Divining The Senses

“Every day we use all of our senses – most of the time without the awareness of the divine and delicate balance that each expresses within the other”

Gathering with Victoria & David Webby

Singapore – 20th and 21st August, 2016

Every breath, step, action, word, feeling is an experience through the senses in our daily life.


To live the higher-potential of Self-Mastery is always a choice  

Every day is a day to utilise the very best we have to offer from within.  We have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to our higher potential and to create choices that will enhance our life in the moment.

During this gathering we will learn to LIVE from our radiant hearts, to step outside the boundaries of old and outdated perceptions and will experience a new way of living our lives through presence and awareness.

Are you ready to step through a new doorway?

This ground-breaking weekend will allow us to see, hear, feel, touch, smell and engage our Psychic Senses in Mastery through a deeper level of wisdom and understanding – to interact from the physical world to the highest energies of our consciousness in presence, in the NOW.  To BE a heart of radiance and from this space see our world as a radiant light. 

“We are boundless, limitless expressions that dance the dance of the Cosmos – we are sacred sound and light, sensing as ONE within all things”


WE ARE THE NEW EARTH and with joy we learn to take responsibility for our lives (without judgement) and see how easy it is to engage with simplicity every potential choice, possibility and path we have through our senses:

On a fundamental level – from a radiant heart……..

. become conscious of how every aspect of your life engages every one of your senses;

. learn how your reactions through your senses open or close doorways to your self-Mastery;

. recognise that what you think, feel, see, hear and speak are doorways to your ultimate sense;

. become peaceful about your path and how YOU hold the power within you to live a happy, joyous life;

On a level of Psychic Mastery – from a radiant heart……..

. learn how to balance your senses and expand your extra-sensory perception;

. expand your extrasensory perception/higher frequencies and creative energies – awaken 32 distinct higher-multi-dimensional pulses or codes throughout the five sensory-fields;

. awaken 8+ ‘dreaming’ codes that will assist you to remember your divine telepathy and natural state of pure connection;

. bring all together into the ONE sense of BEING

The experience of this weekend is limitless.  No matter what background you come from, whether you feel or think you are not sure “what it is all about” but still something calls you, then say YES!

Opportunities come in many forms, this experiential weekend is another way to open to your highest potential and assist in your transition to a deeper level of understanding in your life through simplicity and peace.

“NOW is the ONLY moment to simply BE”

Language of Light, Sound and energy transmissions, channeled meditations and initiations, awakening codes, American Indian drum, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls 

VENUE:  One Heart, Singapore – 37 Tembling Road

DATE & TIME:  Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st August from 10am to 5pm each day (please arrive by 9.45am).  There will be 1 1/2 hour lunch break.

Full weekend Investment:  AUD$333  (please note to attend Sunday session you must attend Saturday).  Please make payment below in Paypal


Tuesday 23rd (NOW BOOKED OUT) and Wednesday 24th August (ONE  SPACE LEFT).   Please contact Victoria on email or WhatsApp BEFORE making payment to check what she has available (for personal sessions only): OR +61438165297.


About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’.  She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

 Victoria is very down-to-earth and connects with people on a level of deep understanding and kindness.  She holds the space without judgement and brings a feeling of safety and wisdom to each session.

On a more esoteric level, Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hu-Being” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Whether you join us over the weekend or for a personal session, the most important thing is to relax, come with a smile on your face and wonder in your heart and simply have fun” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and are facilitating a group journey to France in September,  2016, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

JOURNEY TO FRANCE with Victoria and David:

 September, 2016  Magdalene, Templar Knights, Cathars:  Press Here




Cosmic Keys of Creation – Australia

Thirteen Keys of Amenti

“Freeing yourself from judgment is freeing your heart to explore the deepest form of love – IT IS simply a choice – yes or no”

About a year ago I was awoken in the middle of the night and asked to be the channel for some blueprints (templates) that would assist people to step into the duality of fear and love with grace and bring the two together to awaken their hearts and minds.  Thus began a new chapter in my life and the co-creation through Source of the “Cosmic Keys of Awakening”.  The first series of these Cosmic Keys are ‘The Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – a collaboration of many Higher aspects of our pure love and light.


