Personal Sessions – Cosmic*Light*Weave Transmissions

“Everything that I AM has a pulse, sound,  frequency and vibration that at it’s core is pure and divine”

Personal Sessions in Singapore – 17, 22 & 23 August, 2017 

One Heart, Tembling Road, Singapore

I AM “sound as creation and creation as sound” – one cannot exist without the other.  

As we remember this we are tapping into the higher and expanded frequencies of our divine heart matrix – our Higher Self, Soul, Monad – Spirit.  Some would call this ‘awakening’ but in truth it is simply a remembrance, a ‘knowing’ of our natural ‘sound’ and state and our pure alignment with unconditional love.  This love opens the doorway, the path to our expanded frequencies of benevolence, joy, peace, grace, abundance and so much more. 

The Cosmic*Light*Weave transmissions assist you to remember your ‘divine pulse’ your ‘natural state’ of original sound from creation that ‘bridges worlds of remembrance’ from this literal, physical world to your divine, ‘heavenly’ harmonics within.  The transmissions assist you to re-connect to this divine harmonic-pulse to bring deep expansion, to awaken and remember natural psychic gifts and re-align your ‘sound’ with your divine plan and path in this lifetime.  A divine plan that not only guides you through this physical world but reaches into your higher vision and creation senses to BE in service to all. 

What happens during the Session?  Together we connect into your ‘Cosmic Tone’ held in your ‘Divine Sound Blueprint’, from which I channel sacred sound and HEART language specific to you.  

The Cosmic*Light*Weave Transmission begins with an Introduction, and then takes you through a journey of your divine connection with the Cosmic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Spirit.

The sixth transmission is ‘DIVINE CELL’ – a total ‘remembrance’ of your cellular Mastery, which weaves all the Cosmic Elements together through golden threads of light and sound codes. This is the sixth and final transmission of the set, bringing all of your frequencies into alignment with your ‘Cosmic Tone’.  

Each session is different and unique from another, you can simply lay on the healing table and receive or you can join in with your own unique voice!

Please bring along an audio recording device so that you can take it home with you and use over and over again for continued acceleration and expansion.  An I-phone or similar device works well so please make sure you have enough memory for around 1 to 1 1/4 hours.

  “The frequency of this transmission guides each person through an intensive and individual journey of remembrance, connection and integration through divine sound”

“Say YES to your divine sound and tone as One with Creation”

BOOKING A SESSION IN SINGAPORE:    To book please go to Paypal at the bottom of the page.  Once a payment is made I will then contact you to arrange day and time via email.  The sessions book out quickly so to avoid missing a place book now.  In Singapore the sessions are AUD $160 (can pay in instalments) – to order online it is normally AUD $222 (see link below)

I look forward to sharing this time with you!  Victoria

PAYPAL PAYMENT for personal ‘Cosmic Light Weave’ Sessions in Singapore:

Healing Sessions


Can’t Make a Session in Singapore but would like an MP3 created specific to you?  CLICK HERE and order from Victoria online.


33 Cosmic Keys of Creation: 9 Living Light Temples

With Victoria Webby

 Two Gatherings & Personal Sessions, 2017

One Heart Centre – Singapore

 Reiki-Sound Evening:  16th August

Personal Sessions:  17th, 22nd, 23rd August

Cosmic Keys of Creation: 19th – 20th August


Gathering One  in Singapore:

Reiki- Sound Evening with Victoria and  Elaine Victoria Yang:

Wednesday, 16th August – 7.30pm to 8.30pm

There is one place left for this session – please contact Elaine if you wish to attend:  +94882454

Come and enjoy a unique experience of receiving Reiki with the sounds of the Language of Light, voice tones and crystal singing bowls.  

A message from Source/Spirit:  “Your cells will simply sing into BEing the expression of deep transition and love.  You will move into deep stillness and shift at a profound level if you choose”

Investment:  SGD $35.00 at door – Please contact Elaine on Email: to reserve your place

Please arrive by 7.15pm – in respect to all attending we cannot accept people into the room after 7.35pm.

Cosmic*Light*Weave – Personal Sessions with Victoria:

17th, 22nd, 23rd August.  Personal sessions of deep transition and cellular remembrance.  

“Remember that you are already awake,

conscious and LOVE”

You may record the session if you wish.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your session, it would be greatly appreciated.  Once you make payment (or deposit) I will contact you regarding an appointment.   In gratitude, Victoria

Investment for Personal Sessions:  AUD $160.00 (payment system available)

Further information/payment on personal sessions:  COSMIC*LIGHT*WEAVE – click here 

Gathering Two in Singapore:

“33 Cosmic Keys of Creation” – 9 Living Light Temples

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th – 10am to 5pm

We continue the journey of Co-Creation with the last 9 Keys of the Series – 9 LIVING LIGHT TEMPLES in the series “33 Cosmic Keys of Creation”.  

