The following are free MP3’s for you.  With each MP3 please be responsible for your own Mastery –

Please BE in a quiet space.  Take three nice deep and gentle breaths while calling in your Higher Consciousness and ask for awakening and balancing during this session.  Ask that you shift with grace, gentleness, love and joy through higher consciousness –“I SET FREE TO BE”.   

Remember to breathe consciously throughout the process, especially if you are challenged by anything coming up – bring it into your heart and breathe with gratitude for the shifts.  In the end, in the stillness BE aware of what is happening in your Sacred Temple (all 5 subtle bodies).  Say THANK YOU to yourself and all the elements within.  Three nice deep breaths, feeling grounded and balanced. Open eyes.  This MP3’s are  best listened to through a headset.



MESSAGE FROM MOTHER MOON –  The message below came through on the New Moon on 26th April, 2017 but really it is a message for any moment we choose to remember that our shadow AND our light are within us and it is a choice how we perceive this:

As the sounds came through I saw us all being wrapped in the arms of sacred mother, filled with her beautiful dark light and taken into her heart and her womb. She as Mother, Grandmother, Father and Grandfather were bathing and nurturing us through the sacred darkness and showing us the light within. Have the strength within to simply say YES to change and transition. Everything is OK.
“During the time of this beautiful dark/new moon we are asked to come to the heart, to journey through the ‘sacred rivers’ (our life-blood – arteries, veins etc) and give gratitude for all of our experiences and choices. Yes, we have a choice of how we experience and journey, yes we BE grateful for the emotions, feelings and thoughts, actions and words for they are stepping stones to a grander moment – they are an aspect of LOVE (Light of Voice Eternal) within us. Let each step be conscious, present and in awareness and simply BE.
Mothers, Grandmothers, Fathers, Grandfathers of this Moon cycle come together within to assist in this presence
– We are Love, We are One.
“May you BE this grace on this day and all days”
See link here (best to listen with headset – around 6 mins). Drink some water, take a few gentle breaths before and after and centre yourself: