David Webby

My Spiritual Journey

I met Victoria in 2008, when we started a spiritual ensemble along with Jayanti Woods and Nigel Coates. Little did I know that Victoria was going to be a bigger part of my life. Strangely enough Spirit set the wheels in motion and in Feb 2009 our romance was initiated. It was the start of another huge spiritual growth curve for me. We married just over a year later in May 2010, before we went to Peru in July for the ‘Deepening of the Munay-Ki Rites’.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life. During my childhood I was brought up as a Christain. I remember in my early childhood seeing animals and Angels. I am not sure when that innocence and chairvoyant state was lost, but now later in life I am searching for that recconnection to my innocence once again. I think we all are trying to return to our innocence because there lies Love.

Another significant cross road in my life was when I was around 25. I had gone through the rebellion stage and suddenly got to 25 wondering what had I done with my life. It was at that time that I attended Beth Gray’s Reiki 1 course. I experienced an amazing transformation that blew me out of the water. At that time I also met my first wife through a massage course. I tribute her in being instrumental in encouraging me to explore my personal growth during that time.

From then on my life has been full of experiences that I can reflect back on with gratitude, particulary for those I have shared my life with. Learning and teaching Theta Healing, with a beautiful friend Hetty Driessen, was one of those significant growth phases. I had many light bulb moments during this powerful healing period, allowing me to shed and bring light to my past beliefs. Although I feel I have moved on to different modalities, I believe Theta Healing is still one of the most transforming healing modalities around.

It was my desire to search for that deeper connection within that led me to looking more closely at my relationship. My soul’s desire was to have a Sacred Relationship with a woman and ultimately myself. Victoria came into my life unexpectedly. Although at first I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, I learnt to connect with that inner peace, through surrender, forgiveness and self love.

The last few years have been an interesting time of learning about relationships. Through my own experiences and assisting Victoria I feel it is time for me to assist other men with their own spiritual growth, paricularly in regard to relationships, as this area can prove to be the gretaest learning curve. Recently I started a Men’s group and have shared the Munay-Ki Rites at a Men’s festival on the Sunshine Coast. More to come I believe.

The Munay-Ki Rites have taken my spiritual growth to another level. I feel honoured to connect with such an ancient culture, to share their connections with Mother Earth, Star beings and ultimately Divine Source within all of us. When giving and receiving the Rites I feel the presence of spirit beings and connections to my teachers in Peru. Of course their aim is to share these Rites with others in order to expand our spiritual awareness in readiness for 2012 and beyond, whatever that may be.

Thus my journey with Victoria is certainly full of possibilities and exciting journeys, connecting with different cultures and people, to share our light with others that we may learn to reconnect with our Divine Source within. Come share that journey with us.