The first set of 13 were the “13 Keys of Amenti” (Heart Ignition – blueprint left), taking us into the love of our shadow and fear and walking us through the great Halls of dimensional doorways from this world to the next, freeing ourselves of judgment and embracing joy and love.  The 13 Keys offer us the opportunity to gently acknowledge our own illusion and create shifts and expansion within, cellular regeneration and divine remembrance of our crystalline light of ‘stars and stone’.

The second set of keys were “11 Keys of Remembrance” (Blue Planet blueprint right) which was received in Singapore in June, 2016  (being held in Australia this September, 2017).  This series strengthened our capacity and understanding that WE ARE CREATION, that everything exists within and that we are really stepping into our Mastery.

The third and final set of keys are:

‘9 Living Light Temples’ – in Singapore this August

The third and final set of Keys for this series “9 Living Light Temples” will be held in Singapore this August, 2017 and completes the series of the 33 Cosmic Keys of Creation – our Divine Creation Blueprint.  The ‘9 Living Light Temples’  bring us deeper transition into the state of One, strengthening our trust and faith that we simply are God/Source/Creation and knowing our divine choice of ‘creation in motion’.  That the “We/I” creates ALL in the moment we choose to create it – NOW.

We honour that the divine Spirit is within everything and WE ARE  that ‘everything’ – WE ARE the I AM – WE ARE the Living Light Temples.  “We are sound and light in motion and we flow within the rhythm of the Cosmos that moves through our divine and infinite hearts”.

Information for August Gathering –  Overview for SINGAPORE: ‘9 Living Light Temples’ with Victoria for August, 2017 gathering  (please flow with the NOW – the overview may change in any moment!):

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th (10-5pm) We shall move through each of the ‘9 Living Light Temples’ Keys/Blueprint. You will receive 9 divine Blueprints to take home.  There will be meditation, Language of the Heart (Language of Light), Crystal Tones singing bowls, chants, voice toning, deep initiation and transmissions.  There will be ‘hands on’ acceleration as well.  More will expand as we gather together throughout the weekend.  We are simply “Co-Creation in the moment”.

Venue (for all Gatherings and Sessions):  

One Heart Healing Centre – 37 Tembling Road, Singapore  423580 – Link HERE

Investment for ‘9 Living Light Temples’ Gathering:  AUD $422.00 (includes all blueprints to take home, 2 days attendance, tea/coffee).  THERE IS AN INSTALMENT PLAN AVAILABLE – please see pay pal link below.

Times:   Saturday & Sunday 10am to 5pm both days.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As guided by Creation/Spirit, the ’33 Cosmic Keys’ are a journey, a transition and transformation over a series of experiences via the Keys/Blueprints.  

It is important that you have received the previous 24 Keys before attending the ‘9 Living Light Temples’ August weekend gathering in Singapore.  

NEW attendees for this weekend are now closed (still open for anyone who has previously received the 24 Keys (13 Keys of Amenti and 11 Keys of Remembrance).

Can’t Attend the Weekend but would like to receive the Cosmic Keys of Creation?

Via Download (Dropbox):    These  24 high quality jpeg blueprints can be sent through internet for download, along with a voice transmission for each Key/Blueprint. – 24 blueprints and 24 voice transmissions (most around 5–7 minutes long).  

You can purchase the downloads of the ‘Keys’ in two ways:

As single sets:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  price per series AUD $85.00 each.

As a full set of 24 Keys:  AUD $155.00 (saving of $15)

Via Mail (Postage):  If you wish I can also send you a printed version where you will receive a set of 24 high quality A4 printed version of each Key (blueprint) and a CD of the voice transmissions:

Single set:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  AUD $155.00 per series (includes postage)

As a full set of 24 Keys:   AUD $270.00 – saving $40.00  (includes postage).  

CLICK HERE  to order download or printed verions of 24 Keys

“It is a wonderful experience to use these Keys/Blueprints as amazing tools of divine transformation.  Let each Key/MP3 transmission assist you to remember your Divine within and to help you create the most amazing moments on your path through love” 


Preferred payment is through Paypal -please see link below – thank you!