Key Eight – Inner Worlds, Inner Earth

“And you will observe the world within and you shall see it is a grand journey of LOVE”

David and I have presented these Keys through weekend gatherings in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, India and Numinbah Valley, Queensland and will be facilitating the Thirteen Keys of Amenti over four Thursdays in Nerang, Queensland.  

The format will consist of the presenting the keys (blueprints) through channeled meditations, Language of Light and sound codes, expansive accelerations and channeled and sacred chants.  Crystal Tones singing bowls and other instruments are often used during the sessions.  Shenaya Om (In Blessed Love), Victoria

Dates: Thursdays – 30th July and 13th, 20th and 27th August.  Please RSVP by Friday 24th July.

Times:   10am (please be there by 9.45am).  We finish at 1pm on each day.

Investment:  $55 per session (includes blueprints to take home for further awakening/meditation)

Venue:  Harmony, Body & Mind – 14 Billabirra Street, Nerang (in the Emerald Room near pool)

Repeats:  Every time we present the keys they are different and become more expansive.  If you have received them before you are welcome to attend again.  You will merely go deeper and deeper into the experience.  Please attend each session at your own discretion.

For people new to the ‘Thirteen Keys’:  Please commit to the four sessions.  Due to the expansive and progressive nature of each Key it is important you attend each week in sequential order to move through the keys and complete the series.

We are both very excited to share this amazing journey! 

path-trees by emilieleger

“When you choose NOT to be separate anymore and choose TO BE in the Oneness-Heart, then you will find everything will flow in synchronicity – Thirteen Keys of Amenti, Delhi – India

Further information or to book:  contact Victoria: OR 0438165297 (please note I return to Australia on 3rd July).

If you wish to attend the sessions,  please RSVP by Monday 20th July.

MORE INSIGHT:  see our last flyer for previous ‘Thirteen Keys’ gatherings:  click here


Cosmic Keys of Creation – Blueprints & MP3 Transmissions

33 Cosmic Keys of Creation

“Our light shines within…

and so begins the grandest journey of discovery”

The ’33 Cosmic Keys of Creation’ are a tool of remembrance, a sacred journey that will take you deep within to explore, set free, shift and initiate deep change and assist in ‘re-igniting’ your Divine Plan and innate connection to your Soul, Spirit – Merkabah of Sound and Light.  

Below is a description of Series One and Two.  These sets of both MP3 and Key (Blueprint/Template) are available now for purchase.  Series Three ‘9 Living Light Temples’ will be available soon.

‘Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – Series One

(please complete Series One before going on to Series Two –  ’11 Keys of Remembrance’)

Blueprints and Transmissions through Language of Light

In co-creation we will step through the ‘Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – doorways of self-discovery and expansion.  The great Halls of Amenti are doorways or stepping stones, taking us deeper and deeper into our SELF and deeper and deeper into our ONE.  We face our shadow and fear through equality, embracing each through love.  We set free judgement of ourselves and others and realise that we can create a beautiful life if we choose.

With self-realisation comes the knowing that the “I” is a part of a whole, a collective light of one source, one love.  As each door opens we become aware of what it is to simply BE.  We experience deep cellular rejuvenation and regeneration and ignite our Inner Earth Star Crystal that has always been with us as a loving guide and Master.

The Keys are presented as ‘live’ channeling and transmissions through Victoria in the “Language of the Heart” (Language of Light) from energies of Thoth, Magdalene, Christ Flame, The Syrian High Council, Seraphim, the Guardians of Amenti and others.

The 13 Keys are: Heart Ignition, Shift, Awaken, Expansion, Unlimited Sons, Wheels of Regeneration, Quantum Rejuvenation, Inner Worlds, Star Consciousness, Regeneration, Emergence, Sirian High Council, New Hu-Being.

’11 Keys of Remembrance’ – Series Two

(Please complete Series One first)

Blueprints and Transmissions through Language of Light

Expanding from ‘The Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ we will step further into the high-frequency vibrations of sound and light.  Guidance from the Elohim and the Archangelic Realms through the  “Eleven Keys of Remembrance” are being presented to assist us in deepening our awareness and acceptance of our pure light and sound matrix of love.  A matrix that was ‘sung into BE-IN-g through our creative energy’.  

