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June & July ONLINE Gatherings

All payments for Zoom gatherings can be paid through my bank account or PayPal (see links with each event & bank details bottom of page – please SMS me after depositing in bank account).  After bookings are received you will be sent zoom link & information for each event.  For the Egypt MP3 package – this will be sent to your email or SMS via a Dropbox link.



Bridging Realms – Ancient Lines & New Songs – ONLINE

Kimberley, Uluru – Australia & Lemurian Stargate

Sunday – 21st June, 2020 (Solstice)  430pm – 630pm (you will receive zoom link on booking).  Join Victoria & David Webby with their “Bowls of Peace” crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, language of light transmissions, meditation, drums and voice.  Group participation invited and very welcome for sound sequence!

In June, 2012 David and I went on a 2,500km road trip from Darwin to the Kimberley and back in just 5 days.  This trip was the result of a request from Source to become Guardians of a Crystal Skull called NEO.  Through a series of synchronistic events “Neo” met me in dreaming and manifested physically in our lives.   He was to assist in the alignment of a Lemurian Stargate through the ancient song lines from Kimberley across the globe.  We were to return on 21st June 2020 to complete an 8 year cycle but due to the lockdown will now be bringing the sounds and energies ‘online’.  Many from around the world have met Neo and felt the beautiful energies that emanate from his ‘core’.  He has just returned from 1 1/2 years in the United Kingdom and the Golden Pyramid and sacred Temples in Egypt.  His energy is truly divine.
If you would like to join us on 21st June to delve into a deeper experience with Neo and the ancients as well as the ‘new earth’ planetary alignments within our own Being, please join us – you are most welcome!

AUD $33.00 (see payment details bottom page)


Crystalline Sounds of Light – New ONLINE Gathering – “Temples of Egypt through Oceans Door”Sunday, 5th July (new moon) – 4pm-7pm AEST & 11.30am in India – with Purvi Jayaaraaj & Victoria Webby

“In oceans floor

there is a door

that leads to worlds within;

a light of sound, a sound of light

that sings within the heart

where worlds will fall apart

Here – there – NOW, is where the journey begins …..”

For years I have been asked to travel to the ‘water’ to sing and tone into the doorways of the ‘inner worlds within worlds through the multi-dimensional gateways of our waters.  Come join Purvi and myself on this journey and see where it flows through transmissions from the ocean’s diverse Worlds and Temples.

AUD $33.00 / INR 1,000.00 (For INR please contact Purvi direct: +91 8971596825)

EGYPT MP3 PACKAGE: Crystalline Sounds of Light MP3 Recording now available to purchase: Golden Pyramid, Temples of Isis, Hathor, Horus, Sekhmet, Osiris.  

After an amazing circle with Souls from around the Globe on 23rd May (new moon) an Mp3 is now available from our 3 hour Online Gathering with Purvi Jayaaraaj (India) & Victoria Webby (Australia) –
INCLUDES: Audio recording of transformational meditations; Language of Light initiations through sacred energies of the Golden Pyramid and Temples of Aswan and Luxor; activation of sacred waters through ancient stone; crystal singing bowls; copies of 3 downloadable blueprints and power point presentations.

AUD $33.00 / INR 1,000.00 (contact Purvi direct to organise payment in INR: +91 8971596825)

Comments from participants from 23rd May & Egypt Workshop:

  • “This was truly amazing. Such amazing shifts felt especially my heart and throat. Am grateful to space Victoria Webby & Purvi heal. Thank you so much. Feeling such strength after these shifts. Looking forward to listen again”
  • “Was magnificent”


By Bank Account

V. Webby

BOQ (Bank of QLD)

BSB:  124001

ACC:  21467752

By PayPal:  Please pay on ‘PayPal.Me/VictoriaWebby’ and SMS me when you make payment. Thank you!

Please:  If you are unable to pay full payment of the investment above at this time please contact/SMS me – all IS well! Victoria:  0438165297 (+61438165297) or email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com







Connection Meditations

FREE LIVE Meditations with Victoria & group – April to end July, 2020.

Held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout April, May & June at 5pm AEST (Australia) – see other time zones below! 

Link below.

