Cosmic Soul Cards

After many years of channeling and creating Blueprints (or templates), I was excited to have been asked by Creation to bring them into an acceleration card deck.



Cosmic Soul Cards are a portal to your Divine Plan, a sacred gift from the Cosmos that assists you to remember your divine DNA encoding and cellular divine Blueprint – your pure essence.



These acceleration cards will assist you in shedding the old, embracing the new and balancing the NOW.  They are an amazing life-changing tool for the New Earth!

“All that you are you have always been;

All that you have been is awakening within you.

It is time to remember your Divine Soul’s calling

The moment is NOW”                                  

This deck consists of 33 cards, all printed from original channeled hand-drawings.  They are imprinted with the ‘Language of Light’, Sacred Sounds and divine codes and hold the vibrations of the many Realms that make up our Galaxies, our Universe and extend to the many Star Systems beyond the Milky Way, to our divine Earth and Inner Earth and to all of Creation.   The Blueprint image is on the front of the card with words and Affirmations on the back (see sample of words below).

The ‘Cosmic Soul Cards’ are not limited by the boundaries we might place upon ourselves, they come into fruition through the most sacred divine light of ALL THAT IS – pure consciousness, pure joy, pure love. The energy of these cards are not limited by our linear perceptions and will continue to expand within themselves.  Simply put they are the energy of our higher consciousness, our Monad and all love through sacred sound.

Embrace and enjoy, expand and energise, Ignite!



The high frequency acceleration cards come in sealed packaging in a draw string bag.  To purchase see PAYPAL below.

Sample Card:  ‘The Sacred Garden’

“You are the sacred blessing of Mother Earth”

This moment brings to you the opportunity to drink of the blood of the sacred womb, the garden of all life on Earth.  You are being asked to explore within, be silent, be still and BE.

All that you were so fearful to see, to know is before you with eyes open wide and a heart filled with compassion.  You are ready to embrace the ALL OF YOU and see that you are love – it is safe, it is pure, it is true.  What was once unreachable is NOW before you, let your energies open wide to receive.

Bring your hands to the sacred place of your heart and sacral and breathe, experience and journey.

Your time to BE-COME is NOW

AFFIRMATIONS – Centre yourself and take deep breaths in and out through your heart:

I SHED all fear of growth and expansion;

I EMBRACE and EXPLORE my inner light within an open heart;

I LOVE the all of me through compassion, through peace;

I EXPERIENCE a new and amazing journey NOW

(Complete 5 breath cycles of each Affirmation)


It is important to realise that the cards are ACCELERATION AND AWAKENING cards and although the words will enhance, merely by connecting into the picture (blueprint) with each card will accelerate your energy.

When ordering your Cosmic Soul Cards please note there are DIFFERENT PRICES for postage within Australia and Internationally (please pick country area).   Please choose the appropriate postage price otherwise there will be a delay in sending your order.  Thank you!




Thank you Victoria for creating these beautiful and powerful cards. I was drawn into the card’s image when I close my eyes and saw the 12 suns n moons merging together. As I finish the last affirmation, I could feel feel my heart slowing expanding and vibrations going through my body. Sending tingling sensations and simultaneously my whole body muscles starts to contract involuntarily.

These strong sensation travels up to my neck and tingling all the way to the crown. I felt like being transported to another dimension and at the same time all my cells are being awaken or like my CPU being rebooted. Then I came back to earth plane and felt breathless with all the energies going through. I had to lie myself down to slow down my breathing before my muscles start to loosen up.

This is something I had never experienced before other then during a karmic release session or past life regression. I could feel the energy and vibrations just by holding the cards. Thank you once again Victoria for bringing this beautiful and powerful DNA encodings to us on this earth plane!

Warmest regards
Tess Woo, Singapore