We realise we are part of the ‘Cosmic Web’ remembering that we are Sacred Seeds of Creation, here to experience a path through embracing every aspect of ourselves – no matter what, that everything in our world is “OK”.  At this level we are truly realising our divine presence in all things, our divine knowledge and wisdom becomes more tangible, we experience a greater awareness of our cellular Being and  that the power is WITHIN US to simply create a life of joy and peace.

The 11 Keys of Remembrance are: Cosmic Elements, Archangelic Realms, Realms of the Faey, Star Walker, Christ Connection – Divine Masculine, Christ Connection – Divine Feminine, The Blue Planet, Book of Wisdom, Cell Mastery, Ascension Portal, Original Thought.

9 Living Light Temples – are being created at present and are the final 9 in the Series of the ’33 Cosmic Keys of Creation’.  The series will be available later this year.

Please note that the 33 Cosmic Keys of Creation are a journey, a deep level progression of expansion so take as much time as you need.  There is no hurry or rush –  please complete ’13 Keys of Amenti’ before beginning the next ’11 Keys of Remembrance’.  Allow yourself around 5-6 weeks (2 to 3 Keys a week) for SERIES ONE and 4-5 weeks for SERIES TWO to fully integrate all Keys.


There are two ways to receive the Keys (blueprints) – via Dropbox or through Postage:

Via Download (Dropbox):    These 24 high quality jpeg blueprints can be sent through internet for download, along with a voice transmission for each Key/Blueprint. – 24 blueprints and 24 voice transmissions (most around 5–7 minutes long).  

You can purchase the downloads of the ‘Keys’:

As single sets:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  price per series AUD $85.00 each.

As a full set of 24 Keys:  AUD $155.00 (saving of $15)

Via Mail (Postage):  If you wish I can also send you a printed version where you will receive a set of 24 high quality A4 printed version of each Key (blueprint) and a CD of the voice transmissions:

Single set via Post:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  AUD $155.00 per series (includes postage)

As a full set of 24 Keys via Post:   AUD $270.00 – saving $40.00  (includes postage).  

Please Note for DROPBOX DOWNLOADS:  this is not an automatic download.  As soon as I receive an email from Paypal I send you the links via Dropbox.  It will be sent to you within a few hours of your purchase (please note international time difference for Australia).

You will receive instructions on how to use the Keys/Blueprints and Transmissions when you receive each Series.


Cosmic Keys of Creation

ALTERNATIVELY you can use my PayPal Me Link:

Letting Go Of Distortion – MP3

 “Where there is a storm, there is great opportunity for change”


This MP3 runs for 12 1/2 minutes. It is recorded on the verandah up high in the crystalline mountains of Maleny. You will hear heavy rain, wind, thunder and ‘see’ the lightning for the first few minutes and then a channel of ‘awakenings’ in the ***Language of Light. I have edited out the large cracks of thunder for the sake of your ears (the mic couldn’t handle it!)  

The energy is profound if you allow all the elements TO BE within and to move through you.  The codes assist in your awakening and balancing of these elements within, in particular you may feel strong shifts in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, through the nervous system and in the cells.  You are the Master – create!  Before listening please read below.

Please BE in a quiet space.  Take three nice deep and gentle breaths while calling in your Higher Consciousness and ask for awakening and balancing during this session.  Ask that you shift with grace, gentleness, love and joy through higher consciousness –“I SET FREE TO BE”.   Remember to breathe consciously throughout the process, especially if you are challenged by anything coming up – bring it into your heart and breathe with gratitude for the shifts.  In the end, in the stillness BE aware of what is happening in your Sacred Temple (all 5 subtle bodies).  Say THANK YOU to yourself and all the elements within.  Three nice deep breaths, feeling grounded and balanced. Open eyes.  This MP3 is best listened to through a headset. 

UNDINESome messages about the MP3 from our Higher Consciousness:

“A great streaming of light, a deep cleansing through fire and water”

Opening the doors of the inner earth – the inner self

There is a ‘downloading’ through the right brain and a balancing through the is like the thunder and ligntning has come to ‘shock the system’ to re-align the system. Bringing all the ‘electricals’ into alignment, through sound, through fire, through water and through earthing, through grounding, through sacred divine – all the elements are playing their role.