“9 LIVING LIGHT TEMPLES”  Gathering – Series Three in Singapore, 19-20 August 2017 – AUD $422.00  (see pay pal link below)

PERSONAL SESSIONS WITH VICTORIA – available on 17th, 22nd & 23rd August  (see pay pal link below) – AUD $160.00

SPECIAL – ‘9 Living Light Temple Gathering’ & Personal Session (purchased as a set) – AUD $555.00 (save $27.00) (pay pal link below) 

**PERSONAL DIVINE BLUEPRINTS – SPECIAL (see description below):  For anyone wanting their own ‘Personal Divine Blueprint’ please order by 15th July.  I will bring them personally to Singapore.  The price is AUD $130.00 (save $20.00) (pay pal link below)

**A Personal Divine Blueprint is a spiritual artwork, through pastel/pen/ink.  It is an unique and individual piece of spiritual art that is channeled through Victoria by the recipient’s Higher Self/Divine Soul/Monad/Source.  A tool of deep transformation and expansion.  Victoria sits in sacred space and channels written and spoken high frequency Language of Light, colour and sound  onto the page.  You receive the spiritual artwork on a high quality A3 card, along with a written page channeled direct from your Higher Consciousness.    Many choose to frame their Divine Blueprint, take copies and use it at night (under bed for expansion), during meditation, travels etc. 



You can also send money through PayPal me (through Shenestar Creations): PayPal.Me/VictoriaWebby

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on email:   OR   Whats App: +61438165297

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy in co-creation – I look forward to my time with you in Singapore



“Everything that we are has a pulse, a frequency, sound and vibration that at it’s core is pure and divine”.  

We are “sound as creation and creation as sound” – one cannot exist without the other.  As we remember this we are tapping into the higher and expanded frequencies of our divine heart matrix – our Higher Self, Soul, Monad – Spirit.  Some would call this ‘awakening’ but in truth it is simply a remembrance, a ‘knowing’ of our natural state and our pure alignment with unconditional love 

The Cosmic Light Weave transmissions assist you to remember your ‘divine pulse’ your original sound from creation that ‘bridges worlds of remembrance’ from this literal, physical world to your divine harmonics within.  The transmissions assist you to re-connect to this divine harmonic-pulse to bring deep expansion, to awaken and remember natural psychic gifts and re-align your ‘sound’ with your divine plan and path in this lifetime.

The Cosmic Light Weave is a personal Sound MP3 – aligned exclusively for you and consists of 6 high frequency transmissions through Language of Light and sound. Each transmission is channeled to assist you to advance in your spiritual and physical expansion.


What happens during the recording?  With your permission, I connect into your ‘Cosmic Tone’ held in your ‘Divine Sound Blueprint’, from which I channel sacred sound and language specific to you.  This is recorded through high-quality sound into MP3 format.

Your ‘Sound Blueprint’ begins with an Introduction, and then takes you through a journey of your divine connection with the Cosmic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether/Spirit.

The sixth transmission is ‘DIVINE CELL’ – a total ‘remembrance’ of your cellular Mastery, which weaves all the Cosmic Elements together through golden threads of light and sound codes. This is the sixth and final transmission of the set, bringing all of your frequencies into alignment with your ‘Cosmic Tone’.

The fully edited recording is unique to you – your very specific Sound Blueprint that assists your remembrance to your Cosmic Tone  frequency and sound. It will be around 1 1/4 hours in total.  You can take your time with this journey through the MP3 – use your own intuition.  You could listen to one track per day or one track per week – take your time with each of the Cosmic elements.

You could use this MP3 as an ongoing tool of acceleration and transformation. The potential for continued expansion on all levels is unlimited. “The frequency of this transmission guides each person through an intensive and individual journey of remembrance, connection and integration through divine sound”.  

“Say YES to your divine sound and tone as One with Creation”.

Further questions? Please contact me:


Enjoy this life-changing MP3 for AUD $222.00.  To book your MP3 see Paypal link below.  Please allow 14 days for the recording from the time of purchase.  It will be sent to your email address via Dropbox.

Divining The Senses

“Every day we use all of our senses – most of the time without the awareness of the divine and delicate balance that each expresses within the other”

Gathering with Victoria & David Webby

Singapore – 20th and 21st August, 2016

Every breath, step, action, word, feeling is an experience through the senses in our daily life.


To live the higher-potential of Self-Mastery is always a choice  

Every day is a day to utilise the very best we have to offer from within.  We have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to our higher potential and to create choices that will enhance our life in the moment.

During this gathering we will learn to LIVE from our radiant hearts, to step outside the boundaries of old and outdated perceptions and will experience a new way of living our lives through presence and awareness.

