A Calling – Peru 2010

“A Calling” – Peru 2010

Our Sacred Union

Sacred Union“We have been called to go to Peru for three months in August” said Victoria, after she had returned home one night from a weekend seminar, just having received the Sacred Rites gifted from the Ancestral Elders of South America.

A spark had been lit deep within her soul, igniting a buried desire to live her dreams and follow her intuitive guidance. ‘You have to be joking!’ I said, again the recipient for another change of plans. Well come to think of it, Machu Picchu was on my dream board! Why not enjoy the ride, embrace the journey. I certainly asked for it. Peru is certainly a place of mystic and magnificent mountains, besides I needed a long holiday. So finally after getting everything organised, it was time for a trip of a lifetime.

Everything fell into place just a few weeks before we were to leave. It was a relief to get on the plane to Sydney before the 14 hour flight to Argentina. After a memorable stop-over in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, we flew across the Andes of South America just south of the capital of Peru, Lima. The highlight of the flight was to see the snaking of these Glorious Mountains, their precipitous ridges cutting through the layers of snow. It reminded us of a white serpent, pure and true. As we flew closer to Cusco, the old Inca capital of Peru, the landscape became dry and desolate. Such a sight is this Sacred City which nestles in a crater-like bowl within a majestic mountainous landscape. One could feel that the survival of these people that lived in this isolated city was held in the delicate balance of nature. Survival on the streets in this bustling city appeared to be the more important factor in the crowded, polluted, and narrow noisy streets.

As exciting and appealing as a new foreign city appears, the altitude and pollution dampened our exploration. After a couple of days Victoria, usually so healthy, developed a lung infection, triggered from a small irritation in the throat when just leaving Argentina (it was the coldest winter they had had in 100 years). This made breathing laborious particularly at night. You hear of people hospitalised due to the altitude, and this could of well happened to Victoria. Thankfully due to her self healing abilities she was able to nurse herself back to health despite some sleepless nights. Other emotional factors could also have come into play. The altitude itself was a factor on our unfit bodies. But Victoria feels the most determining factor was the reaction to the emotional energy from her experiences in the churches.

It is a well-known fact that the Spanish in their conquest of South America were determined to convert the local indigenous population to Catholicism. To assist the indigenous to convert, the priests allowed them to integrate their native beliefs into the Christian rituals through art, and ceremonies. For those not ready to convert, it could have been the Spanish inquisition, as we witnessed in a Museum in Lima, which documented investigations and torture of rebellious or unfortunate victims from 1560 to 1850. The beliefs of Spanish Catholicism were strongly evident in the depiction of the suffering of Christ on the cross. Maybe this suffering was also a reflection shared by the indigenous people themselves under the ruthless rule of the Spanish Conquistadors.

It is easy to take on this heavy vibration if one is tired and not aware of how these energies can affect them. This realisation came to her when she was having another fit of breathlessness. Later upon reading an account of Elizabeth Jenkins, in her book ‘Initiation’, we both realised that the heavier energies and thought patterns of the group consciousness may be projecting this fear and suffering through our physical bodies.

In Peru Jesus and in particular, Mother Mary, are strongly represented as the Divine Masculine and Feminine. It is our choice of course, of what energy we tune into. After this realisation we were both able to tune into the pure devotion and compassion that many followers expressed. On one occasion Victoria was standing behind a man who was praying to Jesus. She could see pure gold light all around him and expanding several meters out and felt waves of energy which ignited all her cells. In another Cathedral in Le Paz we both felt waves of energy connecting us with Indigenous people. We were gifted with the opportunity to allow these spirits to sing through us, within   the magnificent acoustics of the main area. It was such a beautiful experience,    enjoyed  with heart felt gratitude by our English speaking guide. She said they had an indigenous art exhibition in the church the week before. I’m sure many of you have   had similar experiences through setting free judgements of the church and allowing such Divine experiences to flow.

Thus was our experience, after releasing our own prejudices around the teachings of the many religious bodies, to come to realise within ourselves, a place of great peace.

Outside the churches it was back to the hustle and bustle along the narrow streets chocked with car fumes and street sellers. After a few days it was a welcome relief to move to the lower altitude of the Sacred Valley. Although I loved the activity of Cusco and desired to further explore the Ancient Sites, Museums, and City markets, the peaceful and friendly nature of the township of Pisac was so relaxing. As our driver zig-zagged down the mountain we were overwhelmed by the majesty of the Apu (sacred mountains), that towered over the Sacred Urubamba River and township below. It gave Victoria the feeling of ‘coming home’. It was this area that we used as a base for both the ‘Munay-Ki Deepening’ workshop and R & R time afterwards.

Earth Rite

Our experience of the ‘Deepening was both enriching and relaxing. The workshop involved five days of connecting with the elements, with Sacred Rites performed by our personal Inka Priests, a husband and wife team, Don Francisco, and Donna Wanita. Their gentle nature and patience seemed effortless despite our curiosity and excitement. I was intrigued by their deep connection with the elements. Their every motion, breath and presence was embraced by their connection to nature surrounding them.

Water Rite

Although there was no ‘blinding light or miracle’ that set this workshop as a grandiose experience, it was gentle and sacred event that carried no pretentiousness, only the mutual sharing and honouring of ancient wisdom that we are all welcome to receive. The beautiful settings in hidden valleys that were the stage for our initiations brought the ceremonies to life. These settings were once ancient Sacred sites from the Inka civilisation. Our Inka Priests in residence often used old Inka Altars at these sites as the stage for giving us the Rites. Although their techniques were slightly different to the Munay-Ki Rites that we had been taught, the ceremonies were amazing and meditative. As a male I enjoyed that connection with a male wisdom keeper, whilst Victoria really enjoyed the connection and energy she experienced receiving the Rites from his wife Donna Wanita.