The Mastery is always within – SEE;  KNOW;  BE

To read the full blog on this MP3 – go to:


 ***Language of Light – our divine essence, the original language of our Higher Self/Source.  It communicates at the level of the Higher self/consciousness and connects through the heart/higher heart/higher mind (free of the ego/human mind).  Has a profound effect on our DNA to assist us in awakening to pure love.

CD:  Victoria and David have a new CD “Home To Heart”:   LATEST CD:

COSMIC SOUL CARDS – 33 spiritual card deck:

SPIRITUAL TOUR TO PERU, September-October, 2015:


 Home-to-Heart-CD.covershaman.calling spirits of pachamama.apu

CD:  Home To Heart      Come in sacred journey – Peru and Bolivia, 2015

Peru & Bolivia – 2015 Spiritual Tour

Peru and Bolivia September 2015


Victoria and I are delighted to lead a group of like minded individuals for the trip of a lifetime, back to our beloved Andes mountains which we visited back in 2010.

The Tour starts in Pisac, in the Sacred Valley, for 7 days of visiting Sacred sites with our local Mystical Guide Fredy Conde. Then we head back to Pisac for a 5 day ‘Deepening’ with the Qero Shaman, experiencing ancient Initiation Rites gifted to us by the elders of the Andes. After a day off, our Amazing journey continues to Bolivia to experience energies of Lake Titicaca, the birth place of the Ancients. Words don’t express the enormity and sacredness of this journey on a personal and group consciousness. And it is our honour to lead and guide you along this journey, with the help of some amazing people.

Click on this link for more information:-    Peru.Bolvia.Tour.2015.brochure-final-website


And we also have questions and answers below, and links to our registration form.


Here is our you-tube for our journey in 2015:



A message from David:  Our Spiritual Tour for 2015, was inspired by our own journey back in 2010. Finally we are returning to South America, to the amazing energies of the Andes Mountains, a home coming once again.

Inn 2010, Victoria attended a Munay Ki workshop in Australia. Three months later we were on the plane to Peru to complete the 2nd Initiation of the Munay-Ki Rites – ‘the Deepening’ in the Sacred Valley. In total we spent 7 weeks in both Peru and Bolivia, of which the ‘Deepening’ was just one of many amazing experiences.

Instead of just going ourselves, we have been guided to take a group with us and we are so grateful for this opportunity to do so. Below are a list of questions that might have crossed your mind. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know through email.


Why two different tours?

A couple of reasons – one is the time factor for some who have limited holiday time and the other was to create more diverse and exciting choices.

It is too difficult to say what part of any holiday was the best and again in this case I can say that both these tours offer an incredible journey that can’t be rated one better than the other.

Our experience was far more than the Deepening in Sacred Valley. Yes Peru was special, having spent some time in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, visiting Sacred sites, Machu Picchu, spending time in this amazing beautiful region, and then bussing across the border to Bolivia.

In Bolivia we got to experience a deep connection to the Ancient energies of the Inca creation myths. On Lake Titicaca we travelled to the Island of the Sun, to experience the Masculine energies. And then to the magical Feminine energies on the Island of the Moon. In 2015 Rosse Mary, our guide, will take us to the Temple of the Moon on this Island, plus to the Ancient temple of Tiwanaku.

Lake Titicaca is not the only amazing place that we will visit on this tour. Copacabana, the beautiful seaside town of Lake Titicaca is such a magic town to relax in. We will also have a chance to meditate at the Star Gate, Amaru Muru, near Puno. After experiencing the energies of Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku we finally journey across the magical landscape to the ancient city of La Paz.

There are no words that can explain how wonderful the energies are of both Peru and Bolivia. We have put together 2 tours for those who are challenged for time. For those willing to stay for Bolivia, you won’t be disappointed. We know because we have been there and had an amazing time. We met with Rosse Mary on our last trip, so it is with great joy that we will join her again to experience her expertise and great knowledge on the people, traditions and ceremonies that are uniquely from Bolivia.


So What are we offering on this Tour?

Since 2010, Victoria and I have transformed further in our Spiritual awakening. Victoria’s meditations and connections to the unseen world have developed profoundly. Her Spirit guides that transmit through her explore Middle Earth and Gaia energies, Star energies, all coming through pure Love and Divine essence.

