“Everything that we are has a pulse, a frequency, sound and vibration that at it’s core is pure and divine”.  

We are “sound as creation and creation as sound” – one cannot exist without the other.  As we remember this, we are tapping into the higher and expanded frequencies of our divine heart matrix – our Higher Self, Soul, Monad – Spirit – our Merkabah of all Sound and Light.  Some would call this ‘awakening’ but in truth it is simply a remembrance, a ‘knowing’ of our natural state and our pure alignment with unconditional love 

The Cosmic Light Weave transmissions assist you to remember your ‘divine pulse’ your original sound from creation that ‘bridges worlds of remembrance’ from this literal, physical world to your divine harmonics within.  The transmissions assist you to re-connect to this divine harmonic-pulse to bring deep expansion, to  remember natural psychic gifts and re-align your ‘sound’ with your divine plan and path in this lifetime.  You remember your ‘Merkabah of Sound and Light’ – that which connects to the ‘everything’.

The Cosmic Light Weave is a personal Sound MP3 – aligned exclusively for you and consists of 6 high frequency transmissions through Language of Light and sound. Each transmission is channeled to assist you to advance in your spiritual and physical expansion.


What happens during the recording?  With your permission, I connect into your ‘Cosmic Tone’ held in your ‘Divine Sound Blueprint’, from which I channel sacred sound and language specific to you.  This is recorded through high-quality sound into MP3 format.

Your ‘Sound Blueprint’ begins with an Introduction, and then takes you through a journey of your divine connection with the Cosmic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Spirit.

The sixth transmission is ‘DIVINE CELL’ – a total ‘remembrance’ of your cellular Mastery, which weaves all the Cosmic Elements together through golden threads of light and sound codes. This is the sixth and final transmission of the set, bringing all of your frequencies into alignment with your ‘Cosmic Tone’.

The fully edited recording is unique to you – your very specific Sound Blueprint and higher vibrations that assist your remembrance to your Cosmic Tone, frequency and sound.  The MP3 can be anywhere from 40 minutes to an 1 hour in total.  

It is important you take your time with this journey through the MP3 – use your own intuition.  You could listen to one track per day or one track per week or per month – flow with each of the Cosmic elements and allow a deep personal journey to unfold.

You could use this MP3 as an ongoing tool of acceleration and transformation. The potential for continued expansion on all levels is unlimited. “The frequency of this transmission guides each person through an intensive and individual journey of remembrance, connection and integration through divine sound”.  

“Say YES to your divine sound and tone as One with Creation”.

Further questions? Please contact me:


ORDERS TAKE APPROXIMATELY 2-3 WEEKS to complete and send via Dropbox.
Enjoy this life-changing MP3 for AUD $222.00.  To book your MP3 see Paypal link below.  Please allow 14 days for the recording from the time of purchase.  It will be sent to your email address via Dropbox.

More from Victoria Webby:  Divine Soul/Monadic Blueprint – Spiritual Art Transmissions through Language of Light and Sound – click here

Gathering – Divine Sound In Creation

We will gather over this weekend at the time of the powerful Equinox to co-create through sound.

“Music is the rhythm of the Cosmos

It ignites the light and life within all things”


Over this time together we will explore through sound our inner forces – that which is both shadow and light.  We will discover the deeper aspects that ‘come to play’ in our lives and how through sound and conscious presence within our sound, we can shift anything into a state of pure love and joy.  

WHERE: Solitude Retreat – 3376 Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, Natural Bridge QLD 4211
Phone:(07) 5533 6138.  If you wish to stay at Solitude during the retreat please call Victoria (see mobile below).
WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th March, 2016

TIME:  10am to 5pm Saturday; 10am to 4pm Sunday 

Daily attendance may be possible (Saturday only) – please contact Victoria

BOOKINGS:  Contact Victoria:  Text, telephone on 0438165297 OR email: (please – if I do not reply then this means I have not received your booking)

INVESTMENT:  **$333 for the weekend – this price includes a full nutritious lunch each day, morning and afternoon teas.  Two sound blueprints to take home, Two one-hour group sessions of Sound-Bowen and Sound-Reiki.  See more info below.  PLEASE SEE PAYMENT DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.