Go To:    https://us04web.zoom.us/j/126200313?pwd=WVkvbEdCZGdiazZvS0VaYlJFVmtwZz09

TIME ZONES – for 5pm AEST (Hobart, Tasmania)

Singapore & KL – 3pm; London BST-8am; Amsterdam 9am; Mumbai & Bangalore IST-12.30pm; Los Angeles PDT-12 midnight (previous night); Cairo EET-9am


Message from Participant:  “What a BEAUTIFUL meditation!!!!! 💗💗💗 My heart felt so full and it was jumping! Wow…thank you Victoria!! So blessed”. 🌟💫🦋

UPLOADS BELOW – free MP3 from previous meditations available through Dropbox (around 35mins):

The meditation mp3’s below and all words are copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line “Victoria Webby/@victoria_webby” is included.  Thank you so much, Victoria


APRIL 2020:

6/4/2020 – GO HERE

8/4/2020 (guest Slav)     – GO HERE 

10/4/2020 – Connection with the Faey, Crystals – GO HERE

13/4/2020 – Crystal Cities of Light – GO HERE

15/4/2020 (guest Zeenat Lakdawalla) – I AM Affirmations – GO HERE

17/4/2020 – Pele-Sacred Elements, Eye of Creation (41.11 mins) – GO HERE

20/4/2020 – Pleiades – in 2012 when I created the ‘Cosmic Soul Cards’ I was told that there were 9 stars in the Pleiades system (rather than 7).  This mp3 takes us into this connection and ‘Star Lore & Earth Lore’ & our Pleiadian vibration –  GO HERE

22/4/2020 – Munay-Ki ‘Earth Keeper Rite’ (guest Raven) – GO HERE

24/4/2020 – Pleiades – Fire & Winds – GO HERE

27/4/2020 – I AM – the IS – GO HERE

29/4/2020 – Smile -A Whole New World –  Faey/Elementals – GO HERE

MAY 2020:

01/05/2020 – Dragons & Inner Worlds – GO HERE

04/05/2020 – I AM Worthy-Dragon-Elementals-Star energy for 5/5/20 – I would recommend you listen to the mp3 from 01/05/2020 first before listening to this oneGO HERE

08/05/2020 – I AM Available – Mother Spider, Weave Web, White Dragon (guest Raven) – GO HERE

11/05/2020 – Breath & The Cosmic Elements – GO HERE

13/05/2020 – Divine Mothers – Earth, Heart & Heaven – GO HERE

15/05/2020 – Soul Retrieval & Soul Reunion (guest Purvi, Samrruddhi Healing Centre, Bangalore) – Can be used as 2 separate meditations – GO HERE

18/05/2020 – I AM Seen, I AM Heard, I AM Magnificent – GO HERE

20/05/2020 – Songs of the Universe – (this will become more powerful the more you listen) – GO HERE

22/05/2020 – (new moon Gemini) – Reflection of Self/Acceptance/Magnificence – GO HERE

27/05/2020 – Heart-Mind-Brain Emergence & Sacred Book – GO HERE

29/05/2020 – A Story from Alcyone, the Brightest Star-Children of the New Earth – GO HERE

JUNE 2020:

02/06/2020 – Self Portrait, Trusting in the Divine Plan – Aligning in trust and balance in the times of turmoil on the planet –  GO HERE

03/06/2020 – Jesus/Earth-Golden Fire of the Elohim(40mins) – PART 1 (message from Author Robin Dow & meditation/language of light by Victoria) – GO HERE

03/06/2020 – Earth-Golden Fire & message for Humanity(8mins) – PART 2 (message through Source/Elohim for what we can do to assist through the Golden Fire for humanity at this time) – listen to meditation to comprehend part 2 – GO HERE

Link for Robin Dow: HERE 

05/05/2020 – quick chat before meditation – Time Lines Collapsing & letting go of past & future/USA/Being NOW – GO HERE

05/06/2020 – MEDITATION – Mother Creation-Father Destiny.  Crystal ‘safe haven’ – GO HERE

Meditation above is longer at 54 minutes.  Would recommend as with all the meditations when I start toning ‘Ho’ you join in as it will align, balance and bring you to your core centre.