Are you ready to step through a new doorway?

This ground-breaking weekend will allow us to see, hear, feel, touch, smell and engage our Psychic Senses in Mastery through a deeper level of wisdom and understanding – to interact from the physical world to the highest energies of our consciousness in presence, in the NOW.  To BE a heart of radiance and from this space see our world as a radiant light. 

“We are boundless, limitless expressions that dance the dance of the Cosmos – we are sacred sound and light, sensing as ONE within all things”


WE ARE THE NEW EARTH and with joy we learn to take responsibility for our lives (without judgement) and see how easy it is to engage with simplicity every potential choice, possibility and path we have through our senses:

On a fundamental level – from a radiant heart……..

. become conscious of how every aspect of your life engages every one of your senses;

. learn how your reactions through your senses open or close doorways to your self-Mastery;

. recognise that what you think, feel, see, hear and speak are doorways to your ultimate sense;

. become peaceful about your path and how YOU hold the power within you to live a happy, joyous life;

On a level of Psychic Mastery – from a radiant heart……..

. learn how to balance your senses and expand your extra-sensory perception;

. expand your extrasensory perception/higher frequencies and creative energies – awaken 32 distinct higher-multi-dimensional pulses or codes throughout the five sensory-fields;

. awaken 8+ ‘dreaming’ codes that will assist you to remember your divine telepathy and natural state of pure connection;

. bring all together into the ONE sense of BEING

The experience of this weekend is limitless.  No matter what background you come from, whether you feel or think you are not sure “what it is all about” but still something calls you, then say YES!

Opportunities come in many forms, this experiential weekend is another way to open to your highest potential and assist in your transition to a deeper level of understanding in your life through simplicity and peace.

“NOW is the ONLY moment to simply BE”

Language of Light, Sound and energy transmissions, channeled meditations and initiations, awakening codes, American Indian drum, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls 

VENUE:  One Heart, Singapore – 37 Tembling Road

DATE & TIME:  Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st August from 10am to 5pm each day (please arrive by 9.45am).  There will be 1 1/2 hour lunch break.

Full weekend Investment:  AUD$333  (please note to attend Sunday session you must attend Saturday).  Please make payment below in Paypal


Tuesday 23rd (NOW BOOKED OUT) and Wednesday 24th August (ONE  SPACE LEFT).   Please contact Victoria on email or WhatsApp BEFORE making payment to check what she has available (for personal sessions only): OR +61438165297.


About Victoria

Vic-japan-bowlsVictoria has been asked by Creator to assist in the ‘awakening of hearts’.  She is a catalyst for people to create deep change in their lives and to see clearly their journey through the way of L.O.V.E – “Light of Voice Eternal” that is innately within all, just waiting to awaken.

 Victoria is very down-to-earth and connects with people on a level of deep understanding and kindness.  She holds the space without judgement and brings a feeling of safety and wisdom to each session.

On a more esoteric level, Victoria is a Blueprint Originator, Encoder and Deliverer, consciously weaving sound and light codes and transmissions through guidance and teachings from the Cosmic Mother. She channels sacred sound – Language of Heart (Language of Light), voice toning, chants, energies and songs. She has a deep understanding of Mother Earth and the Inner Earth Realms and travels the planet with her husband David, listening to the voice of Divine Mother and guided to assist her in awakening the “New Hu-Being” – the Higher codes and spectrums of sound within our core and within the true consciousness of humanity.  “Whether you join us over the weekend or for a personal session, the most important thing is to relax, come with a smile on your face and wonder in your heart and simply have fun” – Victoria

About David

C-Harp-recordingI met Victoria in 2009 and we married just over a year later in May 2010. Since then we have travelled together conducting gatherings/seminars in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. We also organised a Spiritual Journey to Peru and Bolivia and are facilitating a group journey to France in September,  2016, bringing like minded Souls together interested in self-transformation.

There have been many significant leaps in my spiritual growth over my life, including Reiki, Theta Healing, the Breath of Love and sharing the ancient Munay Ki Rites gifted by the Medicine Elders of the Andes.

My journey now is intertwined with Victoria in sharing my gifts of music.  I offer her my support and assist Victoria in sharing with others the wisdom I have gained through inner awakening and deep transformation.

JOURNEY TO FRANCE with Victoria and David:

 September, 2016  Magdalene, Templar Knights, Cathars:  Press Here




Letting Go Of Distortion – MP3

 “Where there is a storm, there is great opportunity for change”


This MP3 runs for 12 1/2 minutes. It is recorded on the verandah up high in the crystalline mountains of Maleny. You will hear heavy rain, wind, thunder and ‘see’ the lightning for the first few minutes and then a channel of ‘awakenings’ in the ***Language of Light. I have edited out the large cracks of thunder for the sake of your ears (the mic couldn’t handle it!)  

