12-12-12: Earth Walker – Star Gazer

“Earth Walker – Star Gazer” –  Full day celebration on 12/12/12 in Numinbah Valley

presented by Lynn Guy; David Webby; Victoria Webby

We are gathering on this day to celebrate the amazing presence of light both entering and leaving the planetary consciousness at this time. Join us for a day of ‘coming home’ – celebrating with joy the freeing of the old ways, energies and beliefs, whilst at the same time embracing the remembered light that we hold as truth, as divine love, as the Masters of our own Destiny – IT IS TIME:

. Within the deep resonance of the African drums, , you will hear the Ancestors calling, the calling of your soul. Drawing on the energies of both Masculine and Feminine, David will help connect you to the heart beat of the drum, bringing together the past and present, allowing acknowledgement, acceptance and gratitude, to embrace your journey thus far.

. Connecting you to Mother Earth – Father Sky, Lynn will assist you to walk the ‘Flower of Life’ through the energies of the sacred four directions. This Shamanic journey will take you deep within your truth and divine life-force and prepare you for the completion of 2012 into 2013;

. At exactly 12:12pm, as Stewards and Guardians of the Earth, we will assist the Ancients to go to their Starry homes as we consciously hold the Star Gate for the remembrance of love and union to enter;

. After a beautiful community lunch, Victoria will assist you in accelerating your connections through your original Divine Blueprints, allowing your consciousness to fully embrace the time of NOW and the awakening of the planetary consciousness through LOVE for 2013 and beyond;

. Finally we will finish with a group celebration through song/dance/sound circle completing the day.

As ‘participants’ upon this planet we hold the energies of the Divine Mother and Father within us. We are here to know the grand union of ONE. Let’s celebrate and dance the dreaming into BEING.

Where: ’Solitude’ – 3376 Nerang-Murwullimbah Road, Numinbah Valley When: Wednesday 12th December, 2012

Investment: $55 – which includes morning and afternoon teas and lunch (Please see PAYPAL link on website – see above – page one).

BYO: Please bring instruments – drums etc. Please bring crystals to be placed in the 12-12-12 Earth-Star Grid.

Time: Please be there by 9.30am QUEENSLAND TIME – we will start at 10am sharp and will finish around 4pm. There will be tea and coffee available from 9.15am.

RSVP: Friday, 7th December

HOW TO PAY:  please click on PAYPAL link below:


Lynn is a mystic Shawoman [ex-High School Art teacher / University researcher] who walks an eclectic, labyrinthine Path of Peace called the “Beauty Way” by Native Americans. She facilitates spiritual growth in others and herself through her exploration of life as a Munay-ki Rites teacher, Reiki/Seichem/Ka Runa Master, Holistic Counsellor, Drummaker, Rainbow Labyrinth Medicine Hoop classes for women, Art & as a Meditation facilitator. Currently, she is expanding her journey through deeper immersion into Shamanic ways and is in the 4th year of a Diploma in Body Psychotherapy.



David, who assists his wife Victoria with workshops, meditations, and sacred Incan Munay-Ki Initiations, also follows his own path in supporting Men and developing connections in the community. David brings authenticity and co-operation, in assisting others to balance the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of themselves.

David holds a weekly men’s group and is involved in supporting men with personal development. David comes with a wealth of experience as a workshop Facilitator and Healer.



Victoria has the highly centred focus and powerful connection to create and maintain a Sacred Space that encompasses higher vibrational energies throughout her meditations. Those attending her meditations, personal sessions and workshops would often comment about the integrity and depth that these gatherings and sessions would take their awareness to, assisting them into a higher framework on their spiritual journey.

Victoria is also gifted in bringing through channelled language and wisdom of Star Beings, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms, Earthly beings such as the Grandmothers of the Twelve Tribes, the Grandfathers, Grandmother Whales and Beings of the Inner Earth. Upon hearing these energies speak or sing, one is taken into another zone, a deeper vibrational space of infinite time, an inner knowing and recognition, a wisdom not known to the conscious mind but known to the essence of the heart, the Higher Self.