Other Meditations:

Heart Light Meditation by Samrruddhi Healing Centre, Bangalore – GO HERE


ONLINE WORKSHOPS – please go HERE for more information

Personal Skype Sessions with Victoria – GO HERE

Tasmania – Sacred Land of Gaia

Cradle Mt & Freycinet Peninsula:  3-9th May, 2020

Bring your woolies and join us and enjoy the magickal autumn colours in Tasmania.  Come with Coral Majoor, David and Victoria Webby on a deep transitional journey and be part of the magick and experience the beauty of Cradle Mountain and the pristine Freycinet Peninsula.

In the Southern Hemisphere, a southern-most island off mainland Australia, Tasmania has been called “a vast island wilderness of ancient forests and pristine rivers and extraordinary wildlife” by David Attenborough.  In a recent tour to Cradle Mountain Lee Carroll, channeling Kryon spoke about Tasmania and the energies of metaphysics and invisibility: “The energy of this land is different, is pristine and beautiful.  If you are in a place that is just filled with Gaia, you know it”.  For full channeling by Lee Carroll go here

There is nothing to compare the rich and amazing colours of Tasmania in Autumn.  

In this amazing part of Australia we journey to Cradle Mountain.  Here we will spend 3 nights in this truly beautiful iconic area.  Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is part of Tasmania’s World Heritage area. Be inspired by the glorious views of the Mountain from Dove Lake, the ancient forests, and endemic fauna and flora.  We will come together for group activities that will connect us deeply with this ancient land.  We will open our hearts and experience deep and silent moments to go within.  Cradle Mountain has called to us to open our hearts and delve deeply into the song and simply BE!

From Cradle Mountain we journey east to the Freycinet Peninsula.  A place of wild beauty, coastal mountains outlined in pink granite rock, the spectacular white sandy expanse of Wineglass Bay, and views across Coles Bay towards the great Southern skies (and perhaps the aurora lights).  Here we will continue group activities through sound, dance, drum, singing bowls, language of light, times of silence and reflection and more.  For our full itinerary see below.


CORAL MAJOOR is a Bowen Therapist and Energy Clearer. She has her own practice on the Gold Coast, Queensland and has worked in the Industry for over 30 years, working with groups overseas and throughout Australia. 

Coral not only does Bowen Therapy in her clinic but has developed a way to do ‘Bowen at a distance’, currently with clients throughout the world. Not only does she do this with people but also has amazing results with animals.  She also does energy clearing on houses and businesses.

Coral has her Masters in Dowsing, Diploma Certificate of Bowen and has been a Reiki Master since 1998 and has more recently studied Chakra Dancing.  

“I love to travel and meet new people and  helping them to be the best version of themselves.  I simply love to laugh and love life”!

has been a channel of sound and the Language of Light for the past 15 years.  Through lucid dreams and messages she has often been called to many parts of the world as physical and spiritual conduit of sound to the song lines and waters of the Earth.  She assists in the ‘awakening of hearts’ through her voice, her divine blueprints and channeling and activating through the languages of Star & Stone.  Victoria holds many gatherings and sessions in Australia and Internationally and has facilitated group tours with her husband David in places such as Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Israel.  Victoria was guided to move to Tasmania to continue the journey.

“Our world as we know it is shifting so quickly and deeply.  It seems we can barely place our feet on the ground from one change before another takes place.  I look forward to being with you all and enjoy the spontaneity of our consciousness together through group channeling and activities.  We will hear messages that are new, reminders of how to stay balanced and to support each other and our world within.  I am honoured to be with these beautiful Souls – Coral and David on this journey and excited to share with you this glorious part of the world in our own backyard.  Welcome!”

A message from DAVID WEBBY

“Tasmania has become our home for the last 2 1/2 years, so we are both excited to share with others first-hand the beauty and serenity of this amazing region of Australia.

I am truly blessed to have a wife so gifted in channeling and am honoured to be a part of the group gatherings, whether that be accompanying the meditations on Crystal singing bowls, taking you on guided bush walks, or sharing my skills as a reflexologist.

I will also assist Coral and Victoria with the groups Sound/Bowen session and other activities that require my support.  As a team we are there for each other and everyone that comes, to assist you in your journey.

We will be driving our own vehicles, so experience and knowledge of the roads in Tasmania will be an asset.  At times, I will share my skills in the kitchen and cook up a favourite meal, including my infamous Sourdough bread!  I look forward to sharing this beautiful journey with you”.

