Atlantis & Lemuria – Two Worlds Merging

Atlantis & Lemuria – Merging of Keys & Igniting of Codes through the Great Central Sun

There are seeds within us that are ready to open so that we can receive ‘new’ codes that have not entered earth before.  We will shed old beliefs and illusions and free ourselves to enter the new gates of these two amazing worlds.  A journey of deep celebration is upon you! 


Golden light and blue fires – A remembrance of doorways to open, codes that were once embedded within our cells are now ready to be liberated into their divine plan on Earth.


“There are keys ready to be ignited through the merging of the great heart and great mind that will bring a birthing of a new age of BEing.” 



The afternoon includes experiential and “in the moment” channels.  Also included:  downloadable blueprint, channeled meditations, Language of Light transmissions, crystal bowls & harp.  All sessions recorded.   

If you can’t attend live you can purchase the set of recordings after the event.

Message from The Ancients of Atlantis & Lemuria:

There are many worlds igniting between the great expanse into, and of the one. Oceans will meet and worlds will turn as “two sacred seeds” within, open and weave a new birthing. 

A light shall ignite a gateway, a doorway, a code so significant that the dimensions shall spin and ‘shake awake’ in the mind and celebrate in the heart.  There is an inter-weaving of sound held within the crystalline lines and codes in the form of liquid light that can no longer be held still.  Rather, there is a triggering into exploration, expansion and magnification through its own brilliance.  It is ready to be remembered in an awakened and more expansive remembrance of time”.

When:  Sunday, 20thJune (Solstice energy)

Time:  3.30pm – 6.30pm AEST on Zoom

Investment:  AUD $55.00

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