Ancient Wisdom

Below are a series of channels/messages/MP3 from the Celestial & Earth Realms: 

Temple of the Heart….

When we cannot see past our own fears, this is the moment to move into the temple of our heart and own who we are. Every aspect that is acknowledged and accepted can thus move into a state of gratitude for having its presence known; felt. When gratitude enters, an amazing thing happens, a stillness becomes and love can enter the doorway where healing begins…make the choice NOW to accept that healing and to be present in a state of love…

Arch Metatron

Free your hearts….

And so it shall be that the world shall know a great sense of peace of oneness.  Look into the light of your hearts and let pass all that is subservient to everything other than the truth of love.

Let not your ego minds send you into a state of fear but allow the ego mind to come into the solitude and oneness of love.  Here, you shall find all that is love within itself, enfolding and embracing the living consciousness of one.

Set free your minds of stress and worry, embrace yourself into this light and ignite the flame and essence of your soul into the giving and receiving of the greatest gift of life itself – L.O.V.E.  (Light of Voice Eternal).

BE – be enlightenment, BE – be evolvement through your conscious thoughts and actions.  “In this moment now I am whole, I am one, I am complete”.

Archangel Metatron 2012


Be at peace….

And the world will be at peace

and great oneness and joy shall come to those who believe in the power of love

Let not your hearts despair
but be of peaceful mind and soul that all will be well within the sanctity of one heart, one truth, one purpose.

Do not fear the fearmongers, nor judge. Be in the presence of your own heart and hear the calling of your soul within, for it is your barometer, your light to show you the way in times that would seem dark and desolate in your illusion through the veil that covers. For those that would have you held in fear are searching outside of themselves, allowing their power to be placed into the hands of others and not seeing, reaching within to their true, divine essence of love. They are blinded by the folly of this world and do not see beyond to the divine hearts and souls that lie within.

The place of the ‘kingdom of light’ is within, to see and to know the very aspect that springs forth from the spark of “all one”, the very knowing that to love and honour thine own soul is to be at-one-ment with the all and within that, all is honoured. One cannot move through this door, through this light without significant shifts of the heart. It is the brave soul indeed that flows and shows the way of the heart through the dark night and embraces the everlasting light of love.

Open your eyes to see and your ears to hear, to be the whisper, the very essence of that light that turns the key and opens the doorway through your heart back to the full remembrance of the love you once embraced, once held strong within. It is this very presence that shall move you through this doorway, through the void to manifest your deepest wishes, your deepest truths, through your deepest wisdom of love.

And so it is.

Emissaries of Peace and Love, December 2010



2012 & Beyond…

There has been so much fear created around the shifts that are happening on the planet that my guides asked that a page be created where ‘love’ can be expressed freely to allow us all to get a clearer look at where we are heading.

The fact is that the energies of 2012 are already here and have been for some time.

We are already who we are meant to be, if we can understand this at a conscious level, all will flow and open within to allow and bring this into acceptance in our daily lives.

It is not so simple at present, living within our world of modern communications – constantly barraged by media creating fear and dare I say, panic in people’s minds.

It can be challenging to stay grounded and calm but it is indeed very possible!

I could write words of wisdom that the universal love would channel. For now though, there is an MP3 recording (Star of Light meditation) that we can send you that has these words of wisdom for you to listen to (over and over if you wish) – with an activation that will help you remain peaceful and calm during these great shifts.

Listen to the MP3 Below

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Blessings of Peace and Love,
Victoria Webby

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