ITINERARY 3rd – 9th May, 2020

We will meet in Hobart City early on Sunday, 3rd May.  From here we will travel via the Central Highlands Lakes District to Cradle Mountain  where we spend 3 nights in this amazing area.  We will open to the opportunities given to us by the sacred Spirit of the land and walk with the Elders, ancients and Devas.  We will connect at a level that opens our hearts to see within and to open our minds to grand possibilities – to see through the veil of our life.  Over the 3 days we will BE in group meditations, walks, sound and dance.  We will receive channeling and messages from the sacred land and from our Inner Earth.  We will balance through our energy fields/chakra systems and be introduced to our higher ‘Living Light Systems’.  We explore the 5D nervous system at more depth. We will shift through crystal singing bowls, drum, profound energy and voice.  We will open and be reminded to ‘constantly BE-in-NOW’ as we move through each day in both laughter and silence.

After 3 nights we will then travel to Freycinet Peninsula, the site of the infamous Wineglass Bay.  As you have felt the power of the Spirit & Guardians of the lands of Cradle Mountain here you will continue the journey with the ‘energies of Ancient Seas’.  We will continue with the group gatherings and time for self, walk the mountains and the beaches, connect with the ancient seas and the stones and simply BE.  We make time here for a Sound-Bowen group session which is incredibly powerful with singing bowls, language of light and bowen therapy.  A group reflexology session is definitely on the cards!  We will continue to explore through the powerful synergy of our beautiful mind-heart connection, our bodies/temples and continue the journey through our nervous system and ‘temples of light’.  More dance, channeling and sound sessions will flow!  We will BE very much in the spirit of the moment each day to see what unfolds.  Our agenda will flow freely and participation in all is optional, your journey, your choice!

On Saturday, 9th after 7 inspiring days together we will travel from Freycinet back to Hobart City where you can check in to your hotels before we meet for our final dinner in Hobart.

What is included:

All accommodation:  – night of Sunday, 3rd May to morning of Saturday, 9th May.  In Cradle Mountain we have premium 2 bedroom chalets with spa bath and in Freycinet we share beautiful house accommodation near the ocean.  More information on booking forms.

Transport on Sunday, 3rd May from 9.30am in Hobart City (not the airport), return to Hobart City around 4-5pm on 9th May.

Entrance & national park fees

Small & personal group (limited to 10 people)

Meals:  6 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners (in house) + dinner out in Hobart on our last night (drinks extra).  Water and some snacks.

All group activities provided by Coral, Victoria & David (individual sessions with Coral & Victoria will be available at extra cost)

More detailed information available on booking form or contact Coral (+61 402329425) or Victoria (+61 438165297) with any questions.

Investment AUD $1,960.00.  Based on share accommodation.  There are only a couple of single rooms available and will be based on ‘first in’ basis – please contact Victoria ASAP to discuss.  +61438165297 or thecosmicdoorway@live.com

(Payment plan will be available on booking form.  Final balance to be paid by Friday, 27th March, 2020)

**Non-Refundable Deposit AUD $333.00

Within Australia:  Via bank deposit (please contact Victoria).  

International:  Victoria will supply you with banking details for TRANSFER WISE (fees for you are much cheaper than PayPal!).  PayPal is also fine if you wish to pay via this channel (fees for PayPal are paid by participant).

**As this is a small group retreat we would urge you to place a deposit early so you don’t miss out.  We would never want you to lose money so if for some reason you have to cancel we will return your deposit (less any bank fees) when your place is filled.

More about Cradle Mountain:  Cradle Mountain is the central feature of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of Tasmania’s World Heritage area. The park covers an area of 124 942 ha which is characterised by a rugged, glaciated landscape with over 25 major peaks and a wide range of glacial formations – tarns, glacial lakes, moraine deposits, U-shaped valleys and waterfalls.

The area was glaciated during the last ice age (about 10 000 years ago) when a huge 6 km ice cap formed and glaciers flowed from its edges carving the landscape into dramatic shapes with their inexorable erosive powers.

The first human settlement of the region occurred when the local Aborigines moved into the highlands as the glaciers began retreating. The extensive button grass plains are a legacy of their extensive use of fire to clear pathways through the rugged terrain and to aid hunting by attracting animals to the tender shoots of the new vegetation.