In deep Co-Creation we will:

. explore the higher ‘tones and sounds’ of your Sacred Temple – physical, etheric, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies;

.  integrate with your Higher Self through the frequencies of each of your senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste;

.  open to the sounds of your sixth sense;

.  two sound blueprints to take home;

.  deepen your heart awakening through awareness and connection with your multi-dimensional being through sound/Language of Light meditations and activations, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, Hang, Thai Khim and other instruments, Language of Light, Voice Tones, group participation.  Experience the interaction with nature, connect and awaken your core senses and explore your pure sound and rhythm.

We are also offering you a unique opportunity to experience two group healing sessions:

. **a Bowen/Sound Mastery group session on Saturday – Bowen Therapy & Sound healing;

. **a Reiki/Sound Mastery group session on Sunday – Reiki Therapy & Sound healing.  

WE ARE the shadow, WE ARE the light, WE ARE the Masters.  When we know these three aspects and merge them into ONE we REMEMBER our pure awakened state of L.O.V.E. (Light of Voice Eternal) and how on an individual, planetary, universal and cosmic level we affect everything around us.


“You will hear the sound and song of the ancient ‘Temples of Light’.  You will hear the keys of the ‘Inner Worlds of your Heart’.  You will simply spin your cells AWAKE”

We Are Love — We Are One


Questions or further information?  Contact Victoria:  0438165297 or email:

If you wish to stay overnight at Solitude please contact Marga on:   5533 6138

We look forward to sharing this moment with you – Victoria & David

For anyone wishing to travel from overseas, please contact us as we have a very special and expansive five-day ‘awakening programme’ for you (including participation in the weekend).  Minimum 6 participants for the five-day programme.

About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’. She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hue-man” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Come join us and ignite your sacred flame within.  This weekend will be deeply transforming for all – WE EXPLORE, WE OPEN, WE AWAKEN” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and plan to organise more of these events (France in October 2016) in the future, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

**We are blessed to have two very special women with us sharing their Mastery and healing skills to create two very special sessions over the weekend:

About Elaine
Elaine Victoria Yang_vivoElaine Victoria Yang is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, trained under The Reiki Centre Singapore. She has been a Reiki healer since 2011, was the principal healer at The Reiki Centre from 2011 – 2015 and taught Reiki to many people since 2012. Elaine had spent many years in the corporate world as a HR professional, before Reiki found her when she was dealing with stress and health issues and was seeking a way of healing and balance for herself.
Reiki has helped Elaine not only with her physical ailments, but has also shown her the way to more peace, awareness, and clarity in her life. She is now a Reiki Centre Singapore Affiliate Teacher, and teaches Reiki in both English and Mandarin. She also offers Reiki healing sessions for people as well as dogs and cats.

“I am really looking forward to co-creating a beautiful experience for all who attend.  The combination of ‘Reiki-Sound’ will open a doorway of deep transition for all”-Elaine

About Coral

coral2Coral Majoor is an accredited BOWEN practitioner from Australia who has been serving families and clients around the world and local community for over 30 years.

She is a Reiki Master, Re-birther, Teacher & Author (and co-author with Wayne Dyer, Marie Diamond (from the Secret) and others in the book “Wake Up Live the Life you Love”.

The Bowen Technique involves small moves that roll muscles to activate nerves underneath that kick-start the body’s own natural healing processes. This is the Bowen Technique’s  true power as it awakens the body encouraging it to heal itself. Due to the gentle nature of these activations, the Bowen Technique is suitable for everyone of all ages. Bowen Therapy is a truly holistic approach to Alternative Medicine-Health, that continues to offer pain relief, well-being and balance the body.

Bank Deposit Details – You can pay in total or pay a deposit of $100 to secure your place (please notify me on deposit)

Bank Of Queensland

BSB:  124001

ACC:  21632009

NAME:  V. Webby

If you want to pay by paypal please email me: and I will send you a paypal invoice.


