After several years experience in various techniques of natural healing, I now find a deep calling to offer services that make my energies dance and my heart truly sing:

Intuitive Sound-Energy & Acceleration Sessions; Cosmic*Light*Weave Sound MP3  and Munay-Ki Rites:

(Personal, Group & Skype Sessions available)

“Music gives a Soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”…….Plato


This session is about looking deep within to make positive, healthy changes through mind, body, soul and spirit.  It is a co-operative session between you in your physical, conscious form and your Divine Blueprint or Higher Self/Christ energy.  

This session is a great opportunity to self-heal, to see where in your life you feel imbalanced, where things “just aren’t working” and take the next or perhaps first steps to shifting and changing your life.  It is the moment when you can truly step into your power by taking responsbility for where you are NOW with deep wisdom and compassion.  “Coming into your power is the first state of being true to your eternal light”  Archangel Metatron

Clients have reported profound changes in their lives and have been able to work through issues with a sense of peace and clarity – even many years after their sessions.

During this session you will experience sound healing through the Language of Light, voice channeling, toning and sacred chants.  At times I also utilise Peruvian bells, American Indian drum, oils, essences and crystals.  You are welcome to record the session.




These sessions are technical, precise and life-transforming.  They are sessions that do not concentrate so much on the ‘human emotional issues’ but rather connect straight into the encoding that you carry at this moment in time.

What Happens during a session:  With the assumption that we are ‘already awake’ and that we are ‘whole’ we will connect with our original Divine Blueprint, our Monad and expansive multi-dimensional sound and light – our spark of pure Source.  Through sound, Language of Light and pure, loving wisdom, we will undergo the transformation that is required at that time through the transmissions of Language of Light, pure sound and energy.  

Several Higher dimensional energies will come together in this session to bring a profound transformation in your encoding, your cellular memory and in your DNA  and ‘exchange’ erroneous beliefs and codes for your higher frequencies of sound and light.  There are no limitations during this session, we go where the higher frequencies of our consciousness lead us.  It is your Higher Self that will guide  and show us the way home – to the most divine and sacred of hearts.  

Outcome:  Is really up to you.  There are no limitations!  Many clients have been receiving deep insights and higher expansion and remembrance and have continued to expand since.  They have reported higher awareness, clear and deep intuition, better health and emotional balance on a daily level and improvement in psychic gifts – expect no-thing, receive everything.  Want more info? – see below

A Message from Victoria:  “A lot of the sessions I hold with people are a mixture of both of the above.  We set the intention of divine love and healing, the highest outcome for the client through their Divine higher energies/Monad and are simply guided in the moment.  Often what a client ‘thinks’ they want before they come goes out the door as they simply hand up all their fears in the moment.  The results are quite spectacular when resistance is freed and grace and our divine intelligence is allowed to flow”.

COSMIC*LIGHT*WEAVE  MP3 to assist your re-connection and remembrance of your divine sound pulse – CLICK HERE for information

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Group Sessions – available for the above with 4 – 10 people (personal or Skype).

Please go to contact and email me to discuss group sessions.

star-being-Artist; Walter Bruneel

(Artist Walter Bruneel)

For those that want a little more information on my role in either the one hour or 45 minute sessions:  Through Creator’s Divine Intelligence, I see and intuit the codes, signatures, symbols and frequencies within your personal grids and subtle bodies that would benefit from positive and healthy change. It is like I see an “etheric body” and “just know” what is required through the collaboration of the Client’s and my own Higher energies.  Everything is brought in through your pure consciousness, your cosmic vibration.

Through this connection with your Divine Blueprint (template – your original design), re-alignment, balance and healing is possible.  In fact, when people arrive for their appointment they often say that they felt a shift the minute they decided to connect with ‘us’.  They were already feeling the affects in the decision when booking the appointment and taking a positive step in their own healing.

One thing I have come to FEEL and acknowledge over the many years on my journey is that every BEING is an aspect of myself.  That I AM not separate from anything in Creation, that indeed I AM all of Creation-in-Love.  This has changed the way I receive and deliver information accordingly.  My heart shows me that all the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Sea, Star and Earth Beings (or spirit) ARE ME.  As I call in these aspects through divine and pure intelligence and love I am calling to the most pure and highest aspects of both my client and myself.  Through this pure love (our Original Blueprint and that of all Source) the session begins.  It is simply MAGICK!

