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“Everything that we are has a pulse, a frequency, sound and vibration that at it’s core is pure and divine”.  

We are “sound as creation and creation as sound” – one cannot exist without the other.  As we remember this we are tapping into the higher and expanded frequencies of our divine heart matrix – our Higher Self, Soul, Monad – Spirit.  Some would call this ‘awakening’ but in truth it is simply a remembrance, a ‘knowing’ of our natural state and our pure alignment with unconditional love 

The Cosmic Light Weave transmissions assist you to remember your ‘divine pulse’ your original sound from creation that ‘bridges worlds of remembrance’ from this literal, physical world to your divine harmonics within.  The transmissions assist you to re-connect to this divine harmonic-pulse to bring deep expansion, to awaken and remember natural psychic gifts and re-align your ‘sound’ with your divine plan and path in this lifetime.

The Cosmic Light Weave is a personal Sound MP3 – aligned exclusively for you and consists of 6 high frequency transmissions through Language of Light and sound. Each transmission is channeled to assist you to advance in your spiritual and physical expansion.


What happens during the recording?  With your permission, I connect into your ‘Cosmic Tone’ held in your ‘Divine Sound Blueprint’, from which I channel sacred sound and language specific to you.  This is recorded through high-quality sound into MP3 format.

Your ‘Sound Blueprint’ begins with an Introduction, and then takes you through a journey of your divine connection with the Cosmic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Spirit.

The sixth transmission is ‘DIVINE CELL’ – a total ‘remembrance’ of your cellular Mastery, which weaves all the Cosmic Elements together through golden threads of light and sound codes. This is the sixth and final transmission of the set, bringing all of your frequencies into alignment with your ‘Cosmic Tone’.

The fully edited recording is unique to you – your very specific Sound Blueprint that assists your remembrance to your Cosmic Tone  frequency and sound. It will be around 1 1/4 hours in total.  You can take your time with this journey through the MP3 – use your own intuition.  You could listen to one track per day or one track per week – take your time with each of the Cosmic elements.

You could use this MP3 as an ongoing tool of acceleration and transformation. The potential for continued expansion on all levels is unlimited. “The frequency of this transmission guides each person through an intensive and individual journey of remembrance, connection and integration through divine sound”.  

“Say YES to your divine sound and tone as One with Creation”.

Further questions? Please contact me:


Enjoy this life-changing MP3 for AUD $222.00.  To book your MP3 see Paypal link below.  Please allow 14 days for the recording from the time of purchase.  It will be sent to your email address via Dropbox.

Divining The Senses

“Every day we use all of our senses – most of the time without the awareness of the divine and delicate balance that each expresses within the other”

Gathering with Victoria & David Webby

Singapore – 20th and 21st August, 2016

Every breath, step, action, word, feeling is an experience through the senses in our daily life.


To live the higher-potential of Self-Mastery is always a choice  

Every day is a day to utilise the very best we have to offer from within.  We have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to our higher potential and to create choices that will enhance our life in the moment.

During this gathering we will learn to LIVE from our radiant hearts, to step outside the boundaries of old and outdated perceptions and will experience a new way of living our lives through presence and awareness.

Are you ready to step through a new doorway?

This ground-breaking weekend will allow us to see, hear, feel, touch, smell and engage our Psychic Senses in Mastery through a deeper level of wisdom and understanding – to interact from the physical world to the highest energies of our consciousness in presence, in the NOW.  To BE a heart of radiance and from this space see our world as a radiant light. 

“We are boundless, limitless expressions that dance the dance of the Cosmos – we are sacred sound and light, sensing as ONE within all things”


WE ARE THE NEW EARTH and with joy we learn to take responsibility for our lives (without judgement) and see how easy it is to engage with simplicity every potential choice, possibility and path we have through our senses:

On a fundamental level – from a radiant heart……..

. become conscious of how every aspect of your life engages every one of your senses;

. learn how your reactions through your senses open or close doorways to your self-Mastery;

. recognise that what you think, feel, see, hear and speak are doorways to your ultimate sense;

. become peaceful about your path and how YOU hold the power within you to live a happy, joyous life;

On a level of Psychic Mastery – from a radiant heart……..

. learn how to balance your senses and expand your extra-sensory perception;

. expand your extrasensory perception/higher frequencies and creative energies – awaken 32 distinct higher-multi-dimensional pulses or codes throughout the five sensory-fields;

. awaken 8+ ‘dreaming’ codes that will assist you to remember your divine telepathy and natural state of pure connection;

. bring all together into the ONE sense of BEING

The experience of this weekend is limitless.  No matter what background you come from, whether you feel or think you are not sure “what it is all about” but still something calls you, then say YES!

