And the Ancients Would Speak

Of worlds divided that will come back to the rivers flow. Where all meet at the ‘meeting place’ of light, of great spirit, of the mother, of God.

And all will flow with the light that will enter their hearts and become one in the unification of the Spirit within. The flow, the flow will bring all together in this union and the songs of the Universe shall sound within to hear the strength and purpose of our inner knowing, inner light and inner wisdom.

Hear the songs of your heart and see the prospect of your sounds to hear that of the nature of its song playing within you. You are the perfect harmony, the perfect synchronicity of your sound. Be one with all and you will be one within yourself to see the truth of light.

And the winged ones would say – fly, fly Great Spirit within and hear your song through the element of air. It is the sound of the gentleness of your heart, within its stillness that you shall find the answers.

And the Earth would call – I hear you, I hear the flapping of your wings within the silence. I breathe with the beat of your heart in one sound of flight.

And the Waters would sing – the sounds of the Universe are within me, I flow with the rhythm of your song as you fly above, you soar as high as the mountains and dive as low to walk upon my breast of love.

And the Fire would call, light, ignite me with your songs and hear the gentle sounds of my soul within. I am the flame of the Universe that entices all to its calling to move beyond your light into the heart of all as one.

And Spirit would answer, hear all that you say and bring to your hearts the gentle spirit, the wisdom, the key to your doorway of light. Surely within – your song, your light, your soul will recognise its melody and become one.