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Card Set:  Cosmic Soul Cards

The acceleration cards will assist you in shedding the old, embracing the new and balancing the NOW.  They are an amazing life-changing tool for the New Earth! They come as a pack of 33 cards in a cloth bag.  For further information: Go Here






5D Nervous System Advancement Download Series:

A very expansive series of dynamic meditations, language of light initiations, blueprints and advanced messages for the next decade and beyond.

Go here for more information on this amazing tool for assisting us to advance our entire nervous system and bodies.




33 Cosmic Keys – Channeled Cellular Expansion through Language of Light:  

33 Cosmic Keys of Creation – Divine Blueprints and MP3 Transmission Sets Series One “13 Keys of Amenti” and Series Two – “11 Keys of Remembrance” and Series Three – “9 Living Light Temples” – go here

Sound Healing MP3 through Language of Light:  Cosmic*Light*Weave 

Personal Sound & Light Transmission MP3, exclusive to your energy, for ‘remembrance and expansion’ – to assist in the integration of your higher light and sound frequencies and to manifest your higher vibrations into your life as ‘heaven on earth’.  More information and bookings:

CD:  Home to Heart


Click above for sample tracks and more information


Meditation  and Sound CD’s and MP3

Meditation is an important part of spiritual transition. There are many forms of meditation, from gentle movement and sound to breath work, walking and many more ways to experience deep peace and change. The CD’s on this website are of varying levels of experience, from beginner’s chakra meditations, connections to Mother Earth, the ancients of the seas and Star Beings, meditations with sound, colour and sacred code sequences, to receiving advance light body ‘downloads’ from the Cosmic light of the Christ consciousness. For our selection of CD’s and MP3’s. Please click Guided Meditations to see more detailed information.

 A3 Spiritual Art Blueprint:  Personalised Divine Blueprint – a message from your Divine Soul-I AM

A channeled Blueprint (spiritual artwork) specific to your vibration and energies.  A divine tool for either healing, meditation or simply to enhance your level of consciousness through the further awakening of your psychic and expansive energies. Click here for more details.

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