David Webby

Sound & Meditation – Tasmania

“Sound is the language of the heart, singing its awakening” 


David and I moved to Tasmania from Queensland in April 2017.  The calls of ‘Spirit’/our Higher Self were just too strong to resist any longer!

Whilst David has been working in Kingston, I have for the first time in many years, been easing slowly into the transition and ‘nesting’ for a while.  

I am excited at the next step of my journey and feel it is now the perfect time to see where it flows.

Come join us if it feels right for you.  It will be a beautiful night of sound (and silence), a safe and sacred space to relax and deepen your energies into whatever and wherever you wish to flow.  Let go of all the expectations on yourself and life and simply come, set free and BE!

We look forward to meeting you

David and Victoria


When:  From February, 2018 we will be starting meditations once a month – the fourth Wednesday of the month.   Start at 7pm and finish around 8.15pm.  You are welcome to stay for a cuppa afterwards if you want!  

This makes our first night for 2018 Wednesday, 28th February. 

What will happen on the night:  Typically, we will start the evening with  a quick chat about the energies/what’s been happening in general followed by some simple breath/warm ups.  We will then go into meditation (either sit or lay down if room available).  There will be my voice channeling some sound and  Language of Light (heart based words/energy) as well as Crystal singing bowls and other gentle sounds as we meditate together.  There will also be some silence according to how the energy flows.  We are completely guided by the higher energies of the group on the night. 

It is important to relax.  You don’t have to say, be or do anything.  There is no expectation on you at all.  Whether this is your first meditation or you meditate regularly, if this calls to you then come.  Life has a way of flowing with ‘deep knowing’ if we allow.

Investment:  $15.00 for the night (start at 7pm and we will finish around 8.15pm).  We will record the meditation which we will send to you the next day if you want (included in price).

What to Bring:  a yoga mat if you wish to lay down and a blanket.  Water bottle good.  We have pillows and filtered water available for refills.  We will have tea/coffee available if you want to stay for a cuppa afterwards.

Address & Booking your place:  please message or call me if you are interested on 0438165297 (I am also on Whats App).  My email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com

At this stage we are running meditations from our residence in Snug which has plenty of space and lovely energy.  It is very easy access off the Channel Highway.  Please message for address if you would like to come.

Questions:  see contact details above.



Victoria does one-on-one personal sessions with people incorporating crystal singing bowls, Language of Light, chimes and energy activations and healing – for further information or to book a session please contact Victoria (info above).  Session is $95 for an hour or $125 for 1.5 hours.  You are welcome to record these sessions for further use and expansion.  Skype sessions also available.


Living a Radiant Life Retreat in South-West Tasmania.  April, 2018 – go HERE for more information

Munay-Ki Teacher’s Certificate & Initiation Rites – 19-21 May

We will be holding a Munay-Ki Certificate on the weekend of  19th – 21st May, 2018 (Saturday morning to Monday afternoon) please email me if interested:  thecosmicdoorway@live.comgo HERE for more information


More Info?  Click here

Northern NSW – 33 Cosmic Keys of Creation – March, 2018 Click here

India – January, 2018 – click here

Singapore – February, 2018 click here

Gathering – Divine Sound In Creation

We will gather over this weekend at the time of the powerful Equinox to co-create through sound.

“Music is the rhythm of the Cosmos

It ignites the light and life within all things”


Over this time together we will explore through sound our inner forces – that which is both shadow and light.  We will discover the deeper aspects that ‘come to play’ in our lives and how through sound and conscious presence within our sound, we can shift anything into a state of pure love and joy.  

WHERE: Solitude Retreat – 3376 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Natural Bridge QLD 4211
Phone:(07) 5533 6138.  If you wish to stay at Solitude during the retreat please call Victoria (see mobile below).
WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th March, 2016

TIME:  10am to 5pm Saturday; 10am to 4pm Sunday 

Daily attendance may be possible (Saturday only) – please contact Victoria

BOOKINGS:  Contact Victoria:  Text, telephone on 0438165297 OR email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com (please – if I do not reply then this means I have not received your booking)

INVESTMENT:  **$333 for the weekend – this price includes a full nutritious lunch each day, morning and afternoon teas.  Two sound blueprints to take home, Two one-hour group sessions of Sound-Bowen and Sound-Reiki.  See more info below.  PLEASE SEE PAYMENT DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.


