Intuitive Energy and Sound Sessions

Vibrant and radiant health is the ultimate goal for all of us to sustain a healthy and happy existance.

To achieve this goal, we must balance the WHOLE of us. This is done through the creation of harmony through all of our five ‘subtle bodies.’ That is, through the physical, emotional, intellectual, etheric and spiritual energies that we hold within us as human beings. It is like ‘fine tuning’ the strings on a violin. When one of the strings on the violin is ‘out of sync’ with the others, the sound of the instrument does not play as sweetly to the ear, nor sound as vibrant as it could when all the strings are aligned.

Think of your WHOLE SELF as the instrument and each of your subtle bodies as the strings. When you are emotionally drained or tired, when you are intellectually stagnant or confused, when there is an ailment you are carrying, your ‘strings’ (your five bodies) are out of sequence and your instrument (your whole being) cannot play to its highest potential.

Through a willingness to create change, the violin strings (bodies) can be tuned to a higher vibration that is in perfect synchronicity. Your five bodies ‘sing’ to each other, which in turn creates a dynamic of beauty, peace, balance and harmony where all move to the one rhythm, hence creating within the WHOLE of you an amazing symphony of grace, that moves with radiant health.

The light and sound healing activation sessions work with your five subtle bodies to create this balance and harmony to give you every opportunity to be the perfect vibration of a well tuned, completely balanced violin.

We work together in your session, through willingness and co-operation with the guides and teachers of unconditional love to assist in the transformation and transition of your energies.

This is done through the re-establishing of your higher connections and awareness with old emotions and energies you have held (in many instances for your whole life); clearing old thought forms and patterns that no longer serve your progress and future. When moving through each of these five subtle bodies with openess and acceptance, miracles can happen!

Sound, crystals, colour and channelled Light Language are utilised in this session. Working as an instrument, through Creator’s Divine Intelligence, I see and intuit the codes, signatures, symbols and frequencies within your personal grids (energy fields) and subtle bodies that would benefit from positive and healthy change. Through this connection with your Divine Blueprint, re-alignment, balance and healing is possible.

You are able to ask questions of your guides during these sessions and you will be given whatever guidance they are willing to bring through to you at the time.


Group and couple healing sessions are available.

National and International Sessions

Both the individual healings and group healings are available via skype or telephone.

For information on how a skype session can assist you please go to Skype Healings.

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