Blueprint Charts – Series 2

Living Light Consciousness – Diamond Heart Series Two

Working through ‘living light consciousness’*, visually connect into the sacred geometric codes, frequencies, sounds and vibrations of universal and cosmic light.

“It is your choice where your path leads you. Make it one that is filled with the light of your soul, knowing that every experience is Source itself moving through you in a life of joy, love and oneness” – Keepers of the Codes.

With each individual Blueprint ordered you receive channelled information on the energy of the Blueprint.  When ordering the complete set of Series Two you receive the Blueprints, channelled information and a channelled meditation CD which moves you through each individual blueprint in the set.  To order see below.

Heart Chambers

Heart Chambers

Stars of light move into the central vortex of your existence, the divine heart. Chambers of love are sent from the heart of your Mother and Father – Earth and Heaven to fully connect you to the oneness that is – the completembe-in-gness of all encompassing love.

“Light en-sparks light, connectivity the key to allow the freedom of the heart consciousness to flow, to move freely and completely in its rotation”.

Keepers of the Directions

Keepers of the Directions

The light portal moves to the vibrations of the sacred directions. Within this movement sound vibrates to the resounding frequencies of ONE.

“The Elementals, the builders of this portal to the stars are the Gate Keepers who are awakening you to new sound tunnels, to consciously and safely move through the dimensions with grace and ease”.

Equations of Light

Equations of Light

Your metabollic structure awaits the shift. the realms are moving closer into the understandings and teachings of the light of numbers within. creative forces move into the range of huan understanding – yet to be recognised in the linear frame of light.

“Sacred numbers are formed within the creation of all universes and these numbers equate to symbolic sounds and frequencies of liquid form that are moving from solid matter to light”.

Embracing the Shadows

Embracing the Shadow

Forgiveness is a key factor to this Diamond Activation Chart.

“Letting go of conscious and unconscious fears of self, soul group, planetary, universal, galactic and cosmic consciousness of war, hate, intolerance of other races that would see separation instead of union”.

Stairway to Heaven

Starway to Heaven

“Planetary links open to all within you as light codes ignite and move into your cellular structure through the pure form of the Unicorn’s love and guidance”.

I am That

I Am That

“I am, you are, we are one in all divine consciousness and the sacred union of all becomes complete. Energies of light pour forth through and within spheres that shift the celebration of cell recognition into pure love”.

*Living Light Consciousness – the codes, vibrations, language and sounds of the Seers of Earth and Stars. Pure light that connects us to our original Source, our heart, our original matrix of unconditional love.

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