Blueprint Charts – Series 1

Living Light Consciousness – Diamond Series One

Working through ‘living light consciousness’*, visually connect into the sacred geometric codes, frequencies, sounds and vibrations of universal and cosmic light.

“It is your choice where your path leads you. Make it one that is filled with the light of your soul, knowing that every experience is Source itself moving through you in a life of joy, love and oneness.” – Keepers of the Codes.

With each individual Blueprint ordered you receive channelled information on the energy of the Blueprint.  When ordering the complete set of Series One you receive the Blueprints, channelled information and a channelled meditation CD which moves you through each individual blueprint in the set.  To order see below.

Star Flower Blueprint Chart

Star Flower

“Stars burst into union of life-form itself, through the sacred seeds of the stars. Communication networks open as we travel through ‘no space and no time’, continually moving into these pathways of light, showing the way to divine consciousness”

Pathways open the portals within the cerebrum, adopting a higher approach to ‘movement in life’ – continually guidng and shifting its divine intelligence with the flow.

Pineal Activtions

Pineal Activation

Through light speed, this blueprint balances that which is not in alignment within brain hemispheres – thus altering patterns of consciousness.

Light energies moving into pure light to ‘uplift’ the understanding of
‘light – forming – light’ within.

Conect into dolphin consciousness, breaking down linear function and old linear thoughts and programming.

Higher Heart Activations

Higher Heart Activation

“Star-Earth consciousness at its most profound. Deep connection to the ‘inner sanctum’ of heart and soul.

Coming back home – back to original ‘soul plate’ – the original Star system that is home to your soul, your soul family”.

Connect into the elements – earth, air, water, fire, spirit.

Tree of Creation

Tree of Creation

“Treasures from Mother Earth awaken. Codes of consciousness move through from the womb, the eternal life force of her being, delivered from her heart”.

The flames of eternal wisdom, eternal truth and eternal compassion open the gate from Earth to Heaven to allow deep transformation on the continued journey within.

Star Chambers

Star Chambers

“Light Thy Way – I am the truth that is, splendid in all simplicity to bring back thy soul to peace”.

Symbols of the stars form a conglomeration of star-light to produce and expel old and diluted form, to allow the re-birthing into divine truth and complete the cycle, the circle of ancient wisdoms to re-discover one’s essence, one’s inner star.

*Living Light Consciousness – the codes, vibrations, language and sounds of the Seers of Earth and Stars. Pure light that connects us to our original Source, our heart, our original matrix of unconditional love.

Blueprint Series One

Blueprint Charts

Blueprint Charts

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