*for those that received an early brochure please note the change in investment – we are honoured to have two beautiful teachers for group sessions joining us

Cosmic Keys of Creation – Blueprints & MP3 Transmissions

33 Cosmic Keys of Creation

“Our light shines within…

and so begins the grandest journey of discovery”

The ’33 Cosmic Keys of Creation’ are a tool of remembrance, a sacred journey that will take you deep within to explore, set free, shift and initiate deep change and assist in ‘re-igniting’ your Divine Plan and innate connection to your Soul, Spirit – Merkabah of Sound and Light.  

Below is a description of Series One, Two and Three.  These sets of both MP3 and Key (Blueprint/Template) are available now for purchase either as downloads or a printed set sent via post.

‘Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – Series One

(please complete Series One before going on to Series Two –  ’11 Keys of Remembrance’)

Blueprints and Transmissions through Language of Light

In co-creation we will step through the ‘Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ – doorways of self-discovery and expansion.  The great Halls of Amenti are doorways or stepping stones, taking us deeper and deeper into our SELF and deeper and deeper into our ONE.  We face our shadow and fear through equality, embracing each through love.  We set free judgement of ourselves and others and realise that we can create a beautiful life if we choose.

With self-realisation comes the knowing that the “I” is a part of a whole, a collective light of one source, one love.  As each door opens we become aware of what it is to simply BE.  We experience deep cellular rejuvenation and regeneration and ignite our Inner Earth Star Crystal that has always been with us as a loving guide and Master.

The Keys are presented as ‘live’ channeling and transmissions through Victoria in the “Language of the Heart” (Language of Light) from energies of Magdalene, Christ Flame, The Syrian High Council, Seraphim, the Guardians of Amenti and others.

The 13 Keys are: Heart Ignition, Shift, Awaken, Expansion, Unlimited Sons, Wheels of Regeneration, Quantum Rejuvenation, Inner Worlds, Star Consciousness, Regeneration, Emergence, Sirian High Council, New Hu-Being.

’11 Keys of Remembrance’ – Series Two

(Please complete Series One first)

Blueprints and Transmissions through Language of Light

Expanding from ‘The Thirteen Keys of Amenti’ we will step further into the high-frequency vibrations of sound and light.  Guidance from the Elohim and the Archangelic Realms through the  “Eleven Keys of Remembrance” are being presented to assist us in deepening our awareness and acceptance of our pure light and sound matrix of love.  A matrix that was ‘sung into BE-IN-g through our creative energy’.  

We realise we are part of the ‘Cosmic Web’ remembering that we are Sacred Seeds of Creation, here to experience a path through embracing every aspect of ourselves – no matter what, that everything in our world is “OK”.  At this level we are truly realising our divine presence in all things, our divine knowledge and wisdom becomes more tangible, we experience a greater awareness of our cellular Being and  that the power is WITHIN US to simply create a life of joy and peace.

The 11 Keys of Remembrance are: Cosmic Elements, Archangelic Realms, Realms of the Faey, Star Walker, Christ Connection – Divine Masculine, Christ Connection – Divine Feminine, The Blue Planet, Book of Wisdom, Cell Mastery, Ascension Portal, Original Thought.

9 Living Light Temples – Series Three:  The third and final set of Keys for this series bring us deeper transition into the state of One, strengthening our trust and faith that we simply are God/Source/Creation and knowing our divine choice of ‘creation in motion’.  That the “We/I” creates ALL in the moment we choose to create it – NOW.

We honour that the divine Spirit is within everything and WE ARE  that ‘everything’ – WE ARE the I AM – WE ARE the Living Light Temples.  “We are sound and light in motion and we flow within the rhythm of the Cosmos that moves through our divine and infinite hearts”.

The 9 Keys – Living Light Temples are:  Temple of Mirrors, Temple of Aashaya, Temple of Crystal Skulls, Temple of Omniverse, Temple Lunar, Temple Christ Feminine, Temple Christ Masculine, Temple of Sound, Temple of Inana.

The 33 Cosmic Keys of Creation are a journey, a deep level of expansion so take as much time as you need.

