Victoria Webby

For over a decade Victoria has worked in Australia and internationally as a medium and catalyst – an ‘Awakener of Hearts’. She creates deep change – not only within herself but in service to assist others to do the same. She facilitates a loving and dynamic space of deep transformation.

In personal sessions and group gatherings she transmits and translates the higher frequencies of sound and light into the awareness of those that would choose a path of change, balance, joy and higher awakening. She simply assists people to ‘remember’ their higher connection and deep truth, to accept every aspect of who they are with love.

Victoria serves the higher consciousness through her ‘heart’ connection with the Earth and Stars, traveling to where she is called on the planet.  She also facilitates life-changing transmissions of Language of Light and sound through both group gatherings and personal sessions, channeling pure sound and voice tones, Crystal Tones singing bowls, drum and meditations.   She also creates “Divine Blueprints” for people through the Higher Realms.   All are simply tools to help us realise that we are already One, already whole and already Love.

“Through presence, we simply turn the key of remembrance, open our hearts and hear our pure Soul, our Higher voice sing. Through this, we realize our connection is ONE” – Victoria.

Victoria travels the planet to facilitate sacred and transformational gatherings and sessions.  The Language of Light, sacred sound and voice tones are instrumental to her service which creates deep and dynamic change wherever she goes.

She connects consciously with the Song Lines of Mother Earth and Star energy, knowing that nothing needs ‘fixing’ but simply IS.  “Always evolving, ever-changing. Such is life”.

With her husband David, they facilitate sacred tours and are planning two tours in 2018 in Australia and Isreal and Jordan.


I am merely the doorway, the medium for you to connect in, listen and communicate with your Higher Self .  Together we will connect into our ‘Original Divine Blueprint’ (highest aspect of pure love).  This Higher guidance shows clearly what you require during the session.  I don’t even need to know the ‘issue’ consciously – it is taken care of through our most loving light and through the higher frequencies – beyond this linear frame!

From here sound, language of light, energy, colour and deep energetic transmissions may come through and shift your energies from perhaps a vibration of ‘disconnection’ to a vibration of love and ‘lightness’.  Your cellular energy is REMEMBERED –  which creates a realignment of your energy, moving you into a more ‘awakened’ presence, connection and willingness to explore a deeper sense of love.  Great change happens in your World!


Cosmic Soul Cards – 33 cards – channeled Blueprints/acceleration card set  (go here)


“You are unique.  You are walking Co-Creators of your own destiny.  You are Masters of your Soul’s original Song.  As we walk together on this journey, let us be the best we can be through open minds and compassionate hearts.  I look forward to meeting you at that place Beloved Soul”  

Shenaya Om – Victoria

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