The energy is profound if you allow all the elements TO BE within and to move through you.  The codes assist in your awakening and balancing of these elements within, in particular you may feel strong shifts in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, through the nervous system and in the cells.  You are the Master – create!  Before listening please read below.

Please BE in a quiet space.  Take three nice deep and gentle breaths while calling in your Higher Consciousness and ask for awakening and balancing during this session.  Ask that you shift with grace, gentleness, love and joy through higher consciousness –“I SET FREE TO BE”.   Remember to breathe consciously throughout the process, especially if you are challenged by anything coming up – bring it into your heart and breathe with gratitude for the shifts.  In the end, in the stillness BE aware of what is happening in your Sacred Temple (all 5 subtle bodies).  Say THANK YOU to yourself and all the elements within.  Three nice deep breaths, feeling grounded and balanced. Open eyes.  This MP3 is best listened to through a headset. 

UNDINESome messages about the MP3 from our Higher Consciousness:

“A great streaming of light, a deep cleansing through fire and water”

Opening the doors of the inner earth – the inner self

There is a ‘downloading’ through the right brain and a balancing through the is like the thunder and ligntning has come to ‘shock the system’ to re-align the system. Bringing all the ‘electricals’ into alignment, through sound, through fire, through water and through earthing, through grounding, through sacred divine – all the elements are playing their role.

The Mastery is always within – SEE;  KNOW;  BE

To read the full blog on this MP3 – go to:


 ***Language of Light – our divine essence, the original language of our Higher Self/Source.  It communicates at the level of the Higher self/consciousness and connects through the heart/higher heart/higher mind (free of the ego/human mind).  Has a profound effect on our DNA to assist us in awakening to pure love.

CD:  Victoria and David have a new CD “Home To Heart”:   LATEST CD:

COSMIC SOUL CARDS – 33 spiritual card deck:

SPIRITUAL TOUR TO PERU, September-October, 2015:


 Home-to-Heart-CD.covershaman.calling spirits of pachamama.apu

CD:  Home To Heart      Come in sacred journey – Peru and Bolivia, 2015

India – Thirteen Keys of Amenti

Victoria Webby


Thirteen Keys of Amenti

Information Page

Halls Amenti - Kati Astraeir

MUMBAI GATHERING – 14th & 15th February, 2015:


Our gathering will be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February.

VENUE:  The Club, D.N. Nagar, Andheri west, Mumbai

TIMES:   10am start to 5pm finish – lunch, morning and afternoon teas included and will be served during the gathering

CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION: Sameeta – +919892000323 or +919892000425
Reserve seat by Jan 15th 2015
FLYER:  PDF Flyer available – go to:  India-Oneness Code-FINAL-Feb2015



DELHI GATHERING – 7th & 8th March, 2015:

Our gathering will be held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th February.
VENUE:  LOTUS SUTRA, D-333 , Defence Colony, South Delhi .
TIMES:  10am to 5pm finish – lunch, morning and afternoon teas included and will be served during the gathering
CONTACT FOR REGISTRATION: Sameeta – +919892000323 or +919892000425

Our CD’s, Soul Cards and Cosmic Jewellery will be available at the event:


‘Home to Heart’ CD – will be available at the weekend gatherings.  A very high vibrational CD that assists in the awakening of the ‘New Hue-man’.  Will assist in the expansion of consciousness.  We have found this CD popular with the kids and young ones – they are truly engaging with the language and sounds.  See link below:



Cosmic Soul Cards – pack of 33 high-vibrational Acceleration Cards – full illustration and message on each card.  See link below:


The experience was amazing. I had one of the most beautiful meditational experiences ever. For the first time, I opened up to the importance of sound healing and understood the role it plays in healing. I am able to better appreciate the role of bird and water life in the healing of humanity. I am beginning to emphasise more on staying in the heart. Becoming more conscious. Hope it continues to be so. I am loving the work of Victoria and David Webby including the divine blueprint cards. Thanks for bringing such wonderful people into our lives. Prashanti, India

Effects are evident in the sense that being conscious of breath, love & heart is helping me in being aware if negative emotion and controlling it.  I am less stressed.  Today I was listening to sessions audio and there was same rush of energy.  I still remember the hug from Victoria.  Full of love  – Anshul, India


Amenti is a multi-dimensional energy of awakening.  Within the Inner Earth (Agartha or Hollow Earth) are keys waiting to ignite, to unfold and awaken.  The great Halls of Amenti are doorways of great and divine consciousness that assist us in this awakening to all of our records of all dimensions, experiences and journeys.  These doors assist in our expansion through knowing all of the choices we have created and all of the possibilities to come.

