India Journey – 2014

The Oneness Code

Group Gathering in sacred divine –

September, 2014

Mumbai:  6th & 7th September;

Bangalore:  13th & 14th September

The Breath of L.O.V.E.

goddess-blue star  

“In ancient times the light could be seen through your sacred vessel of the eye.  The light would appear as a beam, a strand of the divine that would pulse and emanate a sound from your sacred heart.  It would move, communicate and sound as one breath, as one consciousness from the Source and partake of the deepest truth of all that is.  It was called “The Breath of L.O.V.E.”  Arch. Metatron

Join us for a very sacred weekend where we will bring the songs of our Heart and Soul together and pulse the ‘Breath of Love’.  We will open to our truth and come to know that everything that we are IS LOVE – the shadow, the light, the all.

“The Sacred Heart is a doorway to a deep transition of love and a deep calling to experience.   When you move into this most sacred vessel you are entering the infinite light, to where all is possible and all is probable – how you BE-THE-NOW will determine what you BE-COME”.


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Merging of our many lifetimes, Our Universes;

DNA acceleration, activation and initiation through Language of Light;

The emergence of your ‘Soul Song’;

White Dragon – 13th dimensional encoding;

In Service to Creation and all her Beings;

Igniting the internal fire of the Inner Earth Heart;

Your Original Blueprint and Sound of Light;

Higher Spectrums of Sound;

You are a Multi-Dimensional Being – wisdom from the ‘Ancients of the Inner Earth’;

Sacred Silence;

Whale encoding – align your sound templates;

Align with the Song lines of Mother Earth;

Initiation through sound and colour by writing your own divine Blueprint and Language of Light;

Hear the ancient sounds from the Tribes that call together NOW in sacred union – channelled sounds and chants from the Indigenous;

Hear the wisdom of your Soul Song and the internal power of its vibration;

Join a collective wave of divine love on and within the planet through sacred Song Lines;

Speak to the sacred light within from the Stars and the Earth – the Elementals of Fire, Earth, Air, Water and the divine Spirit within;

Meditation, initiation, acceleration, sacred sound and song, Crystal harp, Language of Light (language of the Heart)

“As with all that I do I tune in to the energies IN THE MOMENT.  The programme can alter at any time.  This weekend will be very experiential, will flow wherever we, as a group energy flows and what is for the greatest good of the group, our Souls and the planet at that time – I am so grateful to take this journey with you” – Victoria.  


Channeled Blueprint by Victoria – Sound and Language of Light “Starway to Heaven”

About Victoria

Victoria has been intuiting, transmitting, speaking, singing, writing and drawing the Language of Light for over eight years.  She is an intuitive energy and sound facilitator both in group meditations, workshops, retreats and personal sessions. Victoria is also a teacher of the ancient Rites of the Incas – the “Munay-Ki 9 Rites of the Shaman” (see link below).

Victoria is also a spiritual artist, painting channeled multi-dimensional energy frequencies, Star Gates and Earth Realms and is a Blueprint Originator and Deliverer – one that consciously works, carries and delivers the blueprint for Mother Earth and her Soul Beings (human and all realms).  She has created many channeled ‘Blueprint Accelerators or templates’ and has created a deck of “Blueprint Soul Cards” – 33 channeled blueprints from many dimensional vibrations.  She has commenced on a new card deck and a book of her channelling.

Victoria visits areas of the planet through both the higher Realms and in her Earthly form – being guided (through visions, insight and clairaudience) to go to places such as Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Kuala Lumpur and parts of Australia to assist in ‘being a gateway or vessel’ of encodement for the higher frequencies to enter the planetary consciousness.  This year there are plans for gatherings in Singapore,  visits to Japan and New Zealand, Kuala Lumpur or wherever called.  Plans are also underway for retreats to Australia, Peru and New Zealand in 2015.

“99% of my learning and teaching has been through experience, through being with the land, with divine, sacred Spirit – being guided to go to a place, sing the original tones and speak the original language of that particular area which assists in its balance for the sacred Souls that reside and visit there.   I do not believe I am here to ‘fix’ anything.  Mother Earth is perfect!  Rather I see myself as merely a vessel to create balance for humanity to walk as peacefully and lovingly as possible on their path.  I have been witness to some amazing transformations with the Indigenous Spirits and land vibrations and seen and felt the change on a very physical level”.

I see Mother Earth (her original blueprint) as absolute perfection.  Through veils still imposed, many of the planet cannot see this perfection but as we  open our hearts and Souls to hear once again, we see the truth that she is whole, complete, balanced and perfect.  What I do as just one of many ‘doorways’ in human form on the planet, is assist her to help us all open our own eyes to this perfection that she already holds, that she already vibrates at.  Through the sounds, language and tones I am not only bringing myself into this remembered alignment but open opportunities for others if they choose to see Mother Earth and themselves as the most loving, profound and amazing Beings of joy.  I feel so blessed for the insight I have been given and the opportunity to be part of the shift that is happening NOW”.

“For you to truly live your joy – let go of all expectations and  allow your hearts to open;  to fly –               the moment is NOW”

goddess- choices-love    Painting by Helena Nelson Reed

Artist:  Helena Nelson Reed

Blueprints/Templates are great tools of encodement of higher frequencies of sound and light – language, chants, codes, sacred geometries and symbols that are channeled through the Higher Realms/Higher Selves to assist us to accelerate and BE the Fifth Dimensional vibrations and above.  TO BE THE NEW EARTH.   Many of the Earth, Star and Sea Realms such as the Faey Kingdoms, Angelics, Whales, Dolphins, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and beyond have imprinted their most sacred and divine sounds and living light into each blueprint.

Our “Original Blueprint” is our original sacred sound – that which is THE ALL, the CREATION, the SOURCE – what we are activating, remembering and awakening – I connect with people from this point of their and my own energies in service

The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that have shut down within you.  Light Language awakens and ignites deep, sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, awakening the direct communication lines between your divine Heart and your Divine Soul so that you may once again remember infinite love and divine grace”

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