In Trust – I AM

Yeppoon Gathering

“I trust in the me that is you.

You and I are whole in all ways –

We are love;    We are one”


We are in a unique experience, one that at this moment in time sees us co-creating in the NOW. WE choose our destiny, WE choose how we react and how we create. We AS ONE hold the power of the divine within us that guides and teaches us in every moment the “Way of Love”. The choice is ours.

“Together on this day we are simply remembering we are already AS ONE”

Through the gentle yet deeply powerful facilitation of Victoria and David, we will embrace our shadow and our light. We will explore ‘in the moment’ and embrace our everything. To do this we must listen to our hearts, hear our minds and acknowledge our Souls as divine Masters NOW.

We shall learn some simple but effective techniques to allow the connection of our hearts and minds;

We shall connect through deep meditation enhanced by the celestial sounds of the Crystal Tones Singing Bowls, drum and Victoria’s voice;

We shall hear the ‘Language of Light’ move within our cells and expand our infinite connection;

We shall remember our ‘cellular destiny’ – re-activate our memory of pure love;

Receive energy transmissions that will shift old beliefs at its core;

We shall balance our cellular vibration, awaken our DNA and hear our unique voice – perhaps for the first time;

Simply BE with fun and laughter;

We will tone together, move together and BE together – We are Love and We are One.



Bowls of Peace – Hiroshima, Japan


Date: Sunday, 1st May, 2016

Time: 10am to 5pm (registration from 9.30am – please arrive by 9.45am latest)

Place: Searenity House – 15 Newton Ave, Yeppoon

Investment: $65.00 per person for the day – tea/coffee provided with shared lunch (or BYO lunch if you prefer).

Bookings – Victoria: 0438165297 (email:


Place:  Searenity House – 15 Newton Ave, Yeppoon  

Dates:  Monday, 2nd May from 11am until late afternoon

Bookings:  Victoria – text 0438165297 or email: (you can also book through Pay Pal below)

Investment:   $90 – session typically goes for around 1 – 1. 1/4 hours.  We will record this and an MP3 will be sent or bring your phone/audio recorder.

What Happens during a session:  With the assumption that we are ‘already awake’ and that we are ‘whole’ we will connect with our original Divine Blueprint – our spark of pure Source.  Through sound, Language of Light and pure, loving wisdom, we will undergo the transformation that is required at that time through the transmissions of Language of Light, pure sound and energy.  

Several Higher dimensional energies will come together in this session to bring a profound transformation in your encoding, your cellular memory and in your DNA  and ‘exchange’ erroneous beliefs and codes for your higher frequencies of sound and light.  There are no limitations during this session, we go where the higher frequencies of our consciousness lead us.  It is your Higher Self that will guide  and show us the way home – to the most divine and sacred of hearts.  

Outcome:  Is really up to you.  There are no limitations!  Many clients have been receiving deep insights and higher expansion and remembrance and have continued to expand since.  They have reported higher awareness, clear and deep intuition, better health and emotional balance on a daily level and improvement in psychic gifts – expect no-thing, receive everything.


Yeppoon May 2016

About Victoria – I awoke one morning to a voice that said “create a space to allow people to BE their truth, to hear their heart sing”. Assist them to awaken their hearts and hear their pure Soul. Simplicity IS truth – utilise the breath and allow this TO BE the key that opens the doorway of the heart – the way home to remembrance of ONE”.

Since this message there have been many gatherings, travel and much learning and personal growth. I like everyone have had my ups and downs but have always held strong to trust and faith that everything I experience is my own choice. This has always been comforting to me at those worst moments because I realised that if I can ‘create’ then I can ‘uncreate’.   Yes – Yes – Yes!

“Come celebrate your unique energy that is part of a consciousness of One. I love the simple way, through simplicity everything is possible. The time of ‘complicated and crisis’ is over – It is time to believe in the divine YOU!” – Victoria

About David –  “My journey with Victoria is certainly full of possibilities and exciting pathways.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Men’s Group facilitations, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay-Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I travel with Victoria to many countries, sharing the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation”. David


Being with the Song Lines – Munay-Ki Rite in Numinbah Valley and Lemurian Gateway, Kimberley Ranges, Australia