In deep Co-Creation we will:

. explore the higher ‘tones and sounds’ of your Sacred Temple – physical, etheric, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies;

.  integrate with your Higher Self through the frequencies of each of your senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste;

.  open to the sounds of your sixth sense;

.  two sound blueprints to take home;

.  deepen your heart awakening through awareness and connection with your multi-dimensional being through sound/Language of Light meditations and activations, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, Hang, Thai Khim and other instruments, Language of Light, Voice Tones, group participation.  Experience the interaction with nature, connect and awaken your core senses and explore your pure sound and rhythm.

We are also offering you a unique opportunity to experience two group healing sessions:

. **a Bowen/Sound Mastery group session on Saturday – Bowen Therapy & Sound healing;

. **a Reiki/Sound Mastery group session on Sunday – Reiki Therapy & Sound healing.  

WE ARE the shadow, WE ARE the light, WE ARE the Masters.  When we know these three aspects and merge them into ONE we REMEMBER our pure awakened state of L.O.V.E. (Light of Voice Eternal) and how on an individual, planetary, universal and cosmic level we affect everything around us.


“You will hear the sound and song of the ancient ‘Temples of Light’.  You will hear the keys of the ‘Inner Worlds of your Heart’.  You will simply spin your cells AWAKE”

We Are Love — We Are One


Questions or further information?  Contact Victoria:  0438165297 or email:  moon.star@live.com.au

If you wish to stay overnight at Solitude please contact Marga on:   5533 6138

We look forward to sharing this moment with you – Victoria & David

For anyone wishing to travel from overseas, please contact us as we have a very special and expansive five-day ‘awakening programme’ for you (including participation in the weekend).  Minimum 6 participants for the five-day programme.

About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’. She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hue-man” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Come join us and ignite your sacred flame within.  This weekend will be deeply transforming for all – WE EXPLORE, WE OPEN, WE AWAKEN” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and plan to organise more of these events (France in October 2016) in the future, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

**We are blessed to have two very special women with us sharing their Mastery and healing skills to create two very special sessions over the weekend:

About Elaine
Elaine Victoria Yang_vivoElaine Victoria Yang is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, trained under The Reiki Centre Singapore. She has been a Reiki healer since 2011, was the principal healer at The Reiki Centre from 2011 – 2015 and taught Reiki to many people since 2012. Elaine had spent many years in the corporate world as a HR professional, before Reiki found her when she was dealing with stress and health issues and was seeking a way of healing and balance for herself.
Reiki has helped Elaine not only with her physical ailments, but has also shown her the way to more peace, awareness, and clarity in her life. She is now a Reiki Centre Singapore Affiliate Teacher, and teaches Reiki in both English and Mandarin. She also offers Reiki healing sessions for people as well as dogs and cats.

“I am really looking forward to co-creating a beautiful experience for all who attend.  The combination of ‘Reiki-Sound’ will open a doorway of deep transition for all”-Elaine www.reiki-glow.com

About Coral

coral2Coral Majoor is an accredited BOWEN practitioner from Australia who has been serving families and clients around the world and local community for over 30 years.

She is a Reiki Master, Re-birther, Teacher & Author (and co-author with Wayne Dyer, Marie Diamond (from the Secret) and others in the book “Wake Up Live the Life you Love”.

The Bowen Technique involves small moves that roll muscles to activate nerves underneath that kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. This is the Bowen Technique’s  true power as it awakens the body encouraging it to heal itself. Due to the gentle nature of these activations, the Bowen Technique is suitable for everyone of all ages. Bowen Therapy is a truly holistic approach to Alternative Medicine-Health, that continues to offer pain relief, well-being and balance the body. www.coralmajoor.com.au

Bank Deposit Details – You can pay in total or pay a deposit of $100 to secure your place (please notify me on deposit)

Bank Of Queensland

BSB:  124001

ACC:  21632009

NAME:  V. Webby

If you want to pay by paypal please email me:  moon.star@live.com.au and I will send you a paypal invoice.