Opportunities come in many forms, this experiential weekend is another way to open to your highest potential and assist in your transition to a deeper level of understanding in your life through simplicity and peace.

“NOW is the ONLY moment to simply BE”

Language of Light, Sound and energy transmissions, channeled meditations and initiations, awakening codes, American Indian drum, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls 

VENUE:  One Heart, Singapore – 37 Tembling Road

DATE & TIME:  Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st August from 10am to 5pm each day (please arrive by 9.45am).  There will be 1 1/2 hour lunch break.

Full weekend Investment:  AUD$333  (please note to attend Sunday session you must attend Saturday).  Please make payment below in Paypal


Tuesday 23rd (NOW BOOKED OUT) and Wednesday 24th August (ONE  SPACE LEFT).   Please contact Victoria on email or WhatsApp BEFORE making payment to check what she has available (for personal sessions only): OR +61438165297.


About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’.  She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

 Victoria is very down-to-earth and connects with people on a level of deep understanding and kindness.  She holds the space without judgement and brings a feeling of safety and wisdom to each session.

On a more esoteric level, Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hu-Being” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Whether you join us over the weekend or for a personal session, the most important thing is to relax, come with a smile on your face and wonder in your heart and simply have fun” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and are facilitating a group journey to France in September,  2016, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

JOURNEY TO FRANCE with Victoria and David:

 September, 2016  Magdalene, Templar Knights, Cathars:  Press Here




In Trust – I AM

Agnes Water Gathering

“I trust in the me that is you.

You and I are whole in all ways –

We are love;    We are one”


We are in a unique experience, one that at this moment in time sees us co-creating in the NOW. WE choose our destiny, WE choose how we react and how we create. We AS ONE hold the power of the divine within us that guides and teaches us in every moment the “Way of Love”. The choice is ours.

“Together on this day we are simply remembering we are already AS ONE”

Through the gentle yet deeply powerful facilitation of Victoria and David, we will embrace our shadow and our light. We will explore ‘in the moment’ and embrace our everything. To do this we must listen to our hearts, hear our minds and acknowledge our Souls as divine Masters NOW.

We shall learn some simple but effective techniques to allow the connection of our hearts and minds;

We shall connect through deep meditation enhanced by the celestial sounds of the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, drum and Victoria’s voice;

We shall hear the ‘Language of Light’ move within our cells and expand our infinite connection;

We shall remember our ‘cellular destiny’ – re-activate our memory of pure love;

Receive energy transmissions that will shift old beliefs at its core;

We shall balance our cellular vibration, awaken our DNA and hear our unique voice – perhaps for the first time;

Simply BE with fun and laughter;

We will tone together, move together and BE together – We are Love and We are One.



Bowls of Peace – Hiroshima, Japan


Date: Sunday, 24th April, 2016

Time: 10am to 5pm (registration from 9.30am).  Please arrive by 9.45am latest.

Place: 115 Bootmaker Drive Agnes Water

Investment: $65.00 per person for the day – tea/coffee provided with shared lunch (or BYO lunch if you prefer).

Bookings – Contact Bridget: 0497926037   or Victoria: 0438165297 (email:


Venue to be advised.  

Dates:  Monday 25th (Anzac Day) and Tuesday 26th April from 11am until late afternoon (please book through Victoria – text 0438165297 or email:

Investment:   $90 – session goes for around 1 – 1. 1/4 hours.  We will record this and an MP3 will be sent or bring your phone/audio recorder.

What Happens during a session:  With the assumption that we are ‘already awake’ and that we are ‘whole’ we will connect with our original Divine Blueprint – our spark of pure Source.  Through sound, Language of Light and pure, loving wisdom, we will undergo the transformation that is required at that time through the transmissions of Language of Light, pure sound and energy.  

Several Higher dimensional energies will come together in this session to bring a profound transformation in your encoding, your cellular memory and in your DNA  and ‘exchange’ erroneous beliefs and codes for your higher frequencies of sound and light.  There are no limitations during this session, we go where the higher frequencies of our consciousness lead us.  It is your Higher Self that will guide  and show us the way home – to the most divine and sacred of hearts.  

Outcome:  Is really up to you.  There are no limitations!  Many clients have been receiving deep insights and higher expansion and remembrance and have continued to expand since.  They have reported higher awareness, clear and deep intuition, better health and emotional balance on a daily level and improvement in psychic gifts – expect no-thing, receive everything.