Through her gatherings in India, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia, Victoria has been helping people connect to the “Breath of Love”. During your journey in Peru and Bolivia, using her Divine connection to source, Victoria will lead us on a quest of finding our inner truth, developing your relationship with our Divine Essence that is within us, assisted by the Ceremonies performed by our Mystical guides, and the energies of the Sacred Sites and Mountains.

So much will happen ‘in the moment’ – we are bringing our Crystal Singing bowls that will help accelerate and transform the energies of the meditations, which will take you to other dimensions. It will be a Sacred journey that will take you deeper into that knowing, the Sacred within.

You can read about our journey in 2010 on the website:


Which airports do we fly into and leave from?

It would be best to fly into Cusco via Lima, the capital of Peru. Then fly out of La Paz, Bolivia.

We are also organising a group booking for flights to get a discount. Please email us if you are interested.


What about the altitude?

We have stated in the brochure that it is better to arrive a few days earlier to acclimatise to the altitude.  We would recommend that straight after you arrive in Cusco, that you come to the Sacred Valley for acclimatise.

Pisac, Sacred Valley is 1,200 metres lower than Cusco, so it is much easier to get adjusted. Some people do get altitude sickness in the first couple of days or feel ‘heady’. If you are concerned it is best to arrive 2 days earlier and travel to Pisac to enjoy the area.

Accommodation at Paz y Luz (our hotel in Sacred Valley) will be the best option in this case. We will all meet here for the start of the Tour, so staying at Paz y Luz is not an issue. It is enfolded in the sacred mountains and is magical.

Please speak to your travel consultant about any aids that may assist you with the altitude. There are some simple medications you can get to help if you are concerned.

The greatest advice we received was from a lady that said “for the first couple of days walk as if you are 80” – this was very true. The key is to take it easy and relax and build up your fitness before you travel. We will discuss this further as the time draws nearer.

You will increase your tolerance to altitude over the two weeks in Peru so those going on to Bolivia shouldn’t have any concern. Those that are joining us for Bolivia only, it is highly recommended you come for at least 2-3 days to Peru or go to a higher altitude level to acclimatise as Bolivia is 4,000 metres. Once again, build your fitness before you travel. Bolivia is worth it – magic!


USD $1,000 Booking/deposit fee. Is it refundable if I have to cancel?

We understand things come up and we will assist you where we can. Booking fees are refundable at the discretion of the organisers –  excluding any bank/transfer fees. As all of the accommodation and Guides are charging a non-refundable deposit, which we will have to pay several months in advance, we will need to cover for these costs if you cancel your booking.

We realise financially this can be a large commitment for some. We can only say trust and allow, for the abundance will flow if you open your heart to the possibility. If a payment plan helps you achieve this goal we are only too willing to assist where we can after you have paid the deposit of USD $1,000. Email us to discuss this further. It is amazing what happens when you just say yes!

Paypal Payments – please see the link below for paypal payments.  Please note all paypal fees will be extra.

For all questions about deposits, monies, due dates, what is included and what is not included in costs please go to ‘REGISTRATION FORM’ below – there is a lot more information on this form.

Click Here:  Peru.Registration Form 2015

Any further questions?

Email us on and we will be happy to assist.

If you find anything confusing or we have not fully answered a question we would love to know so that we can make it easier for all.

Thank you so much and look forward to sharing our time together

David and Victoria


Spectrums of Sound – Singapore

universe-gateway - Art © Brian Exton
IMG_2975In every moment we breathe, move, express, connect and create through sound, light and frequency.  Science has shown that we are connected in all ways, through holographic images and that every singular movement we make affects another, affects the whole.  Every thought, word and action – conscious or unconscious affects our energy field and everything within and around it.

Edgar Cayce once said “Sound is the medicine of the future.”  When we look deeper into the healing qualities of sound, we realise it has been a healing tool for thousands of years. The Australian Aboriginals have been using sound for around 40,000 years through the didgeridoo.  From the ancient Temples of Hathor, the Egyptians, Babylonians to Pythagoras – all used the qualities of sound as ‘medicine to heal’.