The jagged contours of Cradle Mountain epitomise the feel of a wild landscape, while ancient rainforest and alpine heathlands, buttongrass and stands of colourful deciduous beech provide a range of environments to explore. Icy streams cascading out of rugged mountains, stands of ancient pines mirrored in the still waters of glacial lakes and a wealth of wildlife ensure there is always something to captivate you. The area is one of the most popular natural areas in Tasmania  (information from smh.com.au)


5D + Dynamic Nervous System Advancement

Dynamic Nervous System – Series 1 – 4

“Over 2019 there will be significant upgrades to our Nervous System.  Crystalline pathways of sound are being remembered as this sacred ‘remembrance’ aligns to Universal tones through the power of 3”.

3-3-3-MASTERY (Series One):  On the Equinox, 21st March, 2019 (3-3-3) in a gathering in Northern NSW, Australia, we experienced the first of **four major doorways being remembered to enhance our physical experience and align further with our spiritual/Light Be-in-g.

Through the Language of Light, sound and meditation and the utilization of 2 Divine blueprints we were able to connect more deeply with divine manifestation and allowing our ‘rhythms and sounds’ to align with our higher vibrations and ‘earth’ the first phase of our Multi-Dimensional Nervous System frequencies.

We received preparation, enhancement and shifts in both the central nervous system (brain & spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system for what was to come.

This is the first of four ‘celebrations of light’ into our multi-dimensional nervous system throughout 2019.

“Within the sounds of each Equinox and Solstice are advanced codes to simply affect the grandest alignment of all senses through sound”

There is now a package available of our 3-3-3 Gathering at the Equinox in March, 2019. This will assist in the deep integration and expansion of sound and light throughout your nervous system and in truth your entire being, within your life experience NOW.

3-3-3- Gathering:  You will receive through downloads:

. 3 short MP3’s in preparation for the 3-3-3 day’s recordings and blueprints

. MP3 recordings of the day with Language of Light, group meditation and sound.

. 2 divine blueprints used on the day: “Gateway of Trust” and “Centre of the Universe – Crystal Diamond Heart”.

Some examples of the words from the day:

“When we draw back the curtain we are extensions of ourself and each other experiencing”

“We are all masters that hold the knowledge and wisdom of BE-IN-g ONE with everything”

“These particles as you sing, speak and manifest are creating symbols of sound and these sounds are being heard through creation”

“Power of willingness, presence, awareness in this NOW”

From your heart is an expansive light of sound and an expansive sound of light”


CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (Series Two):  On 22nd June (Solstice) we gathered for the advancement of our Central Nervous System (CNS).  This powerful gathering saw us aligning sounds and light through 3 divine blueprints, bringing in connections within our heart-brain hemispheres, through our spinal nerves and into the core of the Inner Earth.  Some of what was achieved on the day:

  • Preparing and opening, balance 5D nervous system to receive the harmonics of the Universe and cosmic elements of sound and light
  • Reconfiguration left and right hemispheres to receive, accept and open knowledge through sound and light of Universal tones and codes;
  • We aligned with ‘entry points of nodes’ (above ears) – doorways of memory being ‘remembered’, thus awakened to ancient sounds of 13 Beings of Knowledge (13 multi-dimensional Crystal Skulls);
  • Power of 6 keys;
  • and more!

You will receive through downloads:

. all the recordings, meditations, group sound and Language of Light activations on the day;

. 3 divine blueprints:  ‘Heart-Brain, Divine Convergence – 13 Crystal Skulls’

‘The Brain Matrix – Creation Eye’ and the final Blueprint ‘Sacred Chord – I AM Sound & Light’

(Please note it is important to listen to the recordings in order – they build up in energy as you go along).



Continuing the journey with the nervous system during the September Equinox we worked with the Peripheral Nervous System and other components.  You will receive through downloads:

. all the recordings, meditations, group sound and Language of Light activations on the da

. 2 divine blueprints:  ‘Unlocking Time and ‘Golden Serpent-Golden Threads’



. Sound – expanding ‘Universal Mind’

. Channel from crystal working with ancient lines in Africa

(Please note it is important to listen to the recordings in order – they build up in energy as you go along).

SERIES 4 – was recorded at the December Solstice 2019.


TO ORDER this amazing 4 series set see the link below.  This Nervous System series is equal to a 4 day workshop.  Each set can be ordered individually OR order the whole series together (saving of $26.00).