Donna Wanita

I could speak more of these experiences particularly certain sites but I do not want to influence the mystery of the experience if you travel yourself with us on the next tour in September 2011.

Our trip allowed us time to relax and enjoy the subtleties that a busy trip doesn’t allow. Pisac became a home base for further exploration. Victoria had time to explore the river where she made a sacred essence at a point which she felt guided to stop and conduct a ceremony with our dear friend, Hetty and myself. This was linked to the flooding along the river which occurred earlier in the year. Gently flowing pass the township, this river transforms into a raging torrent during the wet season January to March. Last year saw the destruction of many houses beside the river, resulting in eight people dying in the local village of Tarai, and 80% of housing damaged. It was our great honour and duty for Spirit to have us do some earth work in this area. I joined Victoria at one stage to assist her in balancing the energy associated with the flood.

Tarai flooding

The physical destruction was still evident in the area despite the help given so far. Many humanitarian agencies and the Government had also been involved in helping locals, who were affected, with donations including clothing to help them rebuild their lives. We know that there is still much more assistance needed to help them recover. One such person involved in helping the locals recover is Sonia Newhouse. Her Heart’s Café in Ollytaytambo donates its profits to help the less fortunate in the area. One project was involved in raising $5,000 to build a home for a solo mother with 4 kids. Since coming back Victoria raised an extra $1,000 from donations from Singapore to contribute to her help this woman and our Gold Coast friends added another $600. Another kind soul offered to sponsor her daughter to go to school and onto University. As we toured Peru we continued to see the dedication of others in helping the local people.

Part of our trip included a tour to a remote mountain village, where Sonia assists malnourished children in certain highland villages. These children were showing signs of being under weight and vitamin deficiencies. Sonia also has a vision to start orphanages for those children really in need.

Utilising my skills as a trained Podiatrist, I also spent some time working alongside ‘Dentists without Borders’, supported by local agency ‘My Small Help’ and founder Leander Hollings, and American couple George and Cathy from ‘Asana Giving’, who gave generously of their time and donations to provide primary health care for residents of local villages both in towns, lowlands and the highlands. I was asked to help measure feet for footwear, kindly donated by another American company, however I found myself inundated with people wanting general foot care, nail issues and interdigital maceration. With limited resources and tools I managed to see over 300 people in 4 days. On the last day Victoria arrived at Ollytaytambo, who attended to their interdigital hygiene and measured them for shoes. Our small grasp of the Spanish Indigenous languages made for a few laughs despite the frustration. Thankfully we had a gentle Earth angel who came to help, who was well received. I did learn a few words such as,’Sapartoe’, (shoes), ‘Recto’ for straight across, and Eschera/ Direccha, for left and right. We have promised ourselves to learn more Spanish before we venture there again.

Podiatry in Peru

In seeing the conditions and facilities, it is not hard to experience one’s heart opening up to the needs of the people. However I experienced much sadness in realising that my efforts were just a small drop in the ocean. I couldn’t help but feel passionate about the effort that I was able to give.

Sonia spoke passionately about her projects. The smiles on the kids’ faces, particularly one lad who had a motor neuron disease, were contagious. His hands, clenched tightly most of the time, opened partially when he played with his donated electric piano. Such a delight to share his joy! His father was also the recipient of a sewing machine donated again through the Living Heart organisation. This was just one of many stories and experiences we witnessed.

Boy with neuro condition

That fact that we only saw a small part of Peru didn’t diminish the enormity of this amazing civilisation. Their handiwork was also evident in Bolivia. That was another major reason for our travel to this beautiful country. Victoria a few years before had been guided to Lake Baroon, near Maleny on the Sunshine coast in Queensland.

During several of her visits there she had been told that Lake Baroon had a connection with Lake Titicaca, which borders both Peru and Bolivia. She was shown energy grids and vortexes that were placed over Lake Baroon and that she was asked to journey to Lake Titicaca to assist doing the same.

Island of the Sun

It was from the pleasant seaside town Copacabana, that we were to journey to the Island of the Moon to conduct a sacred ceremony there. It is no coincidence this Island was where the female initiation ceremonies were held. It was at the northern section of the Island, which was thankfully uninhabited, that we conducted a ceremony using the sacred essence that was made at Lake Baroon. I was guided to visit the Island of the Sun, where males were initiated. My experiences at the Temple of the Puma were definitely powerful. Victoria also had an amazing experience at a different site to me. These Islands are considered very sacred to the indigenous people. Their Inca myths tell of the story where these two Islands were also the birth places of the first Man and Woman. We both fell in love with the ancient energy and harsh landscape.

Our Journey also included a trip to the capital, Le Paz, 5 hrs. bus ride from Copacabana, Lake Titicaca. A fascinating city built in the crater valley, creating an awesome site upon arrival. A site to be experienced. No photos or stories could match a personal experience of seeing the view first hand.

This extensive blog of our trip only tells a small story of our travels. We met many kind people and had many enjoyable adventures. We loved the trip so much that we want to take others back so they can experience the wonders of this country and the enormous wisdom that this culture can share with the world.

Machu Picchu

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