 There is no hurry or rush –  please complete ’13 Keys of Amenti’ before beginning the next ’11 Keys of Remembrance’.  Allow yourself around 5-6 weeks (2 to 3 Keys a week) for SERIES ONE and 4-5 weeks for SERIES TWO or THREE to fully integrate all Keys.


There are two ways to receive the Keys (blueprints) – via Dropbox or through Postage:

Via Download (Dropbox):    These 33 high quality jpeg blueprints can be sent through internet for download, along with a voice transmission for each Key/Blueprint. – 33 blueprints and 33 voice transmissions (most around 5–7 minutes long).  

You can purchase the downloads of the ‘Keys’:

As single sets:  Series 1, Series 2 and finally Series 3:  price per series AUD $85.00 each.

As a full set of 33 Keys:  AUD $233.00 (saving of $22.00)

Via Mail (Postage):  If you wish I can also send you a printed version where you will receive a set of 33 high quality A4 printed version of each Key (blueprint) and a CD of the voice transmissions:

Single set via Post:  Series 1 then Series 2 and finally Series 3:  AUD $155.00 PER SERIES (includes postage)

As a FULL SET of 33 Keys via Post:   AUD $415.00 – saving $50.00  (includes postage).  

Please Note for DROPBOX DOWNLOADS:  this is not an automatic download.  As soon as I receive an email from Paypal I send you the links via Dropbox.  It will be sent to you within a few hours of your purchase (please note international time difference for Australia).

You will receive instructions on how to use the Keys/Blueprints and Transmissions when you receive each Series.




ALTERNATIVELY you can use my PayPal Me Link:


The Sacred Keys of Amenti – Kuala Lumpur


Please go to link below for all information on ‘The Sacred Keys of Amenti’ one-day gathering being held in Kuala Lumpur in January, 2015.  Victoria will also be available for personal sessions in early February, 2015.

LINK – GO HERE:  KL-Oneness Code-Jan-Feb2015-web


 The Seraphim ignite the fire of creation within – you are the key to all consciousness.

The Sacred Keys of Amenti

A New Earth, Kuala Lumpur

31st January, 2015


Letting Go Of Distortion – MP3

 “Where there is a storm, there is great opportunity for change”


This MP3 runs for 12 1/2 minutes. It is recorded on the verandah up high in the crystalline mountains of Maleny. You will hear heavy rain, wind, thunder and ‘see’ the lightning for the first few minutes and then a channel of ‘awakenings’ in the ***Language of Light. I have edited out the large cracks of thunder for the sake of your ears (the mic couldn’t handle it!)  

The energy is profound if you allow all the elements TO BE within and to move through you.  The codes assist in your awakening and balancing of these elements within, in particular you may feel strong shifts in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, through the nervous system and in the cells.  You are the Master – create!  Before listening please read below.

Please BE in a quiet space.  Take three nice deep and gentle breaths while calling in your Higher Consciousness and ask for awakening and balancing during this session.  Ask that you shift with grace, gentleness, love and joy through higher consciousness –“I SET FREE TO BE”.   Remember to breathe consciously throughout the process, especially if you are challenged by anything coming up – bring it into your heart and breathe with gratitude for the shifts.  In the end, in the stillness BE aware of what is happening in your Sacred Temple (all 5 subtle bodies).  Say THANK YOU to yourself and all the elements within.  Three nice deep breaths, feeling grounded and balanced. Open eyes.  This MP3 is best listened to through a headset. 

UNDINESome messages about the MP3 from our Higher Consciousness:

“A great streaming of light, a deep cleansing through fire and water”

Opening the doors of the inner earth – the inner self

There is a ‘downloading’ through the right brain and a balancing through the is like the thunder and ligntning has come to ‘shock the system’ to re-align the system. Bringing all the ‘electricals’ into alignment, through sound, through fire, through water and through earthing, through grounding, through sacred divine – all the elements are playing their role.

The Mastery is always within – SEE;  KNOW;  BE

To read the full blog on this MP3 – go to:


 ***Language of Light – our divine essence, the original language of our Higher Self/Source.  It communicates at the level of the Higher self/consciousness and connects through the heart/higher heart/higher mind (free of the ego/human mind).  Has a profound effect on our DNA to assist us in awakening to pure love.