About Victoria – I awoke one morning to a voice that said “create a space to allow people to BE their truth, to hear their heart sing”. Assist them to awaken their hearts and hear their pure Soul. Simplicity IS truth – utilise the breath and allow this TO BE the key that opens the doorway of the heart – the way home to remembrance of ONE”.

Since this message there have been many gatherings, travel and much learning and personal growth. I like everyone have had my ups and downs but have always held strong to trust and faith that everything I experience is my own choice. This has always been comforting to me at those worst moments because I realised that if I can ‘create’ then I can ‘uncreate’.   Yes – Yes – Yes!

“Come celebrate your unique energy that is part of a consciousness of One. I love the simple way, through simplicity everything is possible. The time of ‘complicated and crisis’ is over – It is time to believe in the divine YOU!” – Victoria

About David –  “My journey with Victoria is certainly full of possibilities and exciting pathways.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Men’s Group facilitations, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay-Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I travel with Victoria to many countries, sharing the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation”. – David


Being with the Song Lines – Munay-Ki Rite in Numinbah Valley and Lemurian Gateway, Kimberley Ranges, Australia

13th Rite – The Rite of the Womb

“The womb is not a place to store fear and pain
The womb is to create and give birth to life”

Wednesday, 9th March – 6.30pm to 9.30pm

New Moon in Pisces, Total Solar Eclipse

This Rite is available to everyone that has the calling.

The 13th Rite is from a lineage of women through the jungle medicine and sacred teachings of the Munay-Ki, brought forward to help us ‘let go of fear and pain and to recognise that the womb is a place of creation and to give birth to all life‘.  You can receive this Rite without having done the previous 9 Rites.

In October 2015, my husband David and I were blessed to receive the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki Rites – The Rite of the Womb in Peru.  


Although to date there have only been 9 Munay-Ki Rites birthed into the physical plane, the ’13th Rite – the Rite of the Womb’ flows with the thirteen moon cycles, hence it is known as the ’13th Rite’ in the Munay-Ki teachings, rather than the 10th Rite.

You DO NOT have to have received the previous 9 Rites to receive the 13th Rite – everyone can receive this Rite which can then be immediately gifted to others.  Men are also welcome to receive this Rite if they feel drawn to healing the perceived wounds of their Mothers and feminine line or simply to assist in holding space for women. 

A gathering in Co-Creation:

woman-womb-earthAs each receives the 13th Rite from Victoria, all others will hold sacred space in circle.  After receiving the 13th Rite you will be invited to take the experience more deeply, to further nurture the Rite over the many days and weeks that follow if you so choose.  After receiving the 13th Rite you then have the option to pass the 13th Rite – the Rite of the Womb –  on to others.

“The 13th Rite – the Rite of the Womb, is a very special opportunity to connect with your feminine energies, your physical and etheric womb – not just for yourself but for your Mother, Grandmothers, Daughters, Planetary feminine consciousness to heal and celebrate this connection free from pain and full of loving creation”


To celebrate the completion of the Rite, we come together with sounds of sacred drum, rattle, voice and song.

WHERE:  Harmony, Body and Mind  – 14 Billabirra Crescent, Nerang

WHEN:  Wednesday, 9th March Please note places will be limited on this evening.

TIME: 6.30pm to 9.30pm – Registration from 6pm

BOOK:  Contact Victoria – 0438165297 (text or phone); email – (please – if I do not respond this means I have not received your message).  

INVESTMENT:  **$55.00 (please note payment is required to secure your place).

**If this investment is challenging for you please contact us.  We would love for all to come who are called.

BYO    Please bring a rattle or drum if you have one (not compulsory).  Wear comfortable clothing.



Bank Deposit Details

Bank Of Queensland

BSB:  124001

ACC:  21632009

NAME:  V. Webby

Thank you for confirming your place – please notify me when payment is made:  Email:

For more information about the 13th Rite please go to:

For more information on the Munay-Ki Rites click here.

blue butterfly3

The Sacred Keys of Amenti – Kuala Lumpur


Please go to link below for all information on ‘The Sacred Keys of Amenti’ one-day gathering being held in Kuala Lumpur in January, 2015.  Victoria will also be available for personal sessions in early February, 2015.

LINK – GO HERE:  KL-Oneness Code-Jan-Feb2015-web


 The Seraphim ignite the fire of creation within – you are the key to all consciousness.

The Sacred Keys of Amenti

A New Earth, Kuala Lumpur

31st January, 2015