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Message from Participant:  “What a BEAUTIFUL meditation!!!!! 💗💗💗 My heart felt so full and it was jumping! Wow…thank you Victoria!! So blessed”. 🌟💫🦋

UPLOADS BELOW – free MP3 from previous meditations available through Dropbox (around 35mins):

The meditation mp3’s below and all words are copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line “Victoria Webby/@victoria_webby” is included.  Thank you so much, Victoria


APRIL 2020:

6/4/2020 – GO HERE

8/4/2020 (guest Slav)     – GO HERE 

10/4/2020 – Connection with the Faey, Crystals – GO HERE

13/4/2020 – Crystal Cities of Light – GO HERE

15/4/2020 (guest Zeenat Lakdawalla) – I AM Affirmations – GO HERE

17/4/2020 – Pele-Sacred Elements, Eye of Creation (41.11 mins) – GO HERE

20/4/2020 – Pleiades – in 2012 when I created the ‘Cosmic Soul Cards’ I was told that there were 9 stars in the Pleiades system (rather than 7).  This mp3 takes us into this connection and ‘Star Lore & Earth Lore’ & our Pleiadian vibration –  GO HERE

22/4/2020 – Munay-Ki ‘Earth Keeper Rite’ (guest Raven) – GO HERE

24/4/2020 – Pleiades – Fire & Winds – GO HERE

27/4/2020 – I AM – the IS – GO HERE

29/4/2020 – Smile -A Whole New World –  Faey/Elementals – GO HERE

MAY 2020:

01/05/2020 – Dragons & Inner Worlds – GO HERE

04/05/2020 – I AM Worthy-Dragon-Elementals-Star energy for 5/5/20 – I would recommend you listen to the mp3 from 01/05/2020 first before listening to this oneGO HERE

08/05/2020 – I AM Available – Mother Spider, Weave Web, White Dragon (guest Raven) – GO HERE

11/05/2020 – Breath & The Cosmic Elements – GO HERE

13/05/2020 – Divine Mothers – Earth, Heart & Heaven – GO HERE

15/05/2020 – Soul Retrieval & Soul Reunion (guest Purvi, Samrruddhi Healing Centre, Bangalore) – Can be used as 2 separate meditations – GO HERE

18/05/2020 – I AM Seen, I AM Heard, I AM Magnificent – GO HERE

20/05/2020 – Songs of the Universe – (this will become more powerful the more you listen) – GO HERE

22/05/2020 – (new moon Gemini) – Reflection of Self/Acceptance/Magnificence – GO HERE

27/05/2020 – Heart-Mind-Brain Emergence & Sacred Book – GO HERE

29/05/2020 – A Story from Alcyone, the Brightest Star-Children of the New Earth – GO HERE

JUNE 2020:

02/06/2020 – Self Portrait, Trusting in the Divine Plan – Aligning in trust and balance in the times of turmoil on the planet –  GO HERE

03/06/2020 – Jesus/Earth-Golden Fire of the Elohim(40mins) – PART 1 (message from Author Robin Dow & meditation/language of light by Victoria) – GO HERE

03/06/2020 – Earth-Golden Fire & message for Humanity(8mins) – PART 2 (message through Source/Elohim for what we can do to assist through the Golden Fire for humanity at this time) – listen to meditation to comprehend part 2 – GO HERE

Link for Robin Dow: HERE 

05/05/2020 – quick chat before meditation – Time Lines Collapsing & letting go of past & future/USA/Being NOW – GO HERE

05/06/2020 – MEDITATION – Mother Creation-Father Destiny.  Crystal ‘safe haven’ – GO HERE

Meditation above is longer at 54 minutes.  Would recommend as with all the meditations when I start toning ‘Ho’ you join in as it will align, balance and bring you to your core centre.  It is recommended that we listen to meditation between 3 to 5 times for maximum benefit. Shift in matriarchal/patriarchal energy and in right brain (esp after listening 3 times).

Other Meditations:

Heart Light Meditation by Samrruddhi Healing Centre, Bangalore – GO HERE


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