CD:  Victoria and David have a new CD “Home To Heart”:   LATEST CD:


COSMIC SOUL CARDS – 33 spiritual card deck:

Home To Heart CD


Sacred Sound, Language of Light, Crystal Harps and more




A Very high vibrational CD with Language of Light, sound and sacred codes. This CD will assist in awakening the ‘inner voice’ – the connection of your Heart – Soul vibrations of pure joy and love. It will assist in the expansion of your sound and light codes, promote healing on all levels and expand psychic tools, deep awareness and connection through all sacred Realms of consciousness. Great as a self-healing tool, wonderful for meditation and for professionals to play during massage sessions etc.

 60 minute, high quality recording (in professional studio). Comes in vacuum-sealed packaging.

MP3 DOWNLOAD $15.00 – please contact Victoria to organise payment & download on: or +61 438165297

Available in CD now – AUD $26 – includes delivery within Australia

CD & Delivery international:  AUD $36


SAMPLE TRACKS BELOW: track 1, 5, 6 & 12




Vocals:  Victoria Webby

Instruments:  David Webby

CD Illustration:  Blueprint by Victoria Webby

Photography:  David Webby & Le’er Ng

Sound Recording through:  Stephen Hamacek, Front Ear Sound, Noosa

Victoria-microphone C-Harp-recording

Journey Into Oneness

“Let Go and Grow”


Victoria Webby in Kuala Lumpur

Day Gathering & Personal Sessions:  Thursday, 6 – Saturday, 8 November 

“In ancient times the light could be seen through your sacred vessel of the eye.  The light would appear as a beam, a strand of the divine that would pulse and emanate a sound from your sacred heart.  It would move, communicate and sound as one breath, as one consciousness from the Source and partake of the deepest truth of all that is.  It was called “The Breath of L.O.V.E.”  Arch. Metatron

Join us for a very sacred day gathering where we will bring the songs of our Heart and Soul together and pulse the ‘Breath of Love’.  We will open to our truth and come to know that everything that we are IS LOVE – the shadow, the light, the all.

“The Sacred Heart is a doorway to a deep transition of love and a deep calling to experience.   When you move into this most sacred vessel you are entering the infinite light, to where all is possible and all is probable – how you BE-THE-NOW will determine what you BE-COME”.


If you are ready to let go of some very old and deep conditioning that has blocked you from remembering your truth and if  ‘freedom’ is your way then come, it will be a very liberating, expansive and loving day.

You will receive  the Language of Light through voice and sound that will activate, awaken and accelerate through your cells and DNA to create a more expansive and awakened energy throughout.  

Meditation and Crystal Tone singing bowls will take you deeply within.  

Toning and songs of the ancients will bring you to your core and you will never BE the same.

During the gatherings and sessions you may find:

  •  That your lives have deeply changed
  •  Your perspective and outlook on life has expanded as you enter divine truth
  • Your eyes have opened in their relationship with self, others and careers
  • The awakening and expansion of higher spiritual gifts and
  • Broadening the vision on Life itself and more..

WHERE:  A New Earth:

F-2-12 Plaza Damas

Jalan Sri Hartamas 1

50480 Kuala Lumpur

PERSONAL SESSIONS:  Thursday 6th and Friday 7th November

One hour sessions RM 295 (please bring audio recorder if you want to record  session)

DAY GROUP GATHERING:  Saturday 8th November 10am to 5pm

RM 222

For all bookings please call ‘A New Earth’ – see above


(Victoria is a guest speaker at the International Spiritual Conference,  1st-3rd November in the Genting Highlands, Malaysia organized by Pyramid Meditation Society of Malaysia – more information:

Victoria has been intuiting, transmitting, speaking, singing, writing and drawing the Language of Light for over eight years.  She is an intuitive energy and sound facilitator both in group meditations, workshops, retreats and personal sessions. Victoria is also a teacher of the ancient Rites of the Incas – the “Munay-Ki 9 Rites of the Shaman” (see link below).VickiWebsite3

Victoria is a spiritual artist, painting channeled multi-dimensional energy frequencies, Star Gates and Earth Realms and is a Blueprint Originator and Deliverer – one that consciously works, carries and delivers the Cosmic Blueprint for Mother Earth and her Soul Beings (human and all realms).  She has created many channeled ‘Blueprint Accelerators or templates’ and has created a deck of “CosmicSoul Cards” – 33 channeled blueprints from many dimensional vibrations (see link below).  She has commenced on a new card deck and a book of her channelling.