SPECIAL OFFER – 5D Nervous System

Special offer (above) is available until 30th April, 2020




Once payment is received I will then send you the files to your email address on the PayPal receipt on the same day as payment (depending on time difference).  If you have a different email please send me a message via SMS:  +61438165297

In deepest gratitude,




**Four major doorways – Equinox in March, Solsitce in June, Equinox in September and Solstice in December, 2019.



The Heart of the Christos – Sacred Knowledge

“The greatest ‘miracle’ is our self-realisation as Divinity on Earth”

Keeper of the White Flame


Victoria & David Webby

One Heart Centre

Tembling Road, Singapore

Saturday, 17th November, 2018

10am to 5pm

Grace of Heart      Peace of Heart

Love of Heart        One of Heart

We are LOVE;  We are ONE

More information on the day gathering in Singapore will flow as we tour through Israel in early November.  

Investment for the day is AUD $99.00

To book a place at the one day gathering on 17th November:

Email:  www.thecosmicdoorway.com or Whats App:  +61438165297

To book a personal session with Victoria:   (one hour) on Sunday 18th November – please contact as per information above.  Investment is AUD $160.  Hours available for appointments are from 10am with 4pm being the last appointment for the day.  Please note I fly home early Monday morning so this is the only day for personal sessions.


Deepest Gratitude

Victoria & David

Israel Sacred Journey

3rd to 13th November, 2018

Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tiberias, Jerusalem 

If a journey to Israel calls, join us this November to visit lands filled with sacred history.  Walk the footsteps of the ancients and witness the amazing eclectic mix of deep spiritual, ritualistic and diverse beliefs that make Israel so unique.

Here are just a few places we will journey during our time together:

Apolonia – the place of the God of Sun, Nachal Hame’arot – a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the slopes of Mount Carmel, Akko – a crusader city, Rosh HaNikra – underwater grottos, Rainbow Cave, Stella Marris – Carmelite monastery, Mount Carmel, Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane – Church of All Nations,  Via Dolorosa – Seven Stations of the Cross, The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Dead Sea, Jericho.








This journey will be for those who are wanting to experience deep internal growth and expansion.  A growth that comes through the willingness to be part of a group that hears their inner guidance open to all diverse views and to explore their own inner union with Self.

We will walk with the energies of the ‘divine Christ Flame’, the most sacred heart and connection to Mary Magdalene – one of many representations of ‘Christ Mother Creation’ and Yeshua one of many representations of ‘Christ Father Creation’.  We initiate within our remembrance sacred codes of ONE – ‘sewing the sacred seeds of androgyny’ in ALL.

So many more places, experiences and people to meet on this very significant journey.  Meditations, channeling, sound, self-awareness and self-healing.  

This group journey is a little different from normal as we are here with intent to be in Jerusalem on 11/11/11.  If you feel the calling please contact me.

For more information and insight, FULL ITINERARY and investment please contact me:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com or SMS +61438165297.






“The Stars are Within ME”

We have entered into a deeper heart expression, one that is assisting us to remember and recognise our Soul’s loving, divine guidance. The Pleiadian Stargates are now ready to open wider, to assist us in a heart-felt remembrance, spinning our DNA into greater sound and light. Through sacred sound we will experience this divine union of our Pleiadian family, through the ‘heart of Sirius’ we anchor our own voice, through the sounds of Lyra and our expansive Universe we step beyond the beliefs of restriction and separation.  Our ever-present Arcturian consciousness will assist and guide – WE all being under the divine umbrella of ‘One’.
“There is not one aspect of you that is not love. Everything in your deepest truth is loving expression – every song of the earth and sound of the stars.
You pulse as one, you breathe as one, you exist as one.
You, We, Us – are ALL ONE”.
Sometimes as our life unfolds we tend to forget the simplicity of this wisdom, one that is so unique to each yet is the foundation of all life-force and the expression of our journey written in our sacred ‘star and stone’.
Only ‘you’ can remember your own truth, one that comes from deep within your heart. Wherever you believe you come from, who you are or why you are here just come and enjoy your own loving expression.
This day may give you the opportunity to understand your ‘whole self’ a little bit more, open your heart a little bit wider and bring your beautiful mind into a deep place of clarity and peace.
I look forward to sharing this space with you.
Language of Heart transmissions (Language of Light), sound, voice, meditation, channeling & rhythm.  Joy and laughter involved!


