration of the “Golden Heart”;

The Silent Prayer;

Accelerate your codes and energies to the next level of initiation;

Remember ancient symbols of self-healing and awakening;

Initiation through sound and colour by writing your own divine Blueprint and Language of Light;

Connect into the higher awakenings of the ‘Dragondom’ happening around the globe;

Hear the wisdom of your Soul Song and the internal power of its vibration;

Join a collective wave of divine love on and within the planet through sacred Song Lines;

Speak to the sacred light within from the Stars and the Earth – the Elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and the divine Spirit within;

Personal one-to-one accelerations (in group energy);

Meditation, initiation, acceleration, sacred sound and song, Language of Light

“As with all that I do I tune in to the energies IN THE MOMENT.  The programme can alter at any time.  This weekend will be very experiential, will flow wherever we, as a group energy flows and what is for the greatest good of the group, our Souls and the planet at that time – I am so grateful to take this journey with you” – Victoria.  

“Let all your expectations go, allow your heart to open and fly”


***”The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that have shut down within you.  Light Language awakens sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, awakening the direct communication lines between your divine Heart and your Divine Soul”

When:  Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd March, 2014 (would recommend you come for both days as it is a ‘build-up’ of the energies.  If you really have a calling and can come only on one day, please contact me on: – everything is possible!

Venue Information:  The Reiki Centre – 42A Joo Chiat Place Singapore.  (The entrance is next to the Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant (look out for the bright red signage!) Above the Temptations Bakery).

Parking: Coupon parking along Joo Chiat Place, large public carpark at the corner of Tembling Road.  – See more at:

Time:  11am to 5pm (both days) – you will have a 1 hour lunch break and time for morning and afternoon tea. 

Investment:  AUD $422 ($22 of this investment will go towards a children’s charity or shelter).  Last October we collected over SGD $400 at the group weekend gathering – thank you to all who made this possible!!!!!  TO BOOK – SEE PAYPAL BELOW

goddess- choices-love    Painting by Helena Nelson Reed

Artist:  Helena Nelson Reed

The Breath of L.O.V.E.   –   Personal Sessions:


Personal Sessions are available from Monday 24th February to Wednesday, 5th March

Investment:  AUD $160

I feel the greatest gift for all in these sessions is the opportunity for deep change and expansion.  This can mean setting free old beliefs and habits or it can mean great frequency shifts to higher levels of awareness – or both!

All healing can only come from within, from a willing heart.  Sometimes it can be challenging for us to move through life on our own to see our highest path.  I am to you a doorway to your divine plan.  I assist you to connect with your essence and help you hear your soul speak – I am a translator that listens to your Soul’s language and messages and brings them forth.   This can be transmitted through several energy mediums such as the Language of Light, sound tones, chants, energy exchange and high frequency encoding.  I see the codes around and within your bodies that your Soul is asking to change, to set free and to expand.  Through this you align to your original Blueprint – your Highest Self in pure love, your essence.

“We await you to look into your heart of hearts and to assist you in the singing of your original songs once again.  Your divine flame, held deep within calls to you NOW.  THIS IS THE MOMENT – awaken!” Ancient Dragondom

To book a personal session go to PAYPAL below.  I will then email you and  send you the schedule dates and times.  Please note that I tend to book out quickly.

Any further enquiries:

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the charges paypal place on exchange rates, the prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars.  If you choose deposit only, we can work out the balance/exchange rate prior to the session in February and March.

Singapore-Feb & March, 2014


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