Magdalene Codes sm1                                   Cosmic Soul Cards:  The Magdalene Codes

Sacred Garden sm2  Tree of Life sm2

 The Sacred Garden                                                        Tree of Creation

Victoria visits areas of the planet through both the higher Realms and in her Earthly form – being guided (through visions, insight and clairaudience) to go to places such as Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, India, Kuala Lumpur and parts of Australia to assist in ‘being a gateway or vessel’ of encodement for the higher frequencies to enter the planetary consciousness.    

Plans are also underway for retreats to Australia, India and Peru in 2015.

“99% of my learning and teaching has been through experience, through being with the land, with divine, sacred Spirit – being guided to go to a place, sing the original tones and speak the original language of that particular area which assists in its balance for the sacred Souls that reside and visit there.   I do not believe I am here to ‘fix’ anything.  Mother Earth is perfect!  Rather I see myself as merely a vessel to create balance for humanity to walk as peacefully and lovingly as possible on their path.  I have been witness to some amazing transformations with the Indigenous Spirits and land vibrations and seen and felt the change on a very physical level”.

I see Mother Earth (her original blueprint) as absolute perfection.  Through veils still imposed, many of the planet cannot see this perfection but as we  open our hearts and Souls to hear once again, we see the truth that she is whole, complete, balanced and perfect.  What I do as just one of many ‘doorways’ in human form on the planet, is assist her to help us all open our own eyes to this perfection that she already holds, that she already vibrates at.  Through the sounds, language and tones I am not only bringing myself into this remembered alignment but open opportunities for others if they choose to see Mother Earth and themselves as the most loving, profound and amazing Beings of joy.  I feel so blessed for the insight I have been given and the opportunity to be part of the shift that is happening NOW”.

“For you to truly live your joy – let go of all expectations and  allow your hearts to open;  to fly – the moment is NOW”


goddess- choices-love    Painting by Helena Nelson Reed

Artist:  Helena Nelson Reed


Blueprints/Templates are great tools of encodement of higher frequencies of sound and light – language, chants, codes, sacred geometries and symbols that are channeled through the Higher Realms/Higher Selves to assist us to accelerate and BE the Fifth Dimensional vibrations and above.  TO BE THE NEW EARTH.   Many of the Earth, Star and Sea Realms such as the Faey Kingdoms, Angelics, Whales, Dolphins, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and beyond have imprinted their most sacred and divine sounds and living light into each blueprint.

Our “Original Blueprint” is our original sacred sound – that which is THE ALL, the CREATION, the SOURCE – what we are activating, remembering and awakening – I connect with people from this point of their and my own energies in service

The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that have shut down within you.  Light Language awakens and ignites deep, sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, awakening the direct communication lines between your divine Heart and your Divine Soul so that you may once again remember infinite love and divine grace”

Cosmic Soul Cards:

For further information on personal sessions/healing please go to:

For more in-depth information about Victoria go here

Testimonials – go here


Spectrums of Sound – Singapore

universe-gateway - Art © Brian Exton
IMG_2975In every moment we breathe, move, express, connect and create through sound, light and frequency.  Science has shown that we are connected in all ways, through holographic images and that every singular movement we make affects another, affects the whole.  Every thought, word and action – conscious or unconscious affects our energy field and everything within and around it.

Edgar Cayce once said “Sound is the medicine of the future.”  When we look deeper into the healing qualities of sound, we realise it has been a healing tool for thousands of years. The Australian Aboriginals have been using sound for around 40,000 years through the didgeridoo.  From the ancient Temples of Hathor, the Egyptians, Babylonians to Pythagoras – all used the qualities of sound as ‘medicine to heal’.