DATE:  Saturday, 14th July, 2018

VENUE:  EMERALD ROOM – Harmony, Body & Mind Healing Centre,  14 Billabirra Crescent, Nerang GOLD COAST (please drive in and park in the old tennis court down the bottom of drive.  Emerald Room is back up the drive near the swimming pool).

TIME:  10am start (please arrive by 9.50am) – complete the day around 4pm

INVESTMENT:  $55 for the day (payment system below)

WHAT TO BRING:  If you have a drum, rattle or instrument please bring.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel to lay on.

BYO:  Please bring your own lunch (coffee/tea and snacks supplied)


Victoria Webbycontact 0438165297 (I am also on What’s app).                       Email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com


Direct credit into Bank Account – Please text me for banking details

Pay Pal – please send $55.00 via Pay Pal:  www.PayPal.me/VictoriaWebby





Magdalene and the Goddess Flame

Weaving the Web of Love –

Southern France     6th – 14th October, 2019

Magdalene Wisdom

Introduction Page

Carcassonne, Minerve, Les Saintes Maries de la Mer,

St Maximin La Sainte Baume, Marseille,

Arles, Rennes-le-Chateau, Rennes les Bains, 

Sainte Baume Mountain and more

Come join us on a deep and transitional journey, one defined by the innate power and divine blessings of the Goddess.  

‘Together’ we link the energies of ancient and sacred lands of Australia and Gondwanaland, Sumeria, Ireland, Egypt, Israel and France


Through our I AM Presence, ancient Grandmothers gather us together to travel within our hearts from the secular sounds of Gondwanaland and assist us to remember our spiritual existence in our ‘songs before time’;


Ancient Goddess ‘Inana’ awakens the deepest doorways of our heart to remember our crystal keys of sound;




Goddess Isis will assist deep restoration and recalibration to sacred ‘bodies of light’ through encoded sounds of the Temples of Egypt, bringing deep reunion of the song lines and connections to the ancient Peoples of Australia;




Goddess’ Brigid and Diana weave cosmic fire and water across the planet to assist divine regeneration and bring ‘new teachings’ of ancient ways through the Nature and Animal Kingdoms;

All will be remembered through the sacred steps of Mary Magdalene, who opens our eyes to our own divine union in the Christ energy, to forge together through sacred elements our masculine and feminine, to stand in our own divine power and TO BE the union of ONE;

We visit the many places where she walked and resided as we undergo this deep transition of heart and open to advanced and ancient techniques and codes of LOVE.

“This is not a journey for just a single Soul, rather it is for the ALL.  You will be taken deep into a tremendous giving of self, you will be asked to bring your presence into each step, align with the deep knowledge imparted through heart and to walk a path of both death and re-birth.  Your inner vision will guide you, ask of you the deepest connection and assist in the remembrance and restoration of your sacred crystal bodies of sound and light.

The choice, as always, is yours”

I AM Mary Magdalene

Your Facilitator & Guides:

Victoria Webby is the organiser/facilitator for this spiritual tour:

Victoria was born in Sydney, Australia and lived for many years on the east coast of Queensland.  Victoria with her husband David moved to Tasmania a year ago after a strong calling from her Soul.  She has been a Co-Creator within the “Oneness”, the realms of divine Spirit for over 15 years.  She is a modern day ‘divine sound and blueprint alchemist’, has expansive experience in transmitting and translating in the ‘Language of Light’ through voice, sound and her art.  She is an Earth Keeper of the Munay-Ki Rites and guardian of Crystal Skulls.  With her husband David she has produced a sound MP3’s/CD, a multi-dimensional card deck and is at present creating more channeled sound and e-books of her blueprints, meditations and artworks.

Victoria has for many years received messages through channeling and lucid dreams that have seen her travel to many places in the world.  ” I don’t try to fix anything – there is nothing to fix!  I simply observe and reside on Gaia as a conscious medium and messenger as we move through yet another transition in this Starry system.  It is such a unique and amazing time TO BE here – we are so blessed!’  