Blueprints/Templates are great tools of encodement of higher frequencies of sound and light – language, chants, codes, sacred geometries and symbols that are channeled through the Higher Realms/Higher Selves to assist us to accelerate and BE the Fifth Dimensional vibrations and above.  TO BE THE NEW EARTH.   Many of the Earth, Star and Sea Realms such as the Faey Kingdoms, Angelics, Whales, Dolphins, Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius and beyond have imprinted their most sacred and divine sounds and living light into each blueprint.

Our “Original Blueprint” is our original sacred sound – that which is THE ALL, the CREATION, the SOURCE – what we are activating, remembering and awakening – I connect with people from this point of their and my own energies in service

The Language of Light engages the links and pathways that have shut down within you.  Light Language awakens and ignites deep, sleeping and dormant cellular pathways and DNA, awakening the direct communication lines between your divine Heart and your Divine Soul so that you may once again remember infinite love and divine grace”

Cosmic Soul Cards

After many years of channeling and creating Blueprints (or templates), I am excited to have been asked by Creation to bring them into a card pack.

Cosmic Soul Cards are a portal to your Divine Plan, a sacred gift from the Cosmos that awakens and activates your DNA and cellular Blueprint – your pure essence.

These acceleration cards will assist you in shedding the old, embracing the new and balancing the NOW.  They are an amazing life-changing tool for the New Earth!


“All that you are you have always been;

All that you have been is awakening within you.

It is time to remember your Divine Soul’s calling

The moment is NOW”


                                   Diamond Doorways               Starway to Heaven

This deck to date will consist of 33 cards, all printed from original channeled hand-drawings.  They are imprinted with the ‘Language of Light’, Sacred Sounds and divine codes and hold the vibrations of the many Realms that make up our Universe and extend to the many Star Systems beyond the Milky Way and to all of Creation.   The Blueprint image is on the front of the card with words and Affirmations on the back (see sample of words below).

The ‘Cosmic Soul Cards’ are not limited by the boundaries we might place upon ourselves, they come into fruition through the most sacred divine light of ALL THAT IS – pure consciousness, pure joy, pure love.

Embrace and enjoy, expand and energise, Ignite!



The high frequency acceleration cards are created, printed and packaged in Australia.    They come in a draw string bag.  To purchase see PAYPAL below.



Many doorways are awakening.  See yourself before this door and see whatever shape, colour, sound and size comes freely.  This is the symbol you are to use NOW to access your deepest heart awakening.  There is ancient wisdom within and as you move through one door another will ready itself.  All paths for you now are clear – choose well, choose wisely as there are many!  Do not be confused by such a selection, breathe and move into your heart space and ask which one is the most expansive for you at this time and embrace with joy!

AFFIRMATIONS – Centre yourself and take deep breaths in and out through your heart:

“I STEP with joy through the diamond doorways and embrace my higher frequencies”;

“I CHOOSE with deep wisdom my path NOW that expansive and loving”;

“I AM open to receiving with grace the gifts of the Universe and all that it brings me”;

“I SEE that I AM the doorway that opens all doorways to divine love”

(Complete 5 breath cycles of each Affirmation)

It is important to realise that the cards are ACCELERATION AND AWAKENING cards and although the words will enhance, merely by connecting into the picture (blueprint) with each card will accelerate your energy to its next level.

When ordering your Cosmic Soul Cards please note there are DIFFERENT PRICES for postage within Australia and overseas.   Please choose the appropriate postage price otherwise there will be a delay in sending your order.


Cosmic Soul Card Testimonial:

Thank you Victoria for creating these beautiful and powerful cards. I was drawn into the card’s image when I close my eyes and saw the 12 suns n moons merging together. As I finish the last affirmation, I could feel feel my heart slowing expanding and vibrations going through my body. Sending tingling sensations and simultaneously my whole body muscles starts to contract involuntarily.

These strong sensation travels up to my neck and tingling all the way to the crown. I felt like being transported to another dimension and at the same time all my cells are being awaken or like my CPU being rebooted. Then I came back to earth plane and felt breathless with all the energies going through. I had to lie myself down to slow down my breathing before my muscles start to loosen up.

