Letting Go Of Distortion – MP3

 “Where there is a storm, there is great opportunity for change”


This MP3 runs for 12 1/2 minutes. It is recorded on the verandah up high in the crystalline mountains of Maleny. You will hear heavy rain, wind, thunder and ‘see’ the lightning for the first few minutes and then a channel of ‘awakenings’ in the ***Language of Light. I have edited out the large cracks of thunder for the sake of your ears (the mic couldn’t handle it!)  

The energy is profound if you allow all the elements TO BE within and to move through you.  The codes assist in your awakening and balancing of these elements within, in particular you may feel strong shifts in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, through the nervous system and in the cells.  You are the Master – create!  Before listening please read below.

Please BE in a quiet space.  Take three nice deep and gentle breaths while calling in your Higher Consciousness and ask for awakening and balancing during this session.  Ask that you shift with grace, gentleness, love and joy through higher consciousness –“I SET FREE TO BE”.   Remember to breathe consciously throughout the process, especially if you are challenged by anything coming up – bring it into your heart and breathe with gratitude for the shifts.  In the end, in the stillness BE aware of what is happening in your Sacred Temple (all 5 subtle bodies).  Say THANK YOU to yourself and all the elements within.  Three nice deep breaths, feeling grounded and balanced. Open eyes.  This MP3 is best listened to through a headset. 

UNDINESome messages about the MP3 from our Higher Consciousness:

“A great streaming of light, a deep cleansing through fire and water”

Opening the doors of the inner earth – the inner self

There is a ‘downloading’ through the right brain and a balancing through the is like the thunder and ligntning has come to ‘shock the system’ to re-align the system. Bringing all the ‘electricals’ into alignment, through sound, through fire, through water and through earthing, through grounding, through sacred divine – all the elements are playing their role.

The Mastery is always within – SEE;  KNOW;  BE

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 ***Language of Light – our divine essence, the original language of our Higher Self/Source.  It communicates at the level of the Higher self/consciousness and connects through the heart/higher heart/higher mind (free of the ego/human mind).  Has a profound effect on our DNA to assist us in awakening to pure love.

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COSMIC SOUL CARDS – 33 spiritual card deck:

SPIRITUAL TOUR TO PERU, September-October, 2015:


 Home-to-Heart-CD.covershaman.calling spirits of pachamama.apu

CD:  Home To Heart      Come in sacred journey – Peru and Bolivia, 2015

India- Thirteen Keys of Amenti Flyer


MUMBAI:    14th and 15th February, 2015

Mumbai Venue – The Club

DELHI:    7th and 8th March, 2015 –

Delhi Venue – Ritalli’s place at 333, defence colony, Delhi

“You are being given a most precious gift – the Thirteen Keys of Amenti.  Let it flow through the great divine and may you express and pass through the great doors to know your expression through golden light and luminous rays.  Let all merge within as you enter the great portal and BE”.  Light of the  Seraphim


Golden-Door-medium size

This moment we have together will bring profound change if you allow it. We will create a foundation and platform to step forward in 2015 and to re-learn to create our own destiny. “There is no other that can do this but you. It is time to embrace your strength and deep wisdom to make the changes in your life NOW, TO BE ALL that your heart sings for”.

“We have stepped beyond the doorway of past and future. We express in the NOW and this is where our truth lays – deep within. You are so much more than you realise, this is the moment to open and awaken to the divine song of your spirit and truth of your soul. Come join us in the magick and mystery of the Inner Doorways of the Cosmos, it is timeLight of Thoth


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