*for those that received an early brochure please note the change in investment – we are honoured to have two beautiful teachers for group sessions joining us

Cosmic Keys of Creation – Australia

Thirteen Keys of Amenti

“Freeing yourself from judgment is freeing your heart to explore the deepest form of love – IT IS simply a choice – yes or no”

About a year ago I was awoken in the middle of the night and asked to be the channel for some blueprints (templates) that would assist people to step into the duality of fear and love with grace and bring the two together to awaken their hearts and minds.  Thus began a new chapter in my life and the co-creation through Source of the “Cosmic Keys of Awakening”.  The first series of these Cosmic Keys are ‘The Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – a collaboration of many Higher aspects of our pure love and light.


Key Eight – Inner Worlds, Inner Earth

“And you will observe the world within and you shall see it is a grand journey of LOVE”

David and I have presented these Keys through weekend gatherings in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, India and Numinbah Valley, Queensland and will be facilitating the Thirteen Keys of Amenti over four Thursdays in Nerang, Queensland.  

The format will consist of the presenting the keys (blueprints) through channeled meditations, Language of Light and sound codes, expansive accelerations and channeled and sacred chants.  Crystal Tones singing bowls and other instruments are often used during the sessions.  Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love), Victoria

Dates: Thursdays – 30th July and 13th, 20th and 27th August.  Please RSVP by Friday 24th July.

Times:   10am (please be there by 9.45am).  We finish at 1pm on each day.

Investment:  $55 per session (includes blueprints to take home for further awakening/meditation)

Venue:  Harmony, Body & Mind – 14 Billabirra Street, Nerang (in the Emerald Room near pool)

Repeats:  Every time we present the keys they are different and become more expansive.  If you have received them before you are welcome to attend again.  You will merely go deeper and deeper into the experience.  Please attend each session at your own discretion.

For people new to the ‘Thirteen Keys’:  Please commit to the four sessions.  Due to the expansive and progressive nature of each Key it is important you attend each week in sequential order to move through the keys and complete the series.

We are both very excited to share this amazing journey! 

path-trees by emilieleger

“When you choose NOT to be separate anymore and choose TO BE in the Oneness-Heart, then you will find everything will flow in synchronicity – Thirteen Keys of Amenti, Delhi – India

Further information or to book:  contact Victoria:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com OR 0438165297 (please note I return to Australia on 3rd July).

If you wish to attend the sessions,  please RSVP by Monday 20th July.

MORE INSIGHT:  see our last flyer for previous ‘Thirteen Keys’ gatherings:  click here



Munay-Ki Teachers Certificate – Mumbai, India 2015


Munay-ki-harmony riteMunay-Ki Three Day Workshop – Mumbai, India 20th to 22nd February, 2015

The Resort, Marve Beach Road, Malad West, Mumbai


This workshop is aimed to teach the participants to a proficient level, to enable you to teach (if you wish) and confidently pass on the Rites to others and continue this sacred legacy.  PLEASE NOTE although this is a Teacher’s level course, you can learn the Rites purely just to be initiated over the weekend.  You do not need to do anything further.  Once you receive the Rites they are imprinted in your energy forever.

The nine Rites consist of:

Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power Rite, Harmony Rite, Seers Rite, Daykeeper’s Rite, Wisdomkeepers Rite, Earthkeepers Rite, Starkeeper’s Rite, Creator’ s Rite


Munay Ki Sacred Rites Gold Coast Sept2013

Slideshow from a Weekend Munay Ki Retreat in the Numinbah Valley Gold Coast receiving, sharing, teaching the Sacred Initiation Rites gifted from the Medicine Men/Women of the Andes Mountains.

Want to know more about the Munay-Ki? – go to link:  







 Victoria and David Webby are organising a Spiritual tour to Peru and Bolivia, September 2015, which includes a 5 day ‘Deepening’, receiving the Sacred Rites from local Qero Sharman.. It will be a time to experience deeply the initiation Rites and learn about this amazing culture’s Spiritual connection to the mountains and the Wisdomkeepers of the Incas. The Tour will cover Sacred sites in Peru and Bolivia, including Machu Picchu.


