Victoria Webby – Gatherings Online 2021


2021 – Zoom ONLINE Gatherings

NOTE for Online Zoom:  Most payments can be paid through my bank account or PayPal (see links with each event & bank details bottom of page – please SMS me after depositing in bank account).  If you are booking from a country where neither is possible, please SMS me and we can discuss other arrangements – thank you!  After bookings are received you will be sent zoom link & information for each event about 2 days before each event.  SMS/WhatsApp:  0438165297 (Int: +61438165297)

From February Onwards, 2021:

Online Self-Mastery Course:

‘I AM the Sounds of Living Light’ beginning 22nd February with Victoria:

12 month course beginning Monday evening, 22nd February, 2021 (1 night per month).  We will step within, shift, create, learn, grow & expand together.  We will stand in our innate, loving & healing power, opening minds and hearts, gathering insight & knowledge into our own paths, hear channelled messages, meditate, receive energy transmissions and tools to assist us to balance and align our energies as we move through the year 2021 and beyond.  This will be a deep personal journey whilst also shifting awareness on a planetary, Galactic and Universal level.

If you can’t make every session don’t worry!  Each session will be recorded to either listen later or re-listen to deepen your experience.

“By being in the presence of the NOW there is nothing that you have not BEen or will not BEcome.  The highest presence of your heart is through the awareness of every breath, every thought, every beat of your heart – here is where mastery truly IS”

Further information and to Register for the Online Self-Mastery Course – GO HERE

Reiki & Language of Light with Voice & Toning – From February Onwards

Monthly Online gathering beginning Sunday, 7th February, 2021 with Elaine Yang (Singapore) and Victoria:  

A gathering where we can remember vibrationally who we are as divine Beings, all-knowing, all-seeing, all-feeling, all-loving.  We see where we can drop our layers and conditioning as we navigate life.


Elaine, a Reiki Master,  will be sending Reiki to the group as Victoria channels Language of Light & sound through voice & toning.  ‘Come as you are, ready to surrender to the opening of ‘the all of you’.

MONTHLY DATE & TIME:  Put us in your diary!!   Every FIRST Sunday of the month (unless otherwise stated) at 5.30pm Singapore time and 7.30pm Hobart, Tasmania time.   It will run for approximately 1 hour.  Recording provided to all participants.  Zoom link will be given on booking.  If you can’t make it live you can purchase the recording.

INVESTMENT:  $33.33 –  Payable via direct credit or PayPal with either Elaine in Singapore or Victoria in Australia.


Elaine Victoria Yang is a Usui Reiki Teacher trained under The Reiki Centre Singapore, and has been teaching since 2012. She has been a Reiki healer since 2011, and was the principal healer at The Reiki Centre from 2011 – 2015.  She teaches Reiki in Singapore.  

For further information on Elaine go to Website – GO HERE

If you have any additional questions and wish to speak with Elaine, you may contact her in Singapore @ 94882454.

For further information on Victoria GO HERE.  To contact Victoria SMS 0438165297 (+61438165297) or email:

PAYMENT for Reiki & Language of Light/Sound Evenings:  Payment with Victoria:   for bank details in AUD scroll to bottom of page OR use PayPal directly below.  To pay in SGD please contact Elaine direct (see above).



JANUARY, 2021:

2021: Number Five – Flame of Freedom – Heart of the White Dragon – Aquarian Age – NOW COMPLETE – free download HERE.

2021 being the year number 5 and the energies of our innate truth, freeing us from illusion and illuminating our higher voice and creation energies.  Join us for a channeled session with the Multi-Dimensional Dragon energies to connect within and prepare for the expansive energies of 2021 and beyond.  A year where you can thrive, grow and flow with the diverse possibilities that will present themselves in your life!


NEW YEAR’S GIFT  –  FREE & ONLINE ZOOM @ 5pm-6pm AEST (Tasmania, Australia), Saturday 23rd January.  

Please SMS/Whats App your attendance to Victoria:  0438165297 (+61438165297).

London 6am;  Los Angeles 10pm (Friday night);  Singapore 2pm;  India 11.30am

DECEMBER, 12-12-2020:  With Victoria, David & Raven Butterfly  —  COMPLETE!

