33 Cosmic Keys of Creation: 9 Living Light Temples

With Victoria Webby

 Two Gatherings & Personal Sessions, 2017

One Heart Centre – Singapore

 Reiki-Sound Evening:  16th August

Personal Sessions:  17th, 22nd, 23rd August

Cosmic Keys of Creation: 19th – 20th August


Gathering One  in Singapore:

Reiki- Sound Evening with Victoria and  Elaine Victoria Yang:

Wednesday, 16th August – 7.30pm to 8.30pm

There is one place left for this session – please contact Elaine if you wish to attend:  +94882454

Come and enjoy a unique experience of receiving Reiki with the sounds of the Language of Light, voice tones and crystal singing bowls.  

A message from Source/Spirit:  “Your cells will simply sing into BEing the expression of deep transition and love.  You will move into deep stillness and shift at a profound level if you choose”

Investment:  SGD $35.00 at door – Please contact Elaine on Email:  elaine@reiki-glow.com to reserve your place

Please arrive by 7.15pm – in respect to all attending we cannot accept people into the room after 7.35pm.

Cosmic*Light*Weave – Personal Sessions with Victoria:

17th, 22nd, 23rd August.  Personal sessions of deep transition and cellular remembrance.  

“Remember that you are already awake,

conscious and LOVE”

You may record the session if you wish.  Please arrive 10 minutes before your session, it would be greatly appreciated.  Once you make payment (or deposit) I will contact you regarding an appointment.   In gratitude, Victoria

Investment for Personal Sessions:  AUD $160.00 (payment system available)

Further information/payment on personal sessions:  COSMIC*LIGHT*WEAVE – click here 

Gathering Two in Singapore:

“33 Cosmic Keys of Creation” – 9 Living Light Temples

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th – 10am to 5pm

We continue the journey of Co-Creation with the last 9 Keys of the Series – 9 LIVING LIGHT TEMPLES in the series “33 Cosmic Keys of Creation”.  

The first set of 13 were the “13 Keys of Amenti” (Heart Ignition – blueprint left), taking us into the love of our shadow and fear and walking us through the great Halls of dimensional doorways from this world to the next, freeing ourselves of judgment and embracing joy and love.  The 13 Keys offer us the opportunity to gently acknowledge our own illusion and create shifts and expansion within, cellular regeneration and divine remembrance of our crystalline light of ‘stars and stone’.

The second set of keys were “11 Keys of Remembrance” (Blue Planet blueprint right) which was received in Singapore in June, 2016  (being held in Australia this September, 2017).  This series strengthened our capacity and understanding that WE ARE CREATION, that everything exists within and that we are really stepping into our Mastery.

The third and final set of keys are:

‘9 Living Light Temples’ – in Singapore this August

The third and final set of Keys for this series “9 Living Light Temples” will be held in Singapore this August, 2017 and completes the series of the 33 Cosmic Keys of Creation – our Divine Creation Blueprint.  The ‘9 Living Light Temples’  bring us deeper transition into the state of One, strengthening our trust and faith that we simply are God/Source/Creation and knowing our divine choice of ‘creation in motion’.  That the “We/I” creates ALL in the moment we choose to create it – NOW.

We honour that the divine Spirit is within everything and WE ARE  that ‘everything’ – WE ARE the I AM – WE ARE the Living Light Temples.  “We are sound and light in motion and we flow within the rhythm of the Cosmos that moves through our divine and infinite hearts”.

Information for August Gathering –  Overview for SINGAPORE: ‘9 Living Light Temples’ with Victoria for August, 2017 gathering  (please flow with the NOW – the overview may change in any moment!):

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th (10-5pm) We shall move through each of the ‘9 Living Light Temples’ Keys/Blueprint. You will receive 9 divine Blueprints to take home.  There will be meditation, Language of the Heart (Language of Light), Crystal Tones singing bowls, chants, voice toning, deep initiation and transmissions.  There will be ‘hands on’ acceleration as well.  More will expand as we gather together throughout the weekend.  We are simply “Co-Creation in the moment”.

Venue (for all Gatherings and Sessions):  

One Heart Healing Centre – 37 Tembling Road, Singapore  423580 – Link HERE

Investment for ‘9 Living Light Temples’ Gathering:  AUD $422.00 (includes all blueprints to take home, 2 days attendance, tea/coffee).  THERE IS AN INSTALMENT PLAN AVAILABLE – please see pay pal link below.

Times:   Saturday & Sunday 10am to 5pm both days.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As guided by Creation/Spirit, the ’33 Cosmic Keys’ are a journey, a transition and transformation over a series of experiences via the Keys/Blueprints.  

It is important that you have received the previous 24 Keys before attending the ‘9 Living Light Temples’ August weekend gathering in Singapore.  

NEW attendees for this weekend are now closed (still open for anyone who has previously received the 24 Keys (13 Keys of Amenti and 11 Keys of Remembrance).

Can’t Attend the Weekend but would like to receive the Cosmic Keys of Creation?

Via Download (Dropbox):    These  24 high quality jpeg blueprints can be sent through internet for download, along with a voice transmission for each Key/Blueprint. – 24 blueprints and 24 voice transmissions (most around 5–7 minutes long).  

You can purchase the downloads of the ‘Keys’ in two ways:

As single sets:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  price per series AUD $85.00 each.

As a full set of 24 Keys:  AUD $155.00 (saving of $15)

Via Mail (Postage):  If you wish I can also send you a printed version where you will receive a set of 24 high quality A4 printed version of each Key (blueprint) and a CD of the voice transmissions:

Single set:  Series 1 and then Series 2:  AUD $155.00 per series (includes postage)

As a full set of 24 Keys:   AUD $270.00 – saving $40.00  (includes postage).  

CLICK HERE  to order download or printed verions of 24 Keys

“It is a wonderful experience to use these Keys/Blueprints as amazing tools of divine transformation.  Let each Key/MP3 transmission assist you to remember your Divine within and to help you create the most amazing moments on your path through love” 


Preferred payment is through Paypal -please see link below – thank you!

“9 LIVING LIGHT TEMPLES”  Gathering – Series Three in Singapore, 19-20 August 2017 – AUD $422.00  (see pay pal link below)

PERSONAL SESSIONS WITH VICTORIA – available on 17th, 22nd & 23rd August  (see pay pal link below) – AUD $160.00

SPECIAL – ‘9 Living Light Temple Gathering’ & Personal Session (purchased as a set) – AUD $555.00 (save $27.00) (pay pal link below) 

**PERSONAL DIVINE BLUEPRINTS – SPECIAL (see description below):  For anyone wanting their own ‘Personal Divine Blueprint’ please order by 15th July.  I will bring them personally to Singapore.  The price is AUD $130.00 (save $20.00) (pay pal link below)

**A Personal Divine Blueprint is a spiritual artwork, through pastel/pen/ink.  It is an unique and individual piece of spiritual art that is channeled through Victoria by the recipient’s Higher Self/Divine Soul/Monad/Source.  A tool of deep transformation and expansion.  Victoria sits in sacred space and channels written and spoken high frequency Language of Light, colour and sound  onto the page.  You receive the spiritual artwork on a high quality A3 card, along with a written page channeled direct from your Higher Consciousness.    Many choose to frame their Divine Blueprint, take copies and use it at night (under bed for expansion), during meditation, travels etc. 



You can also send money through PayPal me (through Shenestar Creations): PayPal.Me/VictoriaWebby

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on email:  thecosmicdoorway@live.com   OR   Whats App: +61438165297

Thank you for sharing your beautiful energy in co-creation – I look forward to my time with you in Singapore