For those wishing to go to Peru and Bolivia and attend the “Deepening’ with the Qero Shaman, one has to complete a Munay-Ki Teachers workshop, or have received all of the nine Rites.



Peru & Bolivia – 2015 Spiritual Tour

Peru and Bolivia September 2015


Victoria and I are delighted to lead a group of like minded individuals for the trip of a lifetime, back to our beloved Andes mountains which we visited back in 2010.

The Tour starts in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley, for 7 days of visiting Sacred sites with our local Mystical Guide Fredy Conde. Then we head back to Pisac for a 5 day ‘Deepening’ with the Qero Shaman, experiencing ancient Initiation Rites gifted to us by the elders of the Andes. After a day off, our Amazing journey continues to Bolivia to experience energies of Lake Titicaca, the birth place of the Ancients. Words don’t express the enormity and sacredness of this journey on a personal and group consciousness. And it is our honour to lead and guide you along this journey, with the help of some amazing people.

Click on this link for more information:-    Peru.Bolvia.Tour.2015.brochure-final-website


And we also have questions and answers below, and links to our registration form.


Here is our you-tube for our journey in 2015:



A message from David:  Our Spiritual Tour for 2015, was inspired by our own journey back in 2010. Finally we are returning to South America, to the amazing energies of the Andes Mountains, a home coming once again.

Inn 2010, Victoria attended a Munay Ki workshop in Australia. Three months later we were on the plane to Peru to complete the 2nd Initiation of the Munay-Ki Rites – ‘the Deepening’ in the Sacred Valley. In total we spent 7 weeks in both Peru and Bolivia, of which the ‘Deepening’ was just one of many amazing experiences.

Instead of just going ourselves, we have been guided to take a group with us and we are so grateful for this opportunity to do so. Below are a list of questions that might have crossed your mind. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know through email.


Why two different tours?

A couple of reasons – one is the time factor for some who have limited holiday time and the other was to create more diverse and exciting choices.

It is too difficult to say what part of any holiday was the best and again in this case I can say that both these tours offer an incredible journey that can’t be rated one better than the other.

Our experience was far more than the Deepening in Sacred Valley. Yes Peru was special, having spent some time in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, visiting Sacred sites, Machu Picchu, spending time in this amazing beautiful region, and then bussing across the border to Bolivia.

In Bolivia we got to experience a deep connection to the Ancient energies of the Inca creation myths. On Lake Titicaca we travelled to the Island of the Sun, to experience the Masculine energies. And then to the magical Feminine energies on the Island of the Moon. In 2015 Rosse Mary, our guide, will take us to the Temple of the Moon on this Island, plus to the Ancient temple of Tiwanaku.

Lake Titicaca is not the only amazing place that we will visit on this tour. Copacabana, the beautiful seaside town of Lake Titicaca is such a magic town to relax in. We will also have a chance to meditate at the Star Gate, Amaru Muru, near Puno. After experiencing the energies of Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku we finally journey across the magical landscape to the ancient city of La Paz.

There are no words that can explain how wonderful the energies are of both Peru and Bolivia. We have put together 2 tours for those who are challenged for time. For those willing to stay for Bolivia, you won’t be disappointed. We know because we have been there and had an amazing time. We met with Rosse Mary on our last trip, so it is with great joy that we will join her again to experience her expertise and great knowledge on the people, traditions and ceremonies that are uniquely from Bolivia.


So What are we offering on this Tour?

Since 2010, Victoria and I have transformed further in our Spiritual awakening. Victoria’s meditations and connections to the unseen world have developed profoundly. Her Spirit guides that transmit through her explore Middle Earth and Gaia energies, Star energies, all coming through pure Love and Divine essence.

Through her gatherings in India, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia, Victoria has been helping people connect to the “Breath of Love”. During your journey in Peru and Bolivia, using her Divine connection to source, Victoria will lead us on a quest of finding our inner truth, developing your relationship with our Divine Essence that is within us, assisted by the Ceremonies performed by our Mystical guides, and the energies of the Sacred Sites and Mountains.