12-12-2020 – Thank you to all who attended.

Free download is now available – CLICK HERE

Online Gathering Saturday, 12th December 2020 – balancing the year 2020 and preparing for the year 2021 – downloads through Language of Light, sound, meditation.   We will also explore the ‘doorway into other worlds’ – 12/12 to 22/12 is a gateway of significant opportunity with zero point energy that opens to the grandest light within.  It is a time of instant and spontaneous awakening, manifestation and connection.


“Come on a journey with us, connecting the dots, aligning with the new earth vibrations & bringing through the golden inner energies. We choose love, we choose light, we fly into 2021 & beyond together with the sacred breath in the presence of NOW”  Raven

“12/12/20 to 22/12/20 –  holds an incredibly powerful presence of expansion and celebration. We are weaving a sacred web across the Globe to invite a new world into our hearts. So simple when we chose TO BE HERE in this NOW.
Say YES – COME BE!” Victoria

Saturday, 12th December:  5pm – 6.30-ish Tasmania/Sydney/Melbourne time (daylight saving).  The event will be recorded (but will not be edited).

To join the gathering please email or SMS VICTORIA and you will be sent a Zoom Link.  SMS 0438165297 (Int:  +61438165297) or

NOVEMBER:  NOW COMPLETE – MP3 SET AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE (go to bottom of page)– Temple of Sound – Cosmic Earth – “A NEW Light is Birthed” Advanced Codes from Cosmic Earth – 2020-2033 With Victoria & David Webby:

 Sunday, 22nd November, 2020 4pm-6.30pm AEST (daylight saving – Tasmania)


We reside within and upon a sacred Temple so pure.  This Temple, this Being known as Earth/Gaia/Tara/Mu/Cosmic Earth sings in every cell, nerve and system of ALL THAT WE ARE.

This Temple is ONE with our divine instruction, our DNA, spinning life into the majesty and mastery of our true nature.  When we see beyond our own illusion and witness, integrate and simply know that everything is divine, whole and pure.  Come sit, Come see, Come BE.  


  • We will walk the ancient lands of the Cosmic Mother Creation & Cosmic Father Creation energy  – Nuna, Pangaea, Gondwana and Laurasia – time before time and all as NOW and the original blueprint of this World and Galaxy.
  • Elohim Creation Codes, White Dragon family, 5D + Elementals and Kingdoms of the Earth, higher spectrums and higher frequencies of sound through Star & Stone will guide us into a deep awakening and NEW beginning as we open hearts and minds to our grandest destiny.
  • We step into a deeper understanding and preparation for a planetary circle for December through what is projected to be the oldest land mass on earth – Australia

I first connected with the The White Dragon energy in 2012 and this divine light has been a conscious Guide since.  The White Dragon has now fully anchored through the Cosmic Heart into its full embodiment on Earth in 2020.  This opened a deeper multi-dimensional portal/vortex/gateway within our perception, knowledge and wisdom opening sacred keys and doorways to install divine instruction, numbers, frequencies and light through the ‘cosmic order of sound’.  Through the great heart of the White Dragon, higher spectrums of dragon energy were brought forth as well as the higher frequencies of sound for the birthing of a new generation of light through the creation codes of the Elementals and Kingdoms of the Earth and how this IS creation in our world.

Come join us on an inspirational and magnificent journey with the great Beings of Cosmic Earth – ALL ARE WELCOME! Victoria

We are LOVE, We are ONE

Investment is tiered, please pay as you can via PayPal or direct credit.  Any problems with payment system please SMS me – 0438165297 (Int: +61438165297 WhatsApp).  ZOOM LINK will be sent to you a couple of days before event (please send me your contact details to mobile above).

Language of Light transmissions, channeled meditations & sound, drum, crystal singing bowls, chimes.  Receive downloads of MP3 transmissions & PowerPoint sent to you after editing via email.

MP3 PACKAGES AVAILABLE for previous events:

All packages include mp3’s of event, blueprints & power point to download.