This is something I had never experienced before other then during a karmic release session or past life regression. I could feel the energy and vibrations just by holding the cards. Thank you once again Victoria for bringing this beautiful and powerful DNA encodings to us on this earth plane!

Warmest regards
Tess Woo
Singapore 2016




Living Light Oils & Spiritzers

Oils have been used since the beginning of time to assist in health, expansion and connection to our inner light.   ‘Living Light Oils’ are a gift of divine alchemy, created with deep respect as a tool of transition that may assist you in moving and shifting into a more enhanced and purer vibration. 

The gifts of the oils are their ability to awaken the senses and activate ancient memories held deep within your cellular structure and will help restore balance and harmony if you so wish.  Wonderful in personal and group meditations, healing sessions, sacred ritual – divine!

This series of Oils may assist in the emergence and expansion of your connection with the higher vibrations of fifth dimension and above and are powerful accelerators for the energies that take you into and beyond 2014. 

All of our Oils are infused with the energies of ancient Crystal Skulls such as Sha-Na-Ra, Mitchell Hedges, Amra, the 12 ascension skulls, Neo a skull that carries the original blueprint of Lemuria, Eb the obsidian skull of transformation and many more – in very high-vibrational areas from places such as Australia, Peru, New Zealand, Hawaii and others depending on where we are asked to go.  They often sit through 2-3 days of ancient ceremony and star alignments.  We are given information through pure Creator-Source when to birth these oils as well as when to launch them to the public.  They often sit with high-vibrational channeled blueprints to enhance the qualities of each oil and many Realms will sing, chant, energise and speak through sacred texts and languages to infuse sacred acceleration codes into each oil.

Temple of the White Dragon:

…and so it shall be that the light of the White Dragon shall enter and all will return to their Sacred Temple, their light, their joy”.

It is a combination of the sweetest and most potent oils of love:  White Lotus, Jasmine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Vanilla 

On 22nd September the Mother called her light home. On 23rd September, 2012 within the time of the Equinox and through the golden fires of Lemuria, a pure vibration, known as the ‘Temple of the White Dragon’ entered the planet. With the blessings of pure love, direct from the sacred Cosmic Heart, the Heart of Creation herself, this light began to seed the remembrance of our ‘heart song’, the sacred sounds of light that have been waiting eons of time to be ignited, codes that have always existed within. “As your cells awaken to this memory the flow of a new tide begins and opens like a young, fresh bud. The songs of your divine Temple that have been held buried deep within, awaiting the moment of its calling to bloom have come full circle. It is time to continue the journey you began in your awakened state so, so long ago. Welcome home”

The White Dragon Oil = Freedom. It will assist you in ‘stepping into your illusion/old patterns and programmes’ without fear and setting you free – with grace, gentleness and ease. It assists you in shifting your vibrations to a level where you can understand what is deep, divine truth and allow that truth to enter your heart and envelope any shadow with love. It activates cellular memory and ‘takes you into the remembrance of your home’ – your true state of love.

Earth Walker:

Oils:  Sandalwood, Peppermint & Lavender

Activated in a Lemurian Star Gate in the Kimberley Ranges on 1.6.12 at exactly 11.11am.  It was aligned through the energies of the Ancient Spirits of the land, the very sacred Boab Tree, turquoise crystals and ‘Neo’, a Crystal Skull that holds the original blueprint and codes of Lemuria.

This oil holds the energies of the crystal Kingdom of the Earth and energies of the Earth tribes.  Allows you to walk with gentleness and humility to the heart-rhythm of Mother Earth.  To walk with a balanced ego and being in integrity with money thus allowing a balanced outlook on abundance.

Accelerator for Earth grid connections.

Star Gazer:

Oils:  Rosewood, Frankincense, Spruce, Blue Tansey, Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Activated in the Kimberly Ranges at the Star Gate on 1.6.12 at exactly 11.11am with the ancient stones from Stonehenge and ‘Neo’, a Crystal Skull that holds the original blueprint and codes of Lemuria.

This oil is for one who walks with the Stars, walks with the Queen of the Angels – Mother Mary and all that is light within that awakens the heart to pure love.  The oil expediates Star grid acceleration for Star Beings to hold the light, as Star Beings of the Inner Earth.

This Oil brings grace and gentleness with deep inner awareness.

Lemurian Stars:

Oils:  Lavender and Citrus

Birthed under the New Moon with the Lemurian Fire Blueprint.  Activated on ‘World Peace and Prayer Day’.  Contains drops of the sacred Elixir (essence) from the Kimberly Star Gate, activated on 1.6.12 at 11.11am and with the energies of ‘Neo’, a Crystal Skull that holds the original blueprint and codes of Lemuria.