So much will happen ‘in the moment’ – we are bringing our Crystal Singing bowls that will help accelerate and transform the energies of the meditations, which will take you to other dimensions. It will be a Sacred journey that will take you deeper into that knowing, the Sacred within.

You can read about our journey in 2010 on the website:  http://thecosmicdoorway.com/peru-2010/


Which airports do we fly into and leave from?

It would be best to fly into Cusco via Lima, the capital of Peru. Then fly out of La Paz, Bolivia.

We are also organising a group booking for flights to get a discount. Please email us if you are interested.


What about the altitude?

We have stated in the brochure that it is better to arrive a few days earlier to acclimatise to the altitude.  We would recommend that straight after you arrive in Cusco, that you come to the Sacred Valley for acclimatise.

Pisac, Sacred Valley is 1,200 metres lower than Cusco, so it is much easier to get adjusted. Some people do get altitude sickness in the first couple of days or feel ‘heady’. If you are concerned it is best to arrive 2 days earlier and travel to Pisac to enjoy the area.

Accommodation at Paz y Luz (our hotel in Sacred Valley) will be the best option in this case. We will all meet here for the start of the Tour, so staying at Paz y Luz is not an issue. It is enfolded in the sacred mountains and is magical.

Please speak to your travel consultant about any aids that may assist you with the altitude. There are some simple medications you can get to help if you are concerned.

The greatest advice we received was from a lady that said “for the first couple of days walk as if you are 80” – this was very true. The key is to take it easy and relax and build up your fitness before you travel. We will discuss this further as the time draws nearer.

You will increase your tolerance to altitude over the two weeks in Peru so those going on to Bolivia shouldn’t have any concern. Those that are joining us for Bolivia only, it is highly recommended you come for at least 2-3 days to Peru or go to a higher altitude level to acclimatise as Bolivia is 4,000 metres. Once again, build your fitness before you travel. Bolivia is worth it – magic!


USD $1,000 Booking/deposit fee. Is it refundable if I have to cancel?

We understand things come up and we will assist you where we can. Booking fees are refundable at the discretion of the organisers –  excluding any bank/transfer fees. As all of the accommodation and Guides are charging a non-refundable deposit, which we will have to pay several months in advance, we will need to cover for these costs if you cancel your booking.

We realise financially this can be a large commitment for some. We can only say trust and allow, for the abundance will flow if you open your heart to the possibility. If a payment plan helps you achieve this goal we are only too willing to assist where we can after you have paid the deposit of USD $1,000. Email us to discuss this further. It is amazing what happens when you just say yes!

Paypal Payments – please see the link below for paypal payments.  Please note all paypal fees will be extra.

For all questions about deposits, monies, due dates, what is included and what is not included in costs please go to ‘REGISTRATION FORM’ below – there is a lot more information on this form.

Click Here:  Peru.Registration Form 2015

Any further questions?

Email us on thecosmicdoorway@live.com and we will be happy to assist.

If you find anything confusing or we have not fully answered a question we would love to know so that we can make it easier for all.

Thank you so much and look forward to sharing our time together

David and Victoria


India – Thirteen Keys of Amenti

Victoria Webby


Thirteen Keys of Amenti

Information Page

Halls Amenti - Kati Astraeir

MUMBAI GATHERING – 14th & 15th February, 2015:


Our gathering will be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February.

VENUE:  The Club, D.N. Nagar, Andheri west, Mumbai

TIMES:   10am start to 5pm finish – lunch, morning and afternoon teas included and will be served during the gathering

CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION: Sameeta – +919892000323 or +919892000425
Reserve seat by Jan 15th 2015
FLYER:  PDF Flyer available – go to:  India-Oneness Code-FINAL-Feb2015



DELHI GATHERING – 7th & 8th March, 2015:

Our gathering will be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February.
VENUE:  LOTUS SUTRA, D-333 , Defence Colony, South Delhi .
TIMES:  10am to 5pm finish – lunch, morning and afternoon teas included and will be served during the gathering
CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION: Sameeta – +919892000323 or +919892000425