5D+ Nervous System Upgrade & DNA/Cellular Reboot & Regeneration –(Victoria & David Webby):  Sunday, 20th September, 2020

In 2019 Creator asked that a series of ‘Nervous System Upgrades’ take place through each Solstice and Equinox.  The group sessions were incredibly powerful not just for those that personally attended but the global consciousness.  

The September 20, 2020 online gathering is a further expansion of the powerful energies received in 2019.  We will already be in the energy alignment for the approaching Equinox and will take advantage of this massive expansion of cosmic energies.  Our nervous system connects to all our physical systems and as we continue to receive upgrades it is important for us to have strong, healthy bodies, minds and vibrational systems to receive the higher frequencies of sound and light coming through the Galaxy & Universes at this time.  

Our spinal CHORD and nerves connect and communicate all data, information, codes, frequencies, colours and vibration well beyond the physical realms.  It is a series of multi-dimensional keys, tones and units of sound.

Our spinal CHORD is our divine music.  “A sacred stream that synchronises with the keys of the Universe and creates the grandest symphony and creates light unto light.  So is the way of the music of the Soul”.

When I look at someone’s spine, I see notes, I see music.  Our nervous system is the embodiment of the Universal tones that shines through the galaxies and is heard throughout Creation – this is the way I see this amazing system of light, Victoria.

Language of Light transmissions, channeled meditations & sound, drum, crystal singing bowls, chimes.  Receive downloads of MP3 transmissions sent to you after editing via email.

To make payment please scroll to bottom of page

8-8-2020: LIONS GATE  – (Victoria & David Webby)

MP3 now available to purchase plus PowerPoint.  Meditations, accelerations, blueprints, Language of Light, crystal bowls. Scroll to bottom of page to purchase.

We enter the ‘Gateway of the Wild Heart’ through the sacred voice of Sekhmet and the ‘Great Eyes of the Lion’.  We stepped into the collective heart and join together in deep creation to breathe new life into our personal journey.   We opened the doors as Sekhmet lead us through a journey of breaking down, letting go, setting free the old and birthing into the ‘new’ world.  The great Lion showed us how to step into our own confidence, to be the visionary and create our own reality through our Divine Will.  All in the NOW.  We sensed through the belly, the heart and the eyes of our multi-dimensional breath and received transmissions through the heart of Sirius, the Great Central Sun and into our own ‘great creation song’ in the Universe.


Creator/Spirit has always shown that the way into the ‘new world’ is through our ‘home in the heart’.  This is the true mastery of our experience.  We continue this journey and strengthen our essence to support our inner connection and power to be the voice of our own destiny.  “We are Love; We are One”.

 Crystalline Sounds of Light – “Temples of Egypt – Ocean Doors”– 5th July, 2020 with Purvi Jayaaraaj & Victoria Webby. MP3 now available to purchase plus PowerPoint.  Meditations, accelerations, blueprints, Language of Light, crystal bowls. Scroll to bottom of page to purchase.


“In oceans floor

there is a door

that leads to worlds within;

a light of sound, a sound of light

that sings within the heart

where worlds will fall apart

Here – there – NOW, is where the journey begins …..”



EGYPT MP3 PACKAGE: Crystalline Sounds of Light

MP3 Recording now available to purchase: Golden Pyramid, Temples of Isis, Hathor, Horus, Sekhmet, Osiris.  Approximately 3 hours.

After an amazing circle with Souls from around the Globe on 23rd May (new moon) an Mp3 is now available from our 3 hour Online Gathering with Purvi Jayaaraaj (India) & Victoria Webby (Australia) –
INCLUDES: Audio recording of transformational meditations; Language of Light initiations through sacred energies of the Golden Pyramid and Temples of Aswan and Luxor; activation of sacred waters through ancient stone; crystal singing bowls; copies of 3 downloadable blueprints and power point presentations.

AUD $33.00 (see PayPal below)

Comments from participants from 23rd May & Egypt Workshop:

  • “This was truly amazing. Such amazing shifts felt especially my heart and throat. Am grateful to space Victoria Webby & Purvi heal. Thank you so much. Feeling such strength after these shifts. Looking forward to listen again”
  • “Was magnificent”

For full details on Victoria & Purvi – Download Here

Video from Victoria & Purvi –  Download Here

Online Packages 2020

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