Divine Blueprint

Divine Blueprints – Living Sound and Light – I AM

Our Divine Blueprint is our original pure design, a script, a network of energetic codes of  sound and light frequencies that align with our choice to experience life here on Earth – as part of our Divine Plan.  This Blueprint is one that WE chose, a road map that assists us to remember why we are here and how to create the highest potential of life on Earth.  It is our divine connection first to SELF and expands as part of a divine union and plan that is known throughout all the galaxies, universes and beyond – indeed our connection with the Cosmos itself.

Our Divine Blueprint holds all our earthly information, life expressions and experiences and is like a key that opens doorways from before our birth to the many possibilities, probabilities, choices and plans throughout our life here on Earth.  It assists us in remembering our truth through our higher self, our higher dimensional energies and how to link this earthly life through these higher vibrations to create a dynamic existence in service to all.

We as Masters created this Divine Blueprint, we were the scribes and are the creators of each moment, each day that we exist and experience whether it be in human form or another.  On Earth we choose, we grow, we experience in the human temple our life that is intimately connected to this Divine Blueprint “that reaches to the Heavens and is ONE with ALL”.

“From the sounds within creation we became.  As ONE we ‘wrote the script’ the divine embodiment of sound and light – the Divine Blueprint that is life’s ultimate Creation.   We exist within this ONE continually flowing, moving and transitioning and through this Divine Blueprint we continue to create on Earth, in union with the Cosmos”

Tools to assist us to ‘remember’ our Divine Blueprint:

**Personal Soul-I AM Blueprints – PERSONAL Activation & Awakening Codes/Blueprints – click here  

**Cosmic Soul Cards –  pack of 33 high vibrational encoded acceleration cards  – click here for details

**Personal Skype Session with Victoria – click here


How does our Divine Blueprint appear to us?

Our original Divine Blueprint is energy that is a pure form of crystal sound  –  light, sound, symbols, sacred geometries, vibration, colour, a network of higher connection, communication, a ‘knowing’ of unconditional love.  On a physical level we feel it in our higher states of presence – love, joy, peace etc.  By connecting into our Divine Blueprint we begin to remember, to recognise that which no longer serves us and are ready to create change – to step into these higher states of presence and awareness.

As we shift the old and imbalanced frequencies, we move further ‘within’ to embrace our true essence, our higher path, how we can manifest our life through love and simplicity, where all is restored to peace, love and balance. Our divine blueprint is the key that holds our frequencies of pure divine consciousness, our plan and path for a divine connection. It is our collective union of ‘love with love’ – simply, it’s a ‘knowing’, a connection of ONE.

“The infinite joy of remembrance is only defined (or confined) by our beliefs”



**Personal I AM Blueprints – PERSONAL Activation & Awakening Codes/Blueprints – click here 






**Cosmic Soul Cards –  pack of 33 high vibrational encoded acceleration cards  – click here for details




**Personal Skype Session with Victoria – click here


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