Our CD’s, Soul Cards and Cosmic Jewellery will be available at the event:


‘Home to Heart’ CD – will be available at the weekend gatherings.  A very high vibrational CD that assists in the awakening of the ‘New Hue-man’.  Will assist in the expansion of consciousness.  We have found this CD popular with the kids and young ones – they are truly engaging with the language and sounds.  See link below:




Cosmic Soul Cards – pack of 33 high-vibrational Acceleration Cards – full illustration and message on each card.  See link below:



The experience was amazing. I had one of the most beautiful meditational experiences ever. For the first time, I opened up to the importance of sound healing and understood the role it plays in healing. I am able to better appreciate the role of bird and water life in the healing of humanity. I am beginning to emphasise more on staying in the heart. Becoming more conscious. Hope it continues to be so. I am loving the work of Victoria and David Webby including the divine blueprint cards. Thanks for bringing such wonderful people into our lives. Prashanti, India

Effects are evident in the sense that being conscious of breath, love & heart is helping me in being aware if negative emotion and controlling it.  I am less stressed.  Today I was listening to sessions audio and there was same rush of energy.  I still remember the hug from Victoria.  Full of love  – Anshul, India


Amenti is a multi-dimensional energy of awakening.  Within the Inner Earth (Agartha or Hollow Earth) are keys waiting to ignite, to unfold and awaken.  The great Halls of Amenti are doorways of great and divine consciousness that assist us in this awakening to all of our records of all dimensions, experiences and journeys.  These doors assist in our expansion through knowing all of the choices we have created and all of the possibilities to come.

Blueprints/Templates are great tools of encodement of higher frequencies of sound and light – language, chants, codes, sacred geometries and symbols that are channeled through the Higher Realms/Higher Selves to assist us to accelerate and BE the Fifth Dimensional vibrations and above.  TO BE THE NEW EARTH.   Many of the Earth, Star and Sea Realms such as the Faey Kingdoms, Angelics, Whales, Dolphins, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and beyond have imprinted their most sacred and divine sounds and living light into each blueprint.

Our “Original Blueprint” is our original sacred sound – that which is THE ALL, the CREATION, the SOURCE – what we are activating, remembering and awakening – I connect with people from this point of their and my own energies in service

The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that we have, just for a moment, forgotten.  Light Language awakens and ignites deep, sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, assisting us to remember the direct communication lines between our divine Heart and our Divine Soul so that we may once again remember infinite love and divine grace”

Home To Heart CD


Sacred Sound, Language of Light, Crystal Harps and more




A Very high vibrational CD with Language of Light, sound and sacred codes. This CD will assist in awakening the ‘inner voice’ – the connection of your Heart – Soul vibrations of pure joy and love. It will assist in the expansion of your sound and light codes, promote healing on all levels and expand psychic tools, deep awareness and connection through all sacred Realms of consciousness. Great as a self-healing tool, wonderful for meditation and for professionals to play during massage sessions etc.

 60 minute, high quality recording (in professional studio). Comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Below are some samples of our new CD “Home To Heart” 

Available in CD now – AUD $26 – includes delivery within Australia

CD & Delivery international:  AUD $32


Track One:  Home To Heart


Track Five:  Grandmother Whale


Track Six:  Water Spirit


Track  Twelve:  We Are One




Vocals:  Victoria Webby

Instruments:  David Webby

CD Illustration:  Blueprint by Victoria Webby

Photography:  David Webby & Le’er Ng

Sound Recording through:  Stephen Hamacek, Front Ear Sound, Noosa



Victoria-microphone C-Harp-recording

Earth Keeper – Star Walker: Retreat, April, 2014


PROGRAMME – Earth Walker – Star Gazer

“Teachings of the Cosmic Heart”

Numinbah Valley, Queensland – Australia

Sunday, 27th April – Saturday, 3rd May, 2014


The week’s program officially starts from 4pm Sunday and concludes 4pm Friday.  Prices are inclusive of accommodation/meals from the afternoon of Sunday 27th April to Saturday morning of 3rd May, 2014.