IMG_2579 - Version 2 

Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls – 99.9% pure crystal

In this time of awakening and re-connection to our divine intelligence, we embrace the wisdom of the Ancients and remember our innate abilities to tune into frequencies. We now realize that the universe and everything in it is moving to specific tones and vibrations.  Our unique crystalline form is a matrix of pure sound.  Every living, breathing energy on this planet holds a tone, a pulse that connects them to everything else – from the ant to the fly, from the fly to the bird, from the bird to the forests, from the forests to the oceans,  from the oceans to the whales, from the whales to the humans – everything has a sound, everything is connected.


With our cellular form re-creating itself in every moment, we have a grand opportunity to experience, express and connect into our divine matrix of sound.  This can be by merely sitting under a tree and listening to the wind sweep through the leaves or listening to a bird singing.  It can be through playing a guitar, listening to Beethoven or Mozart or listening and experiencing instruments such as crystal bowls, harps and the most profound instrument of all – the human voice.


Crystal harp – multi-directional and multi-dimensional

Such an opportunity is now being presented  through a night of sacred sound.  Alchemy Crystal Tones singing bowls, crystal harp, voice chants, songs and tones, will be brought together and initiated through the Language of the Heart (language of light) into one pure voice of LOVE.

With our entire human body down to our very DNA being crystalline in form, The Crystal Tones Singing Bowls are 99.9% pure crystal, said to be matched by no other singing bowls at this time.  The alchemy of pure quartz with other elements (including precious gems and minerals) make their ‘sonic sounds’ powerful tools of transformation and healing.  “You feel like you are completely encased in pure love”

The Crystal Harp is the result of more than 12 years of research and development. It is handmade from pure quartz crystal and the resonance of its sound is both multi-directional and multi-dimensional.  “It takes you so deep within, your cells spin and create a new sound – it is amazing”. 

The Human Voice is the most powerful healing tool we, in this human temple hold.  It is the key to opening an ‘interior doorway’ to express sacred sound, to enhance and purify our crystalline vibration and to open the records of our own creation.  Language of the Heart – Language of Light assists in opening this memory and thus awakening our DNA resonance to assist us in remembering our divine truth and divine connection”.

Bathe in this pure vibration and allow your cells and energies to shift into a higher frequency of sound and light and thus align with your higher divine intelligence through love.


“We bring a collective consciousness of One – Star and Stone, Heaven and Earth;

The Ancient songs of Mother Earth will sing through your most ancient blood and greet the ethereal tones of the Stars in the most sacred of vessels – your Heart;

This combination of sound, brings a unique experience for all to open their entire Being and be blessed into a union of the heart at its most deep and profound resonance;

“Your cells will shift beyond measure, THIS IS THE MOMENT to open, awaken, activate, expand and integrate the sounds of your Soul through its original tone, its original DNA Blueprint of L.O.V.E.”


SPECTRUMS OF SOUND NIGHT – An invitation from the heart.  Come and experience with –

Victoria & David Webby, Le’er and Ming Hui.

LOCATION:  The night will be held at “Galeri Utama” –  (River Valley Road entrance) Fort Canning – opposite Clarke Quay and Liang Court  – see map below and click over map below to expand (Galeri Utama is in the red circle)

Singapore-Spectrums night-Galeri Utama - outside the room

Galeri Utama

DATE & TIME:  Friday, 10th October, 2014.  Arrival from 6.30pm for a 7pm start.  Finish at 9pm – please arrive 15-30 minutes before – doors will open at 6.30pm.  No admission after commencement.

INVESTMENT:  SGD $55.00 per person for payment before 22nd September OR SGD $60.00 at the door on the night.  PLEASE BOOK EARLY AS NUMBERS WILL BE LIMITED.

PLEASE contact Ming Hui on email to reserve your place and for banking payment details. 

For any emergency information you can contact Ming Hui on mobile:  96588407

PLEASE NOTE:  There is no seating provided on the night.  Please bring a cushion or mat for the floor and bring some water.  If you cannot sit on the floor then please bring a fold up chair – Thank you!

Fort Canning Park Map 2012

Map of Fort Canning