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Meditation is an important part of spiritual transition. There are many forms of meditation, from gentle movement and sound to breath work, walking and many more ways to experience deep peace and change.

ACTIVATIONS:    Some MP3’s are grouped as a series of Activations, very much assisting with transition through the NOW.   These activations incorporate original sound tracks and/or may incorporate Language of Light as well.

MEDITATIONS:  CD’s and MP3’s  from beginner’s to advanced meditations, connecting to Mother Earth, the ancients of the seas and Star Beings. They incorporate sound, colour and vibration meditations to receiving advance light body ‘downloads’ from the Cosmic light and heart of pure Christ/Source consciousness.

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The following meditations work through the energies of the Divine Blueprint (the true and complete essence) of your own divine light and the light of all Creation.

“Creation sees and knows that you are Creator – Mother/Father/God within you and are of the wholeness and complete union of this knowing. With great respect and love these meditations are offered to bring awakening, activation healing, wisdom and truth through the communication and union of your original Divine Blueprint and the innate divine intelligence of the joining of all things through unconditional love. And so it is.” – Emissaries of Peace and Love

IMPORTANT – please read before playing Activations and Meditations:


Before all activations and sound MP3’s & meditations on this website please:

The list of MP3’s below are a medium to assist in awakening deep cellular memory. If you allow, you will awaken and open dormant codes from the higher dimensions that are ready for remembrance and acceleration.

The Language of Light, words, sounds and tones are keys that when recognised within, will assist you to shed the old through deep and gentle transition and expand insight and awareness of your multi-dimensional Being.


Create a quiet space and either sit or lay down. Before turning on the MP3 bring your awareness and ‘breath of love’ into the heart. If you are not quite sure how to do this just say/feel either silently or out loud:   “I bring my awareness to my heart.   We are Love (breathe in); We are One (breathe out)”.

Repeat the words above three times or more and when you feel centered, turn on the MP3.

At the end of MP3:

Complete by being aware and present in your heart and say/feel: “Thank you, We are Love (breathe in); We are One (breathe out) – yes, yes, yes” – repeat this three times or more until you feel in fully grounded, balanced and peaceful and then open your eyes.

Gently breathe through the heart thanking your Higher Guidance for leading you through the recording and balancing your energies through mind, body, Soul and Spirit

MP3’s, Attunements are being updated at present.


Earthing & Balancing:  Angelic-Mother Earth Alignment

Light enters through the Higher Realms and you may feel a spiral enter through your pineal, third eye and crown and enter your heart through your higher heart.  A gift from Mother Earth.

As the words and sounds move through your systems your energies will respond with a grounding, an earthing through the higher realms of all within you.  You will shed the old as she speaks to you of a new beginning – all as and within the moment, within the now.  Lower frequencies dissolve in and through your heart and awaken you to deep seeded encoding that assists you to let go of resistance and embrace NEW BEGINNINGS.

     butterfly the star catcher          water water1 kingdom of the faeries

ASCENSION          water water1 kingdom of the faeries

Higher Voice Attunement

Alignment with Heart-Higher Heart and Voice-Higher Voice.  Deepen the connection of your deep vibration by gently setting free the old and embracing into the heart of compassion and love.  Deep initiation and awakening into the next step of your truth.



Calls of Nature

CALLS of NATURE by David WebbyCalls Of Nature

By David Webby – David’s debut album with recording of Birds from the Hinterland of the Gold Coast Australia,                                            with backing music also by David.

This CD can be played as background for offices, meditation, transformation and massage.

Interestingly people have brought my Cd have said they love it and are amazed how it brings other birds into the area. Such a delight to play first thing in the morning.

David also sees this recording as assisting people to get in touch with Mother Nature, a connection many are missing in their busy lives.

Backing music includes Thai Khim  (Dulcimer), Hang, Didge, Crystal Singing Bowls, Wind Chimes, Vocals.

Duration: 60 mins

Calls of Nature

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