I AM Blueprints

The Process & Purpose of the Divine ‘I AM’ Blueprint

“The Divine I AM Blueprint is a divine remembrance of our harmonics, our music  

and self-creation of our eternal state of One”

For many years now I have been creating Divine Blueprints for clients all over the world.   You receive an A3 size creation on 600gsm high quality paper card ready to be framed.  I use many mediums including pen, ink, powders, pastels and fine paint.  It is one of my most favourite things to do, creating magic for someone from their Higher Divine!  TO ORDER your own Blueprint and find out more see below.  In gratitude, Victoria x


What is a Divine I AM Blueprint?

Every Blueprint is as unique as every Soul in the Universe.

Your Blueprint is a plan, a story that you wrote, seeded and birthed into life.  It is never ‘fixed’ and is always moving, shifting, expanding and evolving.

Of “Star and Stone, the Galaxies and the Omniverse”, you chose to live, learn, love and create through the many expressions of Self in your multi-faceted dimensional energies.  

One of these energies is the human form you have chosen to take now!  

You will continue to write your story and choose your path for as long as your last breath on Earth.  The Blueprint that you chose to express before you came into this physical form will be very different from the one you hold when you depart the physical earth plane. 

What this means is you are no longer bound or tied by your past or your future, by your ancestors or what is known as ‘contracts and agreements of karma’ – you are the creator of your own destiny!

Your blueprint is expressions of energy – light and sound, that hold keys that open the many doorways and pathways of your divine plan filled with higher potentials to express, experience and BE.

A Divine Blueprint is like a design or template.  It is like our original ‘recorded data’ – all of our original information of pure sound and light.  Codes and records within an energy field that we each originally held from our Source/Creator – The One.  It is pure energy that shifts and creates as the wind blows and the oceans flow.

Our divine I AM Blueprint is our spark of the One Source that was sent out to experience through many forms of light and sound (our own life experiences and our extended Soul Group’s experiences on Earth and other realms) and eventually to return home – to our ONE Cosmic heart through love.  


What is my role as a Blueprinter?

I am simply a Channel, Scribe and Translator of a Multi-dimensional life-force – a Blueprint, who receives energies and messages from your I AM/Source vibration.  I then translate them onto paper.  The energies and messages come through in various forms – drawing, speaking, singing and writing in the **‘Language of Light’.  The process usually takes around 3-4 hours. There can be up to hundreds of codes placed into a single Blueprint – both written in physical form and imprinted into sound and light codes in the etheric energies.

Your I AM presence is like the Master Conductor of an Orchestra and I am part of that orchestra – you guide me and show me the codes, colours, sounds and writings you require to expand, awaken, remember and to grow.   

What will these Blueprints do for you?

The main thing is that the I AM Blueprint helps you to ‘remember’. To remember that you are already ‘awake’, already whole, already ONE – you have simply forgotten this state (just for a moment in Earthly time).  The Blueprint will also assist you in grounding the ‘new energies’ of the earth that have been slowly building since your birth but especially from the year 2012.  It will enhance your ability to flow with the huge influxes of energies and the paradigm shifts we are experiencing throughout the many years up to and including the next phase in 2033.

Some things you may notice is that the Blueprint will:

Clear unhealthy vibrations by opening your emotions to set free old belief systems;

Enhance your energy on a physical – health level;

Assist in the healing of energies on all levels – physical, etheric, emotional, intellectual, spiritual;

Bring clarity, inner truth and wisdom;

Enhance your psychic energies and awareness;

Re-calibrate your DNA to open dormant cellular energy that assists your energies in remembering and to realise your highest potential both within and  beyond 5th dimension;

Bring presence and awareness to the other aspects of your Soul Family- the extension and integration of other members of your Soul group experiences;  

To realise your Oneness, your divine Spirit – what is called the Monad; 

Expand your energies to fully connect into higher dimensions and levels of consciousness;

Assists you in awakening to your original Star vibration and the Language of Light;

Connects you into all dimensional energies of both the Star and Earth portals;

Connects you to the many Kingdoms of Creation – Earth, Star and Sea;

Opens your energies to your higher vibrations of unconditional love, joy and all other vibrations of pure and divine awareness;

Blue-Angels of the night sky



“The energy of the divinely channeled Blueprints are the healing tool for the NOW.   

They will accelerate your conscious awareness and will continue to evolve and support your growth for they hold the Language of Light – the original sound of your Source – your Heart-Soul-Monadic vibration”               

Archangel Metatron



What do I do with the Blueprint – where would I use them?

The I AM Blueprints can be used to assist to heal and balance yourself, family, friends, pets, to clear areas within the house, office, land etc;

Lay them under a healing table, your bed at night, under a chair, under food – wherever you can think of – they will assist you on all levels;

Take them on your travels – assist many with jetlag and travel symptoms;

Copy them to your computer, your mobile etc. they heal, enlighten and open your energies to your/the higher light

The most important thing is that you can FEEL the change – whether it be immediate or over a long period, they work because they come from YOU – your Higher Self through LOVE and JOY from the original light of your Source, of Creation.

The Blueprints make great gifts for yourself or for other people.  Whether for personal healing or for a business they are a great form of “Healing and Acceleration Artwork” that can be framed and will continue to expand the consciousness of all;

Enjoy the experience and thank you for sharing your divine light with my divine light!

Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love)


To order a personal Divine I AM Blueprint go to paypal below – includes postage.  

If a gift, please send person’s name and your connection to them (ie: friend, sister, brother etc).  We can also post direct to the person who the gift is for – please provide mailing information at payment or email me:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com    Thank you!

Divine I AM Blueprint:

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