IMG_2579 - Version 2 

Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls – 99.9% pure crystal

In this time of awakening and re-connection to our divine intelligence, we embrace the wisdom of the Ancients and remember our innate abilities to tune into frequencies. We now realize that the universe and everything in it is moving to specific tones and vibrations.  Our unique crystalline form is a matrix of pure sound.  Every living, breathing energy on this planet holds a tone, a pulse that connects them to everything else – from the ant to the fly, from the fly to the bird, from the bird to the forests, from the forests to the oceans,  from the oceans to the whales, from the whales to the humans – everything has a sound, everything is connected.


With our cellular form re-creating itself in every moment, we have a grand opportunity to experience, express and connect into our divine matrix of sound.  This can be by merely sitting under a tree and listening to the wind sweep through the leaves or listening to a bird singing.  It can be through playing a guitar, listening to Beethoven or Mozart or listening and experiencing instruments such as crystal bowls, harps and the most profound instrument of all – the human voice.


Crystal harp – multi-directional and multi-dimensional

Such an opportunity is now being presented  through a night of sacred sound.  Alchemy Crystal Tones singing bowls, crystal harp, voice chants, songs and tones, will be brought together and initiated through the Language of the Heart (language of light) into one pure voice of LOVE.

With our entire human body down to our very DNA being crystalline in form, The Crystal Tones Singing Bowls are 99.9% pure crystal, said to be matched by no other singing bowls at this time.  The alchemy of pure quartz with other elements (including precious gems and minerals) make their ‘sonic sounds’ powerful tools of transformation and healing.  “You feel like you are completely encased in pure love”

The Crystal Harp is the result of more than 12 years of research and development. It is handmade from pure quartz crystal and the resonance of its sound is both multi-directional and multi-dimensional.  “It takes you so deep within, your cells spin and create a new sound – it is amazing”. 

The Human Voice is the most powerful healing tool we, in this human temple hold.  It is the key to opening an ‘interior doorway’ to express sacred sound, to enhance and purify our crystalline vibration and to open the records of our own creation.  Language of the Heart – Language of Light assists in opening this memory and thus awakening our DNA resonance to assist us in remembering our divine truth and divine connection”.

Bathe in this pure vibration and allow your cells and energies to shift into a higher frequency of sound and light and thus align with your higher divine intelligence through love.


“We bring a collective consciousness of One – Star and Stone, Heaven and Earth;

The Ancient songs of Mother Earth will sing through your most ancient blood and greet the ethereal tones of the Stars in the most sacred of vessels – your Heart;

This combination of sound, brings a unique experience for all to open their entire Being and be blessed into a union of the heart at its most deep and profound resonance;

“Your cells will shift beyond measure, THIS IS THE MOMENT to open, awaken, activate, expand and integrate the sounds of your Soul through its original tone, its original DNA Blueprint of L.O.V.E.”


SPECTRUMS OF SOUND NIGHT – An invitation from the heart.  Come and experience with –

Victoria & David Webby, Le’er and Ming Hui.

LOCATION:  The night will be held at “Galeri Utama” –  (River Valley Road entrance) Fort Canning – opposite Clarke Quay and Liang Court  – see map below and click over map below to expand (Galeri Utama is in the red circle)

Singapore-Spectrums night-Galeri Utama - outside the room

Galeri Utama

DATE & TIME:  Friday, 10th October, 2014.  Arrival from 6.30pm for a 7pm start.  Finish at 9pm – please arrive 15-30 minutes before – doors will open at 6.30pm.  No admission after commencement.

INVESTMENT:  SGD $55.00 per person for payment before 22nd September OR SGD $60.00 at the door on the night.  PLEASE BOOK EARLY AS NUMBERS WILL BE LIMITED.

PLEASE contact Ming Hui on email to reserve your place and for banking payment details. 

For any emergency information you can contact Ming Hui on mobile:  96588407

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no seating provided on the night.  Please bring a cushion or mat for the floor and bring some water.  If you cannot sit on the floor then please bring a fold up chair – Thank you!