This oil was also accelerated with the 12-12-12 Star Gate and 21-12-12 transitional energies.

This oil brings a pure ‘golden fire’, direct from the Cosmic Heart, a multi-dimensional diamond shield that re-activates your cellular memory of the original Blueprint of the Lemurian Codes.

Lemurian Stars Oil brings awareness, connection and clarity.  Assists in the path of divine service.  It is extremely balancing and grounding through the changes for 2013 and beyond.

12-12-12 & 21-12-12 Star Gate:

Cassia, Lemon and Rosemary

This oil was activated at 12.12pm in the centre of a 12-12-12 Acceleration master-crystal grid and further accelerated in its energies over the period of 21-12-12.

This oil is a beautiful celebration of ritual and connection to your ‘Starry homes’ and assists you in remembering your Soul-heart-home vibrations.  It awakens the ‘star portals’ within your being.


12-12-12 & 21-12-12 Earth Gate:

Oils:  Frankincense, Wild Orange and Sandalwood

This oil was activated at 12.12pm in the centre of a 12-12-12 Acceleration master-crystal grid and further accelerated in its energies over the period of 21-12-12.

During the time of this great transition many of the Ancients/Elders that had been the guardians of the Earth consciousness went to their starry homes.  At that time this oil was activated specifically for people to move deep within and awaken to their understanding that they are the ‘new Guardians of the Earth’.

This oil will assist in the transition of this understanding and awareness and ground your energies to be the new Earth Keepers.

“144” – Oil only 

Oils:  Jasmine, Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense & Cosmic Waters Elixir

This Oil was created over the Wesak full moon in May, 2013.  We took the oil to sacred waterfall where a metaphysical 4-sided golden pyramid was placed over the oil.  The tip of the pyramid was silver/blue with gold streaming down into a colour of amber at the bottom.  At this point in time there are 144 Star Systems connecting to us throughout the Cosmos – this will be done over several years and through the continued lifting of our vibrational frequency.   The Oil is encoded with the Christ-Buddah energies,   A pulse has been activated into the oil through Stars and Stone, so that when you use it, it shall bring frequencies of several ‘points of light’ from sacred waters, awakening and balancing, flowing and gentle, deep connection and wisdom to the waters within.   It assists with creating structure through recognition of the WHOLE – UNION of self within self and of self.  Key word:  CONNECTION – LOVING AND DIVINE.

Cosmic Mother – PELE – Oil Only

Oils:  Black Pepper, ginger, peppermint, tarragon, coriander, fennel, caraway, anice

The creation of this oil was such a gift!  My husband David and I were asked to go to Hawaii to assist Mother Earth with some song lines dating back to Lemuria.  During that time PELE entered my energies and asked that a Blueprint and Oil be created.  Every time I sat down to draw the Blueprint the wind would suddenly come up as I felt her energy, like electricity touch me, the paper would always be lifted up off the table and sent on its way.  This was her letting me know she was present!  This happened on three separate occasions even though the days were very still.  We took the Blueprint to the volcano and with the Oil created ceremony with Pele.  It was truly wonderful.

This oil creates deep transformation through the sacred fires of Goddess Pele.  It will do so GENTLY if you choose.  It will go to the core of your Being and open the old, transmute and encode a higher vibration through sacred Fire Elementals.

For more information go to the blog on Pele:


New Oils coming:  Cosmic Mother – PELE; Walking With Diamonds; The Council of Twelve 

 Sizes for Oils & Spiritzers

Most of the Oils come in an amber glass bottle :  7.4ml approx (2 dram) and measure approx 5cm (2 inches)  The bottles come with orifice reduce drip lids.   Sometimes bottle size can vary but we do our best to give you this size ( you will be informed of any variation before posting).

Price per Oil bottle $26.00 AUD + DELIVERY –  see Paypal below.

Spiritzers – contain pure essential oils and pure high vibrational natural spring waters – 4oz sprays come in deep blue glass bottles.

Price per Spiritzer bottle $22.00 AUD + DELIVERY – see Paypal below.

We wish you much joy and expansion as you utilise the oils.  For best results keep them in a cool, dark space – a fridge is wonderful to keep them cool and fresh, especially our ‘Spiritzers’.

Every care has been taken in the creation of the Oils.  Although our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade, if you are skin-sensitive or have had reactions to oils in the past please use at your own discretion and integrity (a small drop on the skin to test is highly advised).  THESE OILS ARE FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY –DO NOT INGEST OF SWALLOW

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