Blueprints – Series Three – Lemurian Lights



Opening the doorways – the Star Gates within to fully embrace the higher frequencies of your diamond matrix through your original codes.  Twelve doorways lead to the thirteenth – the union of self into a pure state of love through the continued expansion and growth of your energies.

Lemurian ‘language of sound’ instigates a higher learning and allows you to remember the original state of pure love.

Compatible sacred Elixir to go with this Blueprint:  COSMIC WORLDS (see below)

Blueprint Activations and delivery prices – see below



INNER TRUTH Activation:

Our inner truth – that which is guided by our Divine Will, shall awaken within us our all-knowing

truth and allow us to be set free.  By acknowledging and thus accepting that we are shadow and light 

in equal love, we can then move forward in this acceptance and become whole.

Compatible sacred Elixir to go with this Blueprint:  COSMIC FIRE (see below)





Awakening to ancient memories and gifts of other lifetimes.  It is safe now to recognise and set free all of old that does not serve you in this lifetime.

Ancient Lemurian seeds activate within you to remember the energy of pure unconditional love and how to utilise these raised vibrations NOW. 

Compatible sacred Elixir:  COSMIC EARTH (see below) 





 SUNS AND MOONS Activation:

The balance of the divine masculine (suns/fire) and the divine feminine (moons/water) bring a statement of great joy in the union of one.

The full embracing and acceptance of old masculine and feminine wounds and recognising and being responsible and at peace for choices made and circumstances created in your life.

Great wisdom is found in the equilibrium and setting free any judgment of old ways and beliefs.

Compatible sacred Elixir:  either Cosmic Fire and/or Cosmic Water – use your intuition to choose either or it is save to purchase both and use together (see below). 




The expansion of Cosmic Love is everywhere.  It extends beyond all that we can see, know or intuit.

All that we are is held within our vibration and with every breath we illuminate the path of our Soul in true remembrance.

“I am the essence of all pure divine and loving creative sources within me”

Compatible sacred Elixir:  COSMIC DESIGN (see below)


Blueprints/Templates are printed on 300gsm high quality paper and are strong enough to be mounted straight onto a wall or placed in a frame.  Lamination may bend the blueprint.  Each blueprint comes with a channeled message/affirmations to ‘expand’ with.  The Blueprints are infinite in their energy and are here as tools to assist us with the transition of our energies to pure crystalline vibration.  They will continue to evolve in their own right as pure conscious form.  Use them as a personal meditation and/or healing tool, for an area in your home and office that feels imbalanced, in any area that does not have a clear vibration.  Many people who travel will take the blueprints with them to keep them balanced during flights and moving from one place to the next.

The FULL SET of Series Three includes:  all Blueprints on 300gsm high quality paper, folder and  meditation CD containing individual meditations for each Blueprint.
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BLUEPRINTS A4 Series Three

BLUEPRINTS A3 – Series Three

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DELIVERY – Blueprints Series Three

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