Fort Canning Park Map 2012

Map of Fort Canning




Earth Keeper – Star Walker: Retreat, April, 2014


PROGRAMME – Earth Walker – Star Gazer

“Teachings of the Cosmic Heart”

Numinbah Valley, Queensland – Australia

Sunday, 27th April – Saturday, 3rd May, 2014


The week’s program officially starts from 4pm Sunday and concludes 4pm Friday.  Prices are inclusive of accommodation/meals from the afternoon of Sunday 27th April to Saturday morning of 3rd May, 2014.

Please Note:  this Retreat is for 16 years and over.


All food – 6 breakfasts; 6 lunches and 6 dinners; morning and afternoon tea from dinner Sunday, 27th April to breakfast Saturday, 3rd May, 2014;

Share accommodation for 6 nights;

Pick-up and drop off to Gold Coast (please see details below)

All activities (except where specified)



ACCOMMODATION IS LIMITED.   See pricing below.   This is a retreat facility in a  beautiful rainforest setting.  We will do the best we can with your choice of accommodation but please note that most rooms have share bathrooms only.  All rooms have posturepedic bedding are clean and comfortable.

SINGLE   means a room to yourself for sleeping.  Bathroom facilities shared.

SHARE   means people sharing a room.  Bathroom facilities shared.

COUPLE   means two people sharing queen size bed private room.  Bathroom facilities shared. 



 FOOD is fresh, nutritious and healthy.  Fresh salads, vegetables and meats are served.  GLUTEN FREE AND VEGETARIAN AVAILABLE.  A form will be sent on booking.


Fabulous Marga – our Host


As always, the week will be guided by the highest energy of the group every hour of every day.  We shall be shown by our Higher Selves what is required for each of us as both an individual and collective Soul vibration.  Therefore all activities are subject to change over the week.  The following is a ‘loose and free version’ of what may be the flow.


The whole week will be based through ‘Teachings of the Cosmic Heart’, communing with the highest and most pure vibrational energies available to us at this moment through Cosmic time.

  • Meditations;
  • Ancient teachings of Earth and Star Lore – Munay-Ki (this will include only a couple of the Rites); Mother Earth; Goddess/God; Star and Planetary consciousness;
  • Sacred Initiations;
  •  Language of Light activations and channeling sessions;
  •  Voice, toning and Language of Light & Sound sessions;
  •  Channelling from the Inner Earth ;
  • Sacred journey (walk);
  • Group Art and creative exploration;
  • Group Sound/Rhythm/dance;
  • Fire circle – drum & channeled chants from American Indian/Sacred Earth;
  •  Bowen-Sound Therapy group sessions;
  •  Silent meditations;
  • Free personal time;
  •  Medicine wheel & labrynth;
  • Planetary song lines; dragon lines/grids
  •  Didgeridoo group session;
  •  Crystal / instrumental group session;
  • Individual Acceleration/Activation session with Victoria;
  •  Individual Reflexology session with David;
  •  Whatever else comes in to enfold us in pure love!





We offer two pick-ups and two drop-offs in the price:


Afternoon of Saturday 26th April**** 

Morning of Sunday 27th April


Morning of Saturday 3rd May

Morning of Sunday 4th May**** 

****Extra charges for room and meal  – please email your enquiry for extra pricing (this would be 7 nights)

There will be optional day trips available after the retreat – eg  to Byron Bay markets/Light House or other areas – for those that wish to stay on for a couple of days – please send email if interested to:

Registration form will be sent to you on booking your place.

More information on hotels, trains, buses etc will be sent to you on booking.



Extra nights accommodation and meals other than from dinner on the night of Sunday 27th April to breakfast Saturday morning , 4th May, 2014.  We will provide you with extra pricing on request.

All airfares and taxes;

Any insurance – we highly recommend you take out health/medical/travel insurance;

Personal spending 

David+Orb Victoria


Please see PAYPAL link below for registration.  Please note that the single rooms are very limited – email before booking if you DO NOT wish to share a room.   It will be first-in – first serve basis.  



Includes 6 nights, all meals, transport to and from Gold Coast (see above), all activities listed above 

Singleall inclusive as above     $1,763.00

Twin – all inclusive as above       $1,643.00

Couple all inclusive as above     $1,523.00

$500 DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD YOUR BOOKING.  You are then able to make further deposits to pay off balance.  We can also invoice you a final balance via Paypal.