“I like to see all of us as “Emissaries of Peace and Love”.  This guidance is constantly expressing to myself and others to look within, to see and honour  the love and oneness that we truly are and to be the expression of such each and every day, through every aspect of our lives.


Blueprint:  Diamond Doorways – with Light Language (channeled through Victoria) – further info HERE

I am blessed to have a constant companion in the energy known as Archangel Metatron who guides me daily on my course.  Over time there has been much insight from the Angelic Realms, Ascended Master Realms, Star Beings bringing through the codes for blueprints/templates and paintings, as well as the Earth Realms – Faey, the Ancient energies of the Nature Spirits, Trees and Stone People.  “Heart Language” through words and songs channel from the ancient and gentle spirit energy of many Tribes that have walked the planet before, bringing their wisdoms and healing to all that are ready.  The Grandmothers and Grandfather Whales are always ready to bring their codes through to activate and accelerate your expansions through their Whale Songs.

Although I do spend quite a lot of time interacting within the Metaphysical Realms, I am very grounded in my energies and am able to translate messages from the Etheric world into the world we reside in, in a very practical, down to earth and effective way to assist you in breaking through barriers and moving forward in your life in very simple steps if you are willing”.

At this moment in time there is a strong presence of the Ancient wisdoms of Lemuria and the Wisdom Keepers of the Inner Earth, as well as the energies of the Dragons assisting to bring through shifts on a personal and planetary level.  


“A deep cosmic golden vibration has entered the planet to allow all to honour their role as Peace keepers, as Wisdom Keepers of Love.  It is important now that all focus on THE MOMENT, for it is only within THE MOMENT that you can shift the aspects of your life that would seem to hold you and bind you to the illusion of the past”

“It is time to realise that you are the Masters of your own destiny. Come, BE and welcome into your heart of hearts all that you are in THE ONE”. Blessings, Emissaries of Peace & Love

In a session ‘living light language & toning/sound’ (original sound and language of Creation), crystals, American Indian drum and other techniques may be used.

SKYPE  Intuitive Energy and Sound Healing

I work with many people around Australia and the world – Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom, America, Kuala Lumpur, India, France and other places via Skype and Telephone. Click Skype Spiritual Healing to learn how these sessions can work for you.



I have to say, I have had alot of healings, sessions etc. throughout my life and my session with Victoria was mind blowing. The message, the sound that came through, all so very deep and relevant. The immediate energetic shift that I experienced was so incredibly timely. Look forward to my next session to reveal even more of my world to me! THANK YOU!”   Marjean Holden, Producer – Eleven Dragons Entertainment – Los Angeles

We have all been blessed to have someone on this earth with such strong connections to Mother Earth, Archangels and our Ancestors.  Victoria’s gift of connection and healing within all dimensions is astounding and accomplised through her unconditional love for all.  Kylie Flynn, Gold Coast Australia

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 Munay-Ki comes from the Quechua word that means “I love you”. These three powerful sessions (three rites per session) are rites of initiation, given through the energies of the Q’ero Nation, the descendents of the Inka, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru. These very powerful initiations will clear your luminous energy field of psychic sludge left by past traumas, as well as raise your levels of vibration.

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To receive the Nine Rites there are 3 x 1.5 hour sessions (3 Rites per session) available. Each session consists of connecting with the elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit); meditation and breath work, followed by three Rites.

Group sessions also available on request (minimum of four).

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Transformational Gatherings and Spiritual Workshops

There are regular gatherings held on the Gold Coast and overseas like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and India that provide opportunities for deep transformation and healing.
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Sound & Crystal Tones Singing Bowls



I feel such Huge Gratitude for the way you work with me… So Beautifully Supported. I feel incredibly Honoured and Empowered. Thank you for these Gifts!” – Maryke, Brisbane

“I really appreciated connecting with you, and being able to be honest. To just be me. It’s incredibly rare I find someone who can meet me as I am. It’s relieving and nourishing. Thank you” – Sc, Singapore

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