Victoria has facilitated many gatherings across the globe and has travelled to ancient places like Kimberley Ranges, Uluru and Kata Tjuta in Australia and internationally to Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, Japan, India, China, Singapore, France, Ireland, United Kingdom and other places through the calling of Spirit.  She will travel with a group soon to Israel (November).  

October, 2019 will be her second group tour to France through the energies of the Magdalene.

I was blessed to spend sacred time on my own in the Crypt of Mary Magdalene.   It was as if the Universe and the essence of Mary Magdalene herself had planned it.  I felt the crypt fill with light as my heart opened so profoundly and her exquisite voice moved through me in sacred song and language.  It was in that moment I knew I would return to this very sacred place.  I recorded some sound and words in the Crypt – click here to listen

Message from Victoria:  “If you feel drawn to this journey with Veronique, myself and others then come!  Something inside is calling you to open your heart deeper and walk and sing your ancient sounds with the Goddess and Christ flame.  This group is so blessed to have such a divine union and remembrance through our Spirit, the journey is yours, ours and everyones – we are ONE within the WHOLE and within this WHOLE – we are LOVE.    I look forward to our time together in France” – Victoria

THROUGHOUT THE TOUR Victoria will assist wherever possible to guide and support you in your journey.   She will bring through divine channels and transformational messages each day, sacred encoding and transmissions through Language of Light, meditations and sound.  

“We will all come to understand our place in history a little deeper as we walk the ancient path of the Goddess and expand our knowledge, wisdom and crystalline sound and light through the I AM voice of Mary Magdalene and others along the way”.

Victoria’s Website – HERE

I am so happy to introduce Veronique Flayol, our French Guide and Magdalene Guardian:

Veronique is a lecturer and guide for the French Ministry of Culture.  More importantly Veronique understands and ‘lives’ the energy of Mary Magdalene and the sacred and special places we will be journeying to and holds a very amazing space and energy of love.  We ‘randomly’ found each other and met in St Maximin – for me it was love at first sight!  I know that myself and all in our group will learn much from her wisdom and connection to this beautiful area in France.

Message from Veronique:

“My name is Veronique Flayol. They call me Roni. Since my youngest age, I have a special devotion to Mary Magdalene.
I was born in St Maximin la Sainte Baume, the place where she is buried, at the foot of the Saint Baume mountain, where the grotto is where she spent the last years of her life.

My family, established in St Maximin at the 18th century, has always been involved in the respect and maintenance of the traditions.

I am proud of my Provençal roots and I’m deeply attached to our local traditions. Thanks to my father, who gave me the passion for it, I followed the way of my ancesters and created, with a group of friends, the Association Santo Madaleno (from the Provençal, our local language, means Saint Mary Magdalene), a few decades ago.

The purpose of our association is to defend and uphold the traditions and to organize the religious feasts of St Mary Magdalene in July.

Every morning, when I wake up, I realize how fortunate I am to live here, so close to her. I just have to open my shutters and I can see the St Baume mountain and the basilica while people have to cross the world to come here.

When I have to face difficulties, when I am in trouble, the Saint Baume grotto is my refuge, the simple fact of rising up through the relic forest calms me. After a moment of meditation and prayers, I feel better. Things are still the same, they haven’t changed, but I do see them in a different way.

The more I study and search for Mary Magdalene, the more I discover a splendid woman.   From this meeting were born these spiritual journeys and a long passion”


Veronique’s Website – HERE

“Come, remember your own songs from the moment before time,  from your spark of ‘Star and Stone’, anchoring your own diverse and unique voice as part of a collective to restore your place in the balance of ONE”

Mary Magdalene

You Tube of our past tour in 2016 & upcoming places we will be visiting in 2019:  go HERE



Information, Itinerary & Investment for October 2019:  go HERE


Some Comments from past adventures:

“Thanks for our time together. Such wonderful memories, really loved the time we had and the places we went!” Singapore

“I feel very privileged to have experienced France in 2016. To have a guide to explain the history of the peoples and areas was extremely enlightening. Victoria, our wonderful group leader, also guided us with channelled insights, ‘debriefing’ and mediations as we traversed our own personal journeys. My journey opened my eyes to wisdom and history that lay beyond the limitations of the teachings I was exposed to from childhood, and opened my mind to so much more” Australia

“I love you Victoria.  I am blessed to be on this journey with you and David” India