Workshops & Events

Below is a list of all Gatherings & Events scheduled  at present in Australia and International for 2017 &  into 2018:

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Australia 2017:

Meditations in Snug, TASMANIA – go here for more information

Munay-Ki Teacher’s Certificate – Snug, TASMANIA, November – 2017

This 3 day event is for people who would like to teach the Munay-Ki Rites, use them as an extra healing modality in their clinic or to simply receive them for their own  personal expansion and nothing further.  The Munay-Ki Rites are amazing and powerful Incan initiations brought from the ancient Elders to humankind.   We will be holding the Munay-Ki Teacher’s weekend on Friday night 24th November, Saturday and Sunday 25th & 26th November.

Investment $350.00 for the weekend which includes certificate, pi-stone and all reading materials.  Tea/coffee Friday night and a light lunch each day (vegetarian) is included.

Venue:  Snug (around 1/2 hour south of Hobart or 15 minutes from Kingston).  We will be using Snug as our base and also going to some nature areas to connect with nature on one of the days (weather permitting).  More to read HERE

During this Munay-Ki Teacher’s Retreat you will also be receiving the 13th Rite – “The Rite of the Womb” which we received in Peru. For more information contact Victoria – 0438165297 or email:

MUNAY-KI – Tasmania – more information – CLICK HERE

Australia 2018:

COSMIC KEYS OF AWAKENING – 24th & 25th March, 2018:

South Golden Beach, NSW Australia – click HERE

RETREAT IN TASMANIA – 15th to 20th April, 2018.  click HERE

International Events 2018:

INTERNATIONAL SKYPE MEDITATIONS – Join us for a truly beautiful experience of expansion.

We will be guided by the higher energies of the group to receive channeled Language of Light, sound and acceleration.  Crystal tones singing bowls or other instruments used during this one hour journey.

Next meditation night is Monday, 13th November and Monday, 11th December 10pm Tasmania time (daylight saving time).

Investment:  $20.00 AUD per night.   Please make payment below to reserve a place.  

October/November 2018 – Jerusalem & Petra 

Dates to be confirmed – more information soon!

Past Tour – FRANCE – September 2016

France Spiritual Tour – Awakening Hearts    Press HERE


About Victoria

Victoria is a conscious channel of ‘living sound heart codes’.  In 2012 she became more aware of her deeper purpose  as a ‘Blueprint Deliverer and Originator’, a conscious encoder that came here to assist Mother Earth and her life force to awaken consciousness to the true state of ‘infinite love’.   She does this through the creating original divine blueprints of sound and light transmissions, holding personal sessions, group gatherings and tours, speaking – singing – toning the ‘Language of Light and Sound’  through her voice and higher consciousness. Victoria, along with her husband David, travel the planet as group facilitators and  through direct and divine guidance communicate the Song Lines of Mother Earth/Father Sky to bring the original blueprint and divine ‘infinite love’ codes into their final destination – the human family of the Christ.