Please Note:  this Retreat is for 16 years and over.


All food – 6 breakfasts; 6 lunches and 6 dinners; morning and afternoon tea from dinner Sunday, 27th April to breakfast Saturday, 3rd May, 2014;

Share accommodation for 6 nights;

Pick-up and drop off to Gold Coast (please see details below)

All activities (except where specified)



ACCOMMODATION IS LIMITED.   See pricing below.   This is a retreat facility in a  beautiful rainforest setting.  We will do the best we can with your choice of accommodation but please note that most rooms have share bathrooms only.  All rooms have posturepedic bedding are clean and comfortable.

SINGLE   means a room to yourself for sleeping.  Bathroom facilities shared.

SHARE   means people sharing a room.  Bathroom facilities shared.

COUPLE   means two people sharing queen size bed private room.  Bathroom facilities shared. 



 FOOD is fresh, nutritious and healthy.  Fresh salads, vegetables and meats are served.  GLUTEN FREE AND VEGETARIAN AVAILABLE.  A form will be sent on booking.


Fabulous Marga – our Host


As always, the week will be guided by the highest energy of the group every hour of every day.  We shall be shown by our Higher Selves what is required for each of us as both an individual and collective Soul vibration.  Therefore all activities are subject to change over the week.  The following is a ‘loose and free version’ of what may be the flow.


The whole week will be based through ‘Teachings of the Cosmic Heart’, communing with the highest and most pure vibrational energies available to us at this moment through Cosmic time.

  • Meditations;
  • Ancient teachings of Earth and Star Lore – Munay-Ki (this will include only a couple of the Rites); Mother Earth; Goddess/God; Star and Planetary consciousness;
  • Sacred Initiations;
  •  Language of Light activations and channeling sessions;
  •  Voice, toning and Language of Light & Sound sessions;
  •  Channelling from the Inner Earth ;
  • Sacred journey (walk);
  • Group Art and creative exploration;
  • Group Sound/Rhythm/dance;
  • Fire circle – drum & channeled chants from American Indian/Sacred Earth;
  •  Bowen-Sound Therapy group sessions;
  •  Silent meditations;
  • Free personal time;
  •  Medicine wheel & labrynth;
  • Planetary song lines; dragon lines/grids
  •  Didgeridoo group session;
  •  Crystal / instrumental group session;
  • Individual Acceleration/Activation session with Victoria;
  •  Individual Reflexology session with David;
  •  Whatever else comes in to enfold us in pure love!


OUR RETREAT:  http://youtu.be/FcWRnXVENCs



We offer two pick-ups and two drop-offs in the price:


Afternoon of Saturday 26th April**** 

Morning of Sunday 27th April


Morning of Saturday 3rd May

Morning of Sunday 4th May**** 

****Extra charges for room and meal  – please email your enquiry for extra pricing (this would be 7 nights)

There will be optional day trips available after the retreat – eg  to Byron Bay markets/Light House or other areas – for those that wish to stay on for a couple of days – please send email if interested to:  thebluetemple@hotmail.com

Registration form will be sent to you on booking your place.

More information on hotels, trains, buses etc will be sent to you on booking.



Extra nights accommodation and meals other than from dinner on the night of Sunday 27th April to breakfast Saturday morning , 4th May, 2014.  We will provide you with extra pricing on request.

All airfares and taxes;

Any insurance – we highly recommend you take out health/medical/travel insurance;

Personal spending 

David+Orb Victoria


Please see PAYPAL link below for registration.  Please note that the single rooms are very limited – email before booking if you DO NOT wish to share a room.   It will be first-in – first serve basis.  



Includes 6 nights, all meals, transport to and from Gold Coast (see above), all activities listed above 

Singleall inclusive as above     $1,763.00

Twin – all inclusive as above       $1,643.00

Couple all inclusive as above     $1,523.00

$500 DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD YOUR BOOKING.  You are then able to make further deposits to pay off balance.  We can also invoice you a final balance via Paypal.






OUR RETREAT:   